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Cold Stare of Wonder


[Politicians] have become wholly dependent upon the same corporate dollars to pay for a new professional class of PR consultants, marketeers and social scientists who manage and promote causes and candidates in essentially the same manner that advertising campaigns sell cars, fashions, drugs and other wares. -

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									Stephen Fonzo (Champaign, IL). I am reluctant to describe myself with
professional accomplishments, but having started on an academic path as a
teenager, most of my life has been career-oriented. I have been a professional
student, archaeologist, GIS specialist, and sound engineer, and I am currently
training citizen journalists on media technology at the Urbana-Champaign
Independent Media Center. Most of my job changes and relocations have been
motivated by the constant pursuit of truth and dignity, and frequent conflict with
corruption and falsehood. I left a PhD program because I disagreed with the self-
contained, pompous ethic of academia, and because I realized I would learn
more about life, the world, and myself by leaving; I fought the Virginia and
Federal highway departments for over two years to preserve historic farm land,
for which I was personally and professionally attacked by the Virginia DOT, one
of my former employers; and, like most people everywhere, I have been and I am
still overworked and underpaid for my efforts and skills, and I have been
overlooked and rejected by some employers and literary journals who are not
interested in opposition or perspectives from outside of academia. Standing up
for truth is a
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