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									The average American watches a minimum of 30 hours of television a week,
making it one of the most used items in the home today. After all, a
television can be used to watch special events, entertain, and educate.
With so much use, it is not uncommon to need the occasional television
repair. After all, whether it's watching the Philadelphia Eagles or
viewing the recording of your family fun day at Sesame Place on your trip
to Levittown, Pennsylvania, most of us spend a bit of time in front of
our television sets.

So what should you do, if you television set stops working correctly?
Rather than immediately sending the television to the land fill and
purchasing a new television, take some time to check out these aspects of
your television.

    * If your television will not turn on, check to see first, that it is
plugged in. Be sure that the AC outlet the TV is plugged into works by
connecting another item into the socket being used. Then press the power
button. If you are using a remote, check to see that the batteries are
    * Some of the newer television sets have sleep timers in them that
must be accessed via the menu. If your TV turns off unexpectedly, you may
have to turn off the sleep mode or deactivate the timer.
    * You can adjust the picture settings on your TV by using the menu.
If you cannot get the picture, try choosing a different input signal
setting. Also, check your antenna, cable box, satellite television
connections, or try a different channel in case it is just a problem with
the current channel. If you use analog or digital television, remember
that storms can occasionally cause problems with reception.
    * If you are having trouble hearing your television due to reception,
go to the menu and select Sound options. It may be necessary to change it
to Stereo, Dolby, or another audio option. Most of the newer television
sets have a internal speaker with an on/off setting- be sure that it is
turned on. In addition, check to see if the sound has been muted; be sure
this option is turned off.
    * Check to see if the television set is connected to the right
source. You will need to check the menu setting to ensure that the
antenna or cable is set correctly. Typically, there is only an antenna if
you are using a UHF/VHF antenna. If using satellite, make sure that you
are using the right channel-usually 2 or 3.
    * If you use a cable box, satellite TV receiver or black box
connected to your television set, turn off the closed captioning feature.
Depending on the type of TV you have, the closed captioning feature may
be set to "text" mode.

If you have tried these problem solving steps, and still have problems
with your television set, it is best to call in a professional rather
than attempting to fix your television set yourself.

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