Welcome to the Global Ministries Mission LIVE Webinar with by zwe12939


									 Welcome to the Global Ministries Mission LIVE Webinar
            with Kim and Patrick Bentrott,
   GM Missionaries serving in Haiti with CONASPEH.

         The presentation will begin at 5:00pm.

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    The Haiti Earthquake:
An Overview of the Destruction, Challenges,
          and Rebuilding Process
     The National Spiritual Council of
            Haitian Churches
• Established in 1986 by 50
  Protestant pastors
• Today has over 6700
  member churches
• Projects: Education,
  healthcare, orphanages,
  child sponsorship,
  microloans, advocacy
Called to Haiti as Missionaries in October, 2009
     for Global Ministries and CONASPEH…
                  Kim’s Work

• Advisor for health,
  education, and outreach
• Physician in community
• Mobile Clinic Outreach
• Nursing school
• Public education
Patrick’s Work

       • Advisor for theological
         education and diaconal
       • Seminary and nursing
         school instructor
       • Preacher
       • Orphanage teacher
       • Basketball coach
Our House
Photos from around Port-au-Prince
CONASPEH Headquarters
Our Time in the Aftermath
Visit to CONASPEH Church and
God’s Children Orphanage
Meeting with CONASPEH Leaders
Leaving Haiti
Our Transportation Home
    Challenges Facing CONASPEH
• Meeting the basic needs of the people
• Cleanup and rebuilding of hundreds of
  churches, schools, and other projects
• The displacement of thousands of people
  including CONASPEH leaders and pastors
• Burying and honoring those who have died
• Providing stability and hope during a time of
  chaos and despair
            Moving Forward

“CONASPEH is not a
building. It is a
philosophy and a
group of people
committed to this
           Francois Villier
              CONASPEH’S Plan

• Phase 1: Emergency Response

• Phase 2: Recovery

• Phase 3: Reconstruction
           Emergency Response
• Meet the basic needs of CONASPEH communities by
  providing food, water, clothing, beds, shelter, and

• Provide micro-loans so that vendors, farmers, and
  small business owners can restart their businesses
  lost during the earthquake

• Provide counseling for individuals, especially for
  pastors and community leaders affected by the
  trauma of the earthquake
• Setting up a mobile office to serve as CONASPEH

• Restart schools

• Provide educational seminars for pastors and
  community leaders

• Continue with micro-loans
• Rebuild CONASPEH headquarters, classic
  school, nursing school, and seminary in Port-

• Rebuild other CONASPEH churches and
  projects that were damaged or destroyed

• Begin a project to purchase livestock for
  farmers along with continued micro-loans
              Our Plans for the Future

Finish with the adoption
process for Solomon and

Maintain contact with
CONASPEH leaders and
Global Ministries

Raise awareness and
educate people about Haiti

Return to Haiti
Thank you for participating in this Global Ministries Mission LIVE
  Webinar. Global Ministries is able to send missionaries, like Kim
    and Patrick, on behalf of Disciples and UCC because of your
 generous support of Week of Compassion/Disciples Mission Fund
(DMF) and One Great Hour of Sharing/Our Church’s Wider Mission
   (OCWM). Please note that Kim’s appointment is supported by
                            OGHS funds.

Thank you for sharing the story of God’s mission in Haiti in your
 congregation and please tell others about our next Mission LIVE
 Webinar. Felix Ortiz and Daniel Gourdet will visit our partners in
Haiti February 13-16. Felix will share an update with us through a
          webinar on Tuesday, February 23 at 8pm EST

           Visit globalministries.org for all the details

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