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On Our Way to Greener Pastures by ProQuest


I could spend an article or more describing the philosophies behind the first theme, but as a result of paying more attention to food, this "slow food" attitude just happened to us. I didn't read up on it or have an intention to try it. We just started doing it because it is not possible to eat well and healthily in the "fast" ways that many of us do. I didn't even hear about the slow food movement until after we'd already started eating that way! So, instead of elaborating on something that happens inevitably, I will discuss the practicalities of theme number two: Eating well in today's world is confusing.The switch to all of us eating organically came when our first son started wanting to eat the conventional foods off our plates. In all honesty, my partner didn't have much of a choice in the debate. I'd done the reading and educated myself on the issues. If Trey wanted to eat our food, our food was going to be organic. By this point, however, my partner had done enough reading to know organic was better. He was just not happy (as the sole financial provider) with the cost.Another thing that makes all of these changes difficult to make and adhere to is the overall lack of knowledge within the larger culture, which really means that for some products, there are few or no healthy options. For example, I have yet to find uncanned tomato paste (if you know of any, please let me know!). It was a long search to find uncanned coconut products and, as of yesterday, we are off store -bought teriyaki sauce, capers, soy sauce and all refined oils until I can find suitable replacements. Reason: the teriyaki sauce contains xanthan gum (an additive made from corn that's acceptable in mainstream additive circles, but Fm not convinced). The capers contain citric acid (which may contain MSG). The soy sauce contains alcohol (which is an additive I'm not convinced is necessary or healthy). And refined oils are heated to high temperatures, which damages vitamin content and turns unsa

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									On Our Way                                                                                                  Not so fresh… Although alarmed, I did
                                                                                                            nothing with this information for a cou-
                                                                                                            ple of years because the thought of grind-

to Greener Pastures                                                                                         ing my own grain was too much.
                                                                                                                It’s also been a slow process getting
                                                                                                            rid of food in jars and cans. Cans, as you
                                                                                                            probably know, contain Bisphenol A
A family’s journey to                                                                                       (BPA), a compound that has received
a greener, healthier lifestyle                                                                              much media attention recently from stud-
                                                                                                            ies that have linked it to developmental
                                                                                                            toxicity, neurotoxicity and cancer.

by Deb Purcell                                                                                              Canned foods also lack enzymes and vi-
                                                                                                            tamins. Until I learned this, we had been
                                                                                                            used to eating canned tuna, coconut milk,
                                                                                                            beans, tomatoes and occasional soups. It
        Towards Eating A Healthier Diet                                                                     was easy to reduce the number of canned
                                                                                                            foods we used and we did that fairly

I   have noticed two major themes as I
  journey into greener ways of eating:
one, eating well involves making food a
                                              organic. This decision seemed simple at
                                              first, but knowing what not to do did not
                                              mean I knew what to do. By the time
                                                                                                            quickly, but getting rid of them alto-
                                                                                                            gether took longer.
                                                                                                                If I existed in my own perfect utopia,
central part of life and, two, which I will   baby number two came along, knowing                           getting rid of cans would have been easy
get into below and in future articles,        that fresh is better, we made our own                         (as would everything else to do with seri-
there is a great deal of contradictory in-    baby food.                                                    ously greening our life). All I needed to
formation out there about how to eat              We were transitioning gradually,                          do was throw them out! However, two
healthily.                                    however. At this point, my partner and I                      things stopped me from doing that: pres-
     I could spend an article or more de-     were cooking two kinds of meals – or-                         sure from others and lack of alternatives.
scribing the philosophies behind the first    ganic for our kids,
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