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									J. P. Christiansen (Wichita, KS). How did I become post-theological/ free-
thinker/ humanist/ dissenter? I was born into the ethos of the first three, and I'
now practicing it on the fourth! Copenhagen, Denmark is a place where freedom
of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of
movement are a given, provided one meets the criteria of not hurting or silencing
one' fellow citizens. I was never indoctrinated, manipulated, or brain-washed by
religion or politics. What probably helps is the fact that I am a child of the late
sixties, and what it means by way of participating in that generation' counter-
culture. So I grew up on a solid base of freedom. Now, as a citizen of the US, I
find myself writing poetry, a great part of which concerns ways of expressing
what I see as most unfortunate developments in America, Europe, and the
Middle East, concerning the clash of religion and freedom of expression. In
America, in the land of Payne, Jefferson, et al., we have seen the religious right
take the American people hostage by infiltrating the political process. What was
that about separation of church and state? I hope to live long enough to see
America once again become the land of the free, in thought, word, and deed, and
to that end I dedicate my words. Freedom of expression means, among other
things, not to be afraid of using words one feels appropriate. It means drawing
the cartoons one feels best illustrates religious extremism 
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