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									When you are on holiday, what better time to go and visit some of your
favourite film locations? Visiting different film locations can be one of
the best ways to inspire your travelling. Actually, there is even a term
people refer to, which is called set-jetting.

Set-jetting refers to when people go and visit different locations, due
to a book or film that was set within the area. There are many people who
will travel during their holiday to a certain location in order to see
the area in which the film was filmed.

Depending on the location that you are planning on visiting, you can
either plan a road trip or take a plane to that location. In some
instances, people find that even taking part of the trip as a road trip
is a nice compliment to their holiday. This way you have the option to
see many other things along the way while you are on your trip.

If you are travelling with others, you could plan the trip so that you
are stopping at other areas that people want to go. If you want to keep
costs down, you could plan on bringing a tent and camping out at
different places along the way. Stopping at different areas of interest
are sure to make the trip even better.

You can easily do this by mapping out the location and then seeing the
types of things that are going to be along the way. Maybe this may
include some historical sites, or areas of interest. Maybe you could even
find some places that are known for their food. A visit to your favourite
film locations can become one type of experience that everyone will
remember for a long time to come.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the planning. If you take the time to
map out everything, then you can stop at many different areas that others
or yourself may want to visit. This way, you are taking the time to
accommodate everyone's needs and wants. By doing this, there is less of a
chance that anyone will be complaining or upset that you did not stop
somewhere they wanted to go.

Therefore, it is important to get together with all of the people you
will travel with during holiday and find out the different areas that
people want to stop. Ask everyone if there is a particular place they
want to stop and find out the places that someone definitely does not
want to miss. Also, think about the areas that you want to stop on the
way there.

But above all you want to have fun, as you do with any holiday. By
fitting in a trip to see where your favourite movie was made around other
activities whilst away you can enjoy a really memorable trip. Do some
research on your surroundings, see what you can find and take a trip down
and maybe recreate your favourite scenes and stand in the footsteps of
your silver screen heroes.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer living in the UK. He regularly
contributes articles for TheMovieMap, who provide online Film Locations.

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