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Here is little something about wordpress themes, to be more accurate, here are
answers to the question “what should cool wordpress theme have ?”

So, let us begin.

1. Domain – this is absolute No.1 on your list of things you should have. Offcourse
you can open a place on, but will this be
the way you want it ? Absoulutely NO, I hope So, go to the domain registars, liek
Godaddy or something else, and register a domain name you like.
Same I did with ! The reason for registering your own domain is
that you can`t have cool wordpress, online domain with enough traffic
without your own domain.

2. Cool wordpress theme – It needs to be nice looking, highly customizable, plugins
should be compatible, and depends on your needs, it should be a CMS ready.

3. Hosting service – after you have those two, it is time to find a place which would
your domain call home. So take your time, surf a little bit, and try to find something
affordable and good (this is easy, competition is huge). Only thing you need to be
aware is that for wordpress you need PHP + MySQL support on hosting servers, and
this is something
that they all do have. So, find somethind und put your cool wordpress domain

4. Time to manage your domain – YES, you need time, no matter what someone
might tell you. Online wordpress blog is something that you need to care about. Want
readers ? Manage it with care. Put new, fresh articles and blogs online everyday.
Google loves new blogs refreshed daily. So, take your time and take care of your wp

5. Monetize it – if you want. Do you have a lot of everyday readers ? Yes ? OK, then
put AdSense on it a earn some money. No one will guarantee that you will earn cash
indeed, but
you can always try to cover the expenses you have because of your domain staying
online. At least that much…

6. Do backup of your domain. Do local backup, do cloud backup, do integrated
hosting backup. Just backup. I am currently testing one new cloud backup service
called cloud backup service, and I can really say that it does it`s job.

7. If some things stated here are too much for you, do not worry. Do not panic. Go to
Google and read. There is tons of articles out there which can learn you everything
wordpress. For a start, go to our resources section and download some articles.

thank you for your time. support team

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