Watch Their Castles Tumble by ProQuest


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									Doug Draime (Ashland, OR). Don't write till you see the whites of their eyes.
Yeah, I' been at it awhile. Actually started writing things when I was around 15,
which would make it 1958. Used to write the stuff, then throw it away. Began
sending out stuff when I moved to Chicago from southern Indiana, when i was
19, but threw everything into the Chicago river one night drunk and fed up with
the process and games of trying to get something published and vowed never to
write again. That lasted about 6 months. Then after the army when I moved to
L.A., someone broke into my hotel room, a woman I broke off an affair with; in a
rage, she stole and destroyed everything in my room, even my tooth brash. Well,
I vowed again to give it up, but a few months later, the stuff started to pour out
                                           67                t
again. The first place I published was in ' or 68. I didn' publish a chapbook
until 2002, when I was 59 (Slaves of the Harvest). 
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