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									                                                                                           DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
                                                                                             Dominican Republic 54
                                                                                                     RANKED 58TH

      Fast Facts
      Population                9.7 mn (2009 est.)     GDP (per capita) $8,200 (2008 est.)      Average Life Satisfaction   4.8/10 (2009)
      Life Expectancy           60 years (2003 est.)   GDP (PPP)        $107.7 bn (2008 est.)   Freedom House Rating        Free (2009)
      Unemployment              18% (2007 est.)        GDP (growth)     5% (2008 est.)          Political System            Democratic Republic
      Inflation                 6% (2007 est.)

      Sub-Index Rankings                                                                Index Comparisons
                                                                                        (Rank/No. of countries)

                                          26                                            Legatum Prosperity Index                              54/104
                                                                                        Average Life Satisfaction Ranking                     83/104
                                                                                        Per Capita GDP Ranking                                63/104
                                                                                        WEF Global Competitiveness Index                      95/133
                                                                                        UN Human Development Index                             91/179
                                                                                        Heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom Index                   88/178
                                                                                        TI Corruption Perceptions Index                      102/180
                                                                                        Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index                 70/144

      The numbers on the graph indicate rankings

Economic Fundamentals                                                                                                                RANKED 85TH
High inflation and unemployment, coupled with poor performance in both the trade and banking sectors, demonstrate the flaws in
Dominican economic fundamentals

An unemployment rate of 18% ranks the Dominican Republic in the bottom 15, while an inflation rate of 6%, is just slightly below the global average.
In the banking sector, while default rates remain low at 4%, a net interest margin of 10 percentage points indicates that the banking system is
inefficient and uncompetitive, relegating the Dominican Republic to 100th on this variable. Trade is highly concentrated in raw materials, placing the
Dominican Republic 67th in terms of dependence on raw material exports. Domestic demand is moderate, with household expenditure equalling
24% of GDP, while the domestic savings rate is notably low, at 14% of GDP. Despite this, physical capital per worker is only slightly below international
averages, which could in part be due to above average foreign direct investment, equivalent to 5% of GDP.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation                                                                                                      RANKED 90TH
The Dominican Republic offers few opportunities for innovation and little investment in new technology

Investment in new technology in the Dominican Republic has been minimal; internet bandwidth ranks amongst the bottom 15, internationally, while
internet security is below average. With only 22 personal computers per 1,000 capita, access to computers is also severely limited, placing the
Dominicans in the bottom quintile for this variable. Lack of innovative activity in the Dominican Republic is reflected in a meagre R&D expenditure,
equalling 0.2% of GDP, in addition to very low ICT and high-tech exports accounting for less than 1% of the country’s manufactured exports. The
number of start up procedures required to set up a new business is near the global average, at 10.

Democratic Institutions                                                                                                              RANKED 59TH
Citizens have some civil and political rights, but could benefit from more checks and balances in the government

The Dominican Republic is categorised as a moderately democratic country. Likewise, civil liberties and political rights, whilst being very good, can
still not be classified as complete. Elections are characterised by open political competition, indicating a free and well-regulated electoral process.
However, there are relatively few political constraints in place to regulate those elected to political office and prevent arbitrary changes to legislation.
Further, the judiciary is dependent on other governmental offices. In terms of regime stability, the Dominican Republic ranks poorly, with a significant
change in the political system occurring in the last 10 years.

Education                                                                                                                            RANKED 76TH
High levels of tertiary schooling in the Dominican Republic are counterbalanced by poor enrolment at both primary and secondary levels

With primary school enrolment at just 77%, the Dominican Republic ranks in the bottom 20 countries on this variable. Secondary enrolment figures
are better, but remain below the global average, whilst tertiary enrolment, at 35%, is roughly in line with the international median. The quality of
schooling at the primary level is slightly below average, with one teacher for every 24 students, and there are 104 girls enrolled for every 100 boys.
This is compounded by an extremely low level of educational funding per student, which places the Dominican Republic just outside the top 70

                                                               Dominican Republic                                                         54
countries on this variable. Dominican workers have the 10th lowest average number of years of
secondary schooling, internationally, but a higher 4.2 years of average tertiary education, ranking the
country 45th on this variable.                                                                                          Regional Ranking:
                                                                                                                        The Americas
Health                                                                               RANKED 77TH
                                                                                                                        Rank      Country
Despite mediocre healthcare facilities and high rates of undernourishment, a majority of
Dominican citizens are satisfied with their health                                                                      7         Canada
                                                                                                                        9         United States
With approximately two medical professionals and hospital beds per 1,000 capita, the Dominican
Republic enjoys a moderate level of healthcare. Dominican citizens have a health-adjusted life                          32        Costa Rica
expectancy of 60 years and an infant mortality rate of 26 deaths per 1,000 capita, both average figures                 33        Uruguay
globally. Sanitation is just below the international median, with 79% of respondents having access to                   36        Chile
such facilities, although the 60% satisfaction rate for water quality ranks lower at 83rd.* A high 84% of               38        Argentina
respondents are satisfied with their health, ranking the country 39th. Only 22% report health problems                  40        Trinidad and Tobago
and 68% are well rested, both average figures, internationally.* However, almost a third of the
                                                                                                                        41        Brazil
population is undernourished, ranking Dominicans just outside the bottom 10, globally, on this variable.
A very high one in three respondents claim to have experienced pain recently.*                                          42        Panama
                                                                                                                        43        Mexico
                                                                                                                        49        Jamaica
Safety and Security                                                                  RANKED 77TH                        52=       Belize
Human flight ensuing from violence and insecurity is a major problem for the Dominican                                  54        Dominican Republic
Republic                                                                                                                57        Paraguay
                                                                                                                        60        El Salvador
The number of reported homicides in the Dominican Republic is notably high at 205 per one million people,
ranking the country 85th on this variable. Security is well below the international average, with one in 10             64        Peru
individuals reporting muggings or assaults and one in five reporting theft.* Furthermore, only 45% of                   65        Colombia
citizens report feeling safe walking alone at night.* Significant security challenges are related to levels of          66        Honduras
refugees and internally displaced individuals, and to social groups with histories of discrimination. The               67        Guatemala
problem of human flight ensues from an unstable environment and is a severe issue for citizens, ranking the             71        Ecuador
country in the bottom six for this variable. Significant problems are also caused by the government’s alleged
                                                                                                                        72        Nicaragua
practice of political imprisonment and torture of citizens expressing political opinions.
                                                                                                                        73        Bolivia
                                                                                                                        74        Venezuela
Governance                                                                          RANKED 62ND
Low levels of confidence in most areas of governance imply that Dominicans are dissatisfied
with their current administration

A below average performance in rule of law indicates a lack of equality in the legal system. The quality of regulation in the country’s economic and
commercial markets is below the global average and government effectiveness is regarded as poor, indicating a lack of efficiency in the civil service.
Despite political participation being deemed free and fair, only 41% of Dominicans have confidence in the honesty of the electoral process.*
Additionally, only 41% have confidence in the military and only 40% trust the judiciary.* Perceptions of corruption are high by international standards,
with over 70% believing that corruption is widespread in local government and businesses.*

Personal Freedom                                                                                                                          RANKED 21ST
Freedoms of movement, speech, and religion are strongly protected in the Dominican Republic, but tolerance of others is below average

Dominicans enjoy excellent freedom of movement, religion, and speech, and 86% of respondents were satisfied with the choices afforded to them
in their daily lives.* However, tolerance of ethnic minorities and immigrants is below the international average, with only 59% of people believing
the country to be a welcoming place for immigrants and 55% believing it to be good for minorities.*

Social Capital                                                                                                                           RANKED 20TH
High levels of social capital are generated by community integration and volunteering

The importance of friends in the Dominican Republic is close to the international average and 87% of respondents indicated they could rely on friends and
family in times of need.* Trust levels are also high, with more than a quarter of individuals believing they can trust others.* While donations are only minimal
at 29%, almost a third of people have volunteered and more than half have helped a stranger in the past month, placing the Dominican Republic solidly within
the top 30 countries on these variables.* A high religiosity score indicates good access to religious support networks, ranking the country 33rd on this
variable.* Moderately high levels of social trust could be a byproduct of widespread group membership: while three-quarters of respondents indicate
belonging to a religious organisation, a quarter report being members of art groups, and slightly less than half belong to sports and arts organisations.

*Data taken from the Gallup World Poll


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