Weekly Update                            INSPIRATION
                                                         ―Enter   every   activity   without   giving   mental
                                                         recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate
                                                         on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses... on
    Number 16             January 22, 2010               your powers, instead of your problems.‖     ~ Paul J.

In This Issue                                            EVENTS
 Inspiration
 Events                                                 January 22 – 28, 2010
 KHS For Earthquake In Haiti Relief
 Exam Week
 Bussing and Inclement Weather                          January 29, 2010
 Study Tips
 Student Handbook Reminders                             Exam Review Day
 Guidance Notes
 Being ―Scentsitive‖ At KHS                             KHS FOR EARTHQUAKE
 Computer Rescue
 Calendar Updates
                                                         IN HAITI RELIEF
 Staff Voice Mail List                                                 By Ian De Freitas
 Important Dates                                        The earthquake disaster that took place in
 Important Links                                        Haiti (January 12, 2010) has affected over three
                                                         million people and taken between 100,000 –
 Reporting a Student Absence                            200,000 lives.
 Contact Information
   KHS Cafeteria 2009 / 2010 Menu Prices                On Tuesday January 19, 2010 Ms. Brimble and her
   KHS Mission                                          class put together a bake sale to raise money in
   Math Help Room                                       awareness of the earthquake in Haiti. The bake sale
   Teenagehood: Dispelling the Myths                    took place in the main hall; (lunch periods 1 & 2)
                                                         where Ms. Brimble and her students sold baked
                                                         goods for the earthquake in Haiti relief.

Important Dates                                          “The event was for a wonderful cause, it was
                                                         amazing to see the students demonstrate how
January 22-28………………Semester 1 Exams                      much they care about others in the world” - Mrs.
January 29………………….Exam Review Day                        Posius (KHS Vice Principal)
February 1………………….P.A. Day
February 2………………….Semester 2 Begins                      The money raised went towards a small organization
                                                         known as ―Gods Littlest Angels.” The organization
                                                         is based on a small orphanage in Haiti. ―God’s
Important Links                                          Littlest Angel” orphanage children have lost their
York Region District School Board                        families to the destruction of the earthquake, and
                                                         have nowhere to turn. With this heartbreaking                               thought in mind, KHS has come together (raising                    well over $300) in hopes of supporting the orphanage
                                                         and country with needed resources such as clean
The Attribute Character e-newsletter                     water, medical supplies, and diesel fuel.
The Family Cybermall                                      “The event was way more successful than we                                  anticipated, and the students showed an
                                                         immense amount of support! I would like to
                                                         thank KHS for making the event a success, and
The School Library Recommends:                           helping raise global awareness for the                                       earthquake in Haiti.”
                                                         - Ms. Brimble (KHS Teacher)
The Your Voice homepage is a feature on this excellent
parent resource which holds on-line discussions on
relevant and current parenting topics.                   The earthquake aftermath has left the people of
                                                         Haiti with little to no medical support, no power, and
                                                         a vast shortage in clean water. The earthquake has
Library Links                                            affected all of us, and leaves many across the globe
Our website is accessible both from home and school.
                                                         All Donations In support can be sent to:
It can be accessed using the following URL:
                                                         Gods Littlest Angels
                                                         2085 Crystal River Dr.     Colorado Springs, CO 80915
ortalId=                                                          Or
                                                         Online @
OR You can also use Google to access the Keswick
High School website, and then under the STUDENT
pull down menu, click on LIBRARY to access the
library web site.

Our dataportals , Grolier and Knowledge-Ontario are
now available on the homepage of the library web site.

Username:dsbyork              Password:dsby7692

Knowledge Ontario
Username:                  Password: trillium
                                                         EXAM WEEK
The Library Resource Centre Catalogue can be
accessed via the library website under
CATALOGUES.                                              Exam schedules for Semester 1 were distributed in
                                                         home room classes on Thursday December 17. Extra
                                                         copies are available in the Attendance Office. Please
Student passwords are available through the
                                                         take a few minutes to go over the guidelines for
homeroom teachers (sharefile). Yes, once again, they
have changed from last year for security purposes.       exams with your child:

                                                         KESWICK HIGH SCHOOL – JANUARY 2010 –
                                                         GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS
Contact Us                                               Check Your Examination Schedule
                                                         First Semester Exams are scheduled for Friday,                               January 22, 2010 to Thursday, January 28,
Phone (905)476-0933                                      2010. Make sure that you know the time and date of
                                                         all your examinations and have recorded them in
Attendance Direct Line (905) 476-7823                    your agenda book. The room assigned may not be
Fax (905) 476-0929                                       your regular classroom.        Know your room
                                                         assignments before the day of the examination. If
Reporting a student absence                              you have an examination conflict, please see
                                                         Ms. Love in the Main Office prior to January 8,
Please use the Attendance Direct Line (905) 476-         2010.
7823 when informing the school of a student
absence. Be sure to give the child’s name, reason        Missing an Examination
for absence, and length of absence.
                                                         If you are absent for an examination for medical
Share the Update                                         reasons, a medical certificate will be required.
Please forward this message to other parents that may    Illness and extreme family emergencies are the
be interested in receiving e-mails from the school.      only valid reasons for missing an examination.
                                                         Family vacations do not constitute a valid
Parents interested in receiving the weekly bulletin      excuse.
should send an email to
with 'Parent email' in the Title line. In the
                                                         Arrival Time
message, please include student name and your
                                                         Try to arrive about 20-30 minutes prior to your
                                                         exam. This will give you time to organize yourself
                                                         and your thoughts. If you arrive late for an
KHS Cafeteria                                            examination, report immediately to the Main
KHS 2009 – 2010 MENU PRICES                              Office. Please call the school 905-476-0933 to
                                                         inform us of your absence.

                                                         Places to Gather

                                                         Students may not be in the hallways while
                                                         examinations are being written. The only places
                                                         where students are permitted (for quiet study) when
                                                         not actually writing an examination is: LIBRARY,
                                                         CAFETERIA OR HOME.

                                                         Entry to the Examination Room

                                                         Make sure that you know your course code and
BEVERAGES                                           FAST FOOD ITEMS                                  section number so that you may verify your
Creamy Hot Chocolate                                                                                 examination room. You must be at the examination
                                                    Hamburger ......................... $1.50
Coffee                                              Cheeseburger ..................... $1.75         room no later than five minutes before the
  - Regular – 100% Colombian                        Hotdog ................................ $1.50
  - Decaffeinated                                   Chicken Fingers ................. $2.75
                                                                                                     examination begins.
  - Mocha Java                                      Onion Rings ........................ $1.25
  - Buttered Pecan                                  Jamaican Patties ............... $1.50
  - French Vanilla                                  FrenchFries.....................        $1.25
                                                                                                     What to Bring to the Examination
  - regular                                         with Gravy ........................    $1.50
  - herbal
                                                    Traditional Poutine .............. $3.00
                                                                                                     Bring extra pens, pencils, an eraser, ruler and a non-
Small .............................. $0.75                                                           programmable calculator if permitted (check with
Large ............................ $1.25
In own cup or mug .......... $0.50
                                                    Taco Bar ……………………………                   $2.00
                                                                                                     your teachers). All these items must be brought into
In own travel mug .............$0.75                Baked Potato Bar ………………… $2.00                   the examination room loose or in a clear plastic bag.
Milk                                                SALADS AND VEGETABLE PLATES
                                                                                                     Everything else that you have with you is not
Small (white or chocolate) . $1.50                                                                   permitted at your seat. Leave bags, coats, notebooks,
Large (white, chocolate
                                                    Pasta Salad ......................... $2.50
                                                    A cold salad of tri-color pasta, Veggies,
                                                                                                     etc. in your locker. CELL PHONES, PAGERS,
strawberry).$1.75                                   with a light dressing and seasoning              IPODS OR MP3 PLAYERS ARE NOT
Milkshake (all flavours) ......$2.00                Chicken Pasta Salad …………… $3.00
                                                                                                     PERMITTED          IN      THE      EXAMINATION
Canned Juice (all flavours) $1.00
                                                    Tossed Salad ........................$1.50
Gatorade (all flavours) ..... $2.00                 A lightly tossed salad including a
                                                    variety of veggies
Water ............................. $1.00                                                            Examination Procedures
                                                    Cobb Salad .......................... $3.00
Fountain Drinks
                                                    Finely chopped chicken or turkey,
Small Paper Cup ..................$0.75
Large Paper Cup ................ $1.00
                                                    tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce,           1. The presiding teacher will open the door and ask
                                                    as well as several other light toppings,
Slushie ............................. $1.25
                                                    served with vinaigrette dressing                    you to take a seat. The exam will be face down
Smoothie ............................$1.75
                                                                                                        on your desk. DO NOT TURN IT OVER OR
                                                    Caesar Salad
                                                    Fresh romaine lettuce, Caesar                       WRITE ON IT.
Plain Bagel ……………………                  $ 1.00
                                                    dressing, bacon bits, and croutons
                                                    made to order
                                                                                                     2. The teacher may have some preliminary
BLT ................................... $3.00
Egg Bagel ....................... $3.00
                                                      - Bowl ............................... $1.50      instructions. Please listen. When the presiding
                                                      - Large plate .......................$2.50
Peameal BLT ..................... $3.50
                                                    Chicken Caesar …………………                  $3.75       teacher announces ―begin‖, turn the paper over.
Extra bacon ........................ $0.25
Extra cheese ...................... $0.25                                                            3. The presiding teacher will ask you to sign the
                                                    Vegetable Plate .................. $2.25
                                                    A variety of vegetables served fresh on             attendance sheet within the first ten minutes.
                                                    a plate                                          4. Remain absolutely quiet during the examination.
Soup (changes daily) .......... $1.50
                                                    Cheese or Meat Plate ........... $3.00              Any and all questions must be directed to the
Hot entrée ....................... $5.00
                                                    Freshly sliced cheese and sliced meat
                                                    served with crackers
                                                                                                        presiding teacher. If your pencil breaks, if you
(changes daily - includes starch &                                                                      need a Kleenex, extra paper, etc., you must
                                                                                                        RAISE your hand and speak quietly to the
Pasta Bar
Regular ..............................$2.50
                                                                                                        presiding teacher.
Stir Fries                                                                                              Do not speak to other students during the exam.
Vegetarian …………………………… $3.00                                                                         5. When the teacher announces that the
With Protein Item ………………… $4.00                                                                         examination is over, you must immediately put
                                                                                                        your pen down and wait for instructions.
                                                                                                     6. The teacher will give final instructions on the
                                                                                                        submission of your exam.
SANDWICHES AND WRAPS                            DESSERT ITEMS
                                                                                                     7. The teacher will individually collect all the
Submarine Sandwiches                            Cookies (All varieties) ...............$0.50            examination papers. Do not leave your seat until
 - Veggie .....................$3.00
 - Ham ........................$3.50            Muffins (All varieties) ................$0.75           the teacher announces that you may leave the
 - Salami .....................$3.50
 - Assorted ................. $3.50
                                                Jell-o (All varieties) ...................$0.75
 - Club ...................... $4.50
 - Rib ........................ $4.00
 - Chicken. ..................$4.50             Pudding (All flavours) .............. $1.00
B.L.T...........$4.50                           Cheesecake ............................ $1.25

Wraps…………………………….$4.00                          Tarts                                                You are not permitted to leave the classroom at any
.                                                 - All flavours..........................$0.75
                                                 Brownies .............................$1.00
                                                                                                     time during the examination. Be sure to go to the
Extra Items
                                                                                                     washroom before the examination. In the case of an
   - Bacon                                      Rice Krispies Square ..............$1.00
                                                                                                     emergency, speak to the presiding teacher. An escort
   - Chicken ......................             FruitCup..................................$1.00      will be arranged to take you to the washroom.
   - Extra Sauce ................               Fruit Crumble ........................ $1.00
                                                Doughnuts (All varieties) ..........$1.00
                                                                                                     Leaving the Examination Early
Nachos with Cheese ........
$1.00                                           Fruit Breads (All varieties) ........$0.50
                                                Cinnamon Buns .....................$1.50
                                                                                                     You must remain in the examination room for
Cold Sandwiches & Cold
Sandwich Wraps
                                                                                                     the first hour. At this time, you may quietly and
                                                Yoghurt Parfaits ……………………$1.50
(Pre-wrapped, Various varieties)                                                                     immediately leave the examination room when the
$2.75 - $3.50
                                                Freezies (All flavours) ...............$0.50         teacher instructs you to do so. If you leave your
                                                Suckers (All flavours) ................$0.25
                                                                                                     examination after the first hour, you must report
                                                                                                     to the Cafeteria or the Library or leave the building
                                                Halls (All varieties) ...................$1.00
                                                                                                     promptly. Students will not have access to their
                                                                                                     lockers until examinations are finished.


BUSSING AND INCLEMENT                                                                                The phone in the Attendance Office will not be
                                                                                                     available  for   student  use    during    the
WEATHER                                                                                              examination period. Please make sure that you
                                                           bring change for the pay phone or arrange for a ride
 School bus service may be cancelled from time to time     before leaving for school that day.
due to inclement weather, extreme temperatures
and/or poor road conditions. In these cases, parents       Performance Examinations
and       students      should      develop    alternate
care/transportation arrangements.                          Students who have examinations that require a
Since some bussing schedules begin by 7:00 a.m. or         performance task are to make an individual
earlier, all cancellation decisions must be made by 6:00   appointment with their teacher so that no other
a.m. to ensure the safety of our students. Cancellation    scheduled exam (s) would result in a conflict. Please
decisions will only be made after thorough consultation    wait in the Cafeteria until your appointment time as
with school bus companies servicing York Region.           the halls will be off limits.
Decisions are based on several factors including
precipitation, air temperature and road conditions.        Bussing and Inclement Weather Day

Please note the following:                                 All busses are on normal pick-up and drop-off
                                                           times. If an inclement weather (snow) day takes
• A decision to cancel school bus transportation may be    place that days examinations will move to Friday,
    system wide (where all buses in York Region are        January 29. If Friday, January 29 is a snow day,
    cancelled) or municipality specific (where buses       examinations will be written on Tuesday, February
    in one or more municipalities are cancelled).          2nd.
• If school bus transportation in your municipality is
    cancelled and your child attends school in a
    different municipality where service is operational,
    your child will not be transported to/from school.
• If school bus transportation in your municipality is     GUIDANCE NOTES
    operational and your child attends school in a
    different municipality where service is cancelled,
    your child will not be transported to/from school.
• If buses are cancelled in the morning, they will         An IMPORTANT Message for all Parents…
    not operate in the afternoon. Therefore
    students transported to school by parents              The equal consideration application deadline for
    will require the same transportation home.             college is fast approaching on Monday, February
                                                           1, 2010.      College-bound students are strongly
Parents, students and school staff are asked to access     encouraged to submit their online application ASAP
the following radio and television stations after 6:00     to avoid frustration and delays with the OCAS
a.m. to receive bus cancellation information:              computer systems at this critical time in the
                                                           application cycle.
590 AM 640 AM 680 AM 860 AM 1010 AM 1050 AM                Semester two timetables were distributed to
102.1 FM 1540 AM 1580 AM                                   students in homeroom classes on January 21st. Any
88.5 FM 89.9 FM 92.5 FM 93.1 FM 94.1 FM 94.9 FM            students who were absent yesterday will receive
95.9 FM 97.3 FM 98.1 FM 99.1 FM 99.9 FM 101.1 FM           their semester two timetable from their homeroom
104.5 FM 100.7 FM 107.1 FM                                 teacher on the day of their period one final exam.
                                                           Guidance counsellors will be available (by
TELEVISION                                                 appointment) over the examination week to meet
CITY TV THE A-CHANNEL CFTO                   TV    THE     with students who need a necessary timetable
WEATHER NETWORK GLOBAL NEWS                                change.

A bus cancellation message will also be available at       Important      Information      for     Graduating and by calling 1-877-330-3001.       Students

                                                                 Graduating students who have successfully
TEENAGEHOOD:                                                      completed an Independent Learning course
                                                                  (ILC), a course at private school or a night
DISPELLING THE                                                    school course taken with a board of education
                                                                  other than the YRDSB should make sure
MYTHSWorkshop & Discussion                                        that they submit an original copy of their
7 – 9 pm                                                          final report card to Mrs. Gowan in the
                                                                  Guidance office ASAP. It is very important
Food and Refreshments:       6:30 pm                              that the completed course is entered on the
                                                                  student’s transcript before the scheduled
Workshop and Discussion: 7 – 9 pm
                                                                  mark transfer to OCAS and OUAC in
Childcare Available
                                                                 Both university and college-bound students
Please Hold the Dates for a series of workshops for
                                                                  are reminded to check whether the
parents and teens together:
                                                                  program(s) that they are applying to have
                                                                  additional admission criteria such as tests,
Wed. January 27 – Internet Safety / Cyber Bullying
                                                                  portfolios, interviews or auditions. Students
Wed. February 24 – Teenage Moods – Keeping it
                                                                  need to make sure that they meet the
                                                                  deadlines for the additional admission
Wed. April 28 – Healthy Lifestyle (drugs,
                                                                  criteria,    including    due     dates   for
relationships, friends, etc.)
                                                                  supplementary information forms.
Wed. May 26 – Support for Parents
Location: YRDSB Community Education Centre –                    Attention all College-Bound Special
Central                                                          Education Students!
317 Centre St. E. Richmond Hill                                  If you are planning to attend college for
Please call 905 884 4775 ext. 330 to register.                   academic diploma programs that require
No cost to families.                                             extensive note-taking or technical reading
                                                                 skills (e.g., nursing, paramedic or business
Brought to you by RH-EACH                                        studies programs) you are eligible to enrol in
Richmond Hill Engages All For Community and Home:                Project ADVANCE, which is a 5 week
A partnership of the York Region District School Board,          summer institute designed to prepare
York Catholic District School Board and your                     students with specific learning disabilities for
community agencies serving children, youth and                   success in their university or college
families.                                                        studies. This initiative is offered through the
                                                                 Learning Disability Services at York
                                                                 University and is funded by the Ministry of
MATH HELP ROOM                                                   Training, Colleges and Universities.
                                                                 Project ADVANCE, students with learning

              MATH HELP ROOM                                     disabilities learn about academic strategies,
    We will be changing our hours in second                      study and life skills, assistive technologies
           semester to the following:                            and the availability of campus support. This
   Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 9:00                      program is open to any student with a
       Tuesday and Thursday 3:10 – 4:00                          diagnosed language learning disability who
              Location: Room 2028                                is attending ANY university or college in
  The math help room is supervised by a math                     September 2010. For more information
  teacher at all times and senior students are                   check out
    available to help your son/daughter too.                     lds/projectadvance.html#apply or contact
            See you second semester!                             Jacqueline Chang, Project ADVANCE Office
                                                                 Assistant at (416) 736-2100 (ext.55338).

                                                                All graduating students are reminded to sign
Please take some time over the next few weeks to go              up for Keswick High School’s 2010 Grad e-
over the study skills tips provided by our Special               group distribution list. Students who sign
Education Department with your children.                         up will receive:
                                                                             timely updates from universities,
        The secret to top-notch exam prep?                                   colleges   and     apprenticeship
                                                                             training institutions about new
                  START EARLY!                                               programs, changes to admission
                                                                             requirements,          upcoming
  These are the top ten things that you need to                              deadlines and more…
              know to Ace exams!
                                                                             important information from the
   1. Give yourself plenty of time.                                          KHS Guidance Department about
                                                                             scholarship        opportunities,
                                                                             continuing education courses,
       Cramming doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. When
                                                                             prom, graduation and more…
       you start to study weeks ahead you have plenty
       of time to read everything. It also gives you
                                                                 Students should send an email to
       time to ask questions about anything you don’t
                                                        and ask to be added
       fully understand.
                                                                 to the grad e-group.
   2. Use an Agenda.
                                                          Night School Winter 2010
       Write your study time in your agenda, even if
       it’s only 20 minutes a night. An agenda is one     NEW Night School Course to be offered at
       of the best organizational tools you have to       Keswick High School!
       help you prepare for your exams.                   A grade 11 Hospitality and Tourism course (TFJ3C)
                                                          is being offered on Monday and Wednesday nights
   3. Set up a study stadium.                             from 6:30 to 9:45 pm starting in February at Keswick
                                                          High School (Note – decision to run course is based
       Okay, it doesn’t have to be an actual stadium—     on sufficient enrolment). This credit course is being
       just an area where you can leave your notes,       piloted in the North and is part of the board’s
       your pencils, and your dictionary. Someplace       Continuing Education night school program.
       where you are comfortable and where there is       Interested students should submit a completed night
       little distraction—that means no TV or blaring     school registration form to their guidance counsellor
       music!                                             ASAP.

   4. Look at the big picture.                            **Registration forms for semester two night school
                                                          are available in the Guidance office.
       How many pages in total do you have to study?
                                                          To qualify for a night school course:
       How much time? If you have 50 pages to cover
                                                              1. The student must be enrolled as a full-time
       in 10 weeks, then that is only 1page a night on
                                                                 student in day school.
       weekdays, with weekends off. That’s not so           2. The day school must be unable to schedule
       bad! You can even write down what pages to              the requested course.
       study on what night.                                 3. The student must have completed the
                                                               prerequisite course.
   5. Study a little bit every night.
                                                         The LAST day for in-school registration for Night
       When you start early enough you can easily        School is Friday, January 29th. After this date,
       avoid the stress and anxiety of pulling an all-   students must register in person at the Night
       nighter. And, you can move at a steadier          School site on Tuesday, February 3rd, from 6:00 to
       pace—20 minutes a night is easier to handle       8:00 pm.      For more information, students should
       than 7 hours the night before. By the week        check out the bulletin board outside the Guidance
       before the exam you’ll have read everything at    office or speak to their guidance counsellor.
       least once and you’ll be prepared!

                                                         Community Involvement Opportunities
   6. Make your own notes.
                                                               The Walk for Memories takes place
       Look at the chapter or unit or section. What             January 30, 2010 at the Ice Palace in
       are the titles, heading and subheadings? Are             Keswick. The Walk for Memories is
       there any bolded words? Write these down.                sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of York
       These are key words, and they are great                  Region. Students wishing to obtain 10
       indicators to help you know what the material            community involvement hours should
       is about.                                                register online at
                                                                In order to earn all 10 hours, students must
   7. Put it in your own words.                                 raise $100 in pledges, arrive at the Ice
                                                                Palace between 8:00 and 8:30 am on the day
       This is known a paraphrasing and it’s a great            of the walk to help set up, participate in the
       technique to help you really understand the              walk, and then stay to help with the clean-
       material. Memorization and rote repetition,              up.
       that’s for robots? You need to understand the
       material to succeed!                                    "Bowl for Kids Sake" takes place Sunday,
                                                                February 21, 2010 at the Rock and Bowl in
   8. Cover, recite and check.                                  Baldwin, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. They
                                                                are looking for high school students to assist
       But how do you paraphrase? It’s as easy as               with this event and/or to participate in it.
       reading over a page, a paragraph, or a                   Interested students should contact Mrs.
       sentence, then covering it up, and saying it             Haskins          via         e-mail         at
       back in your own words!                        

                                                               The 4th Keswick Brownies, is looking for a
   9. Don’t study the stuff you know well.
                                                                female student, 16 years old+, who can assist
                                                                with the weekly meetings, which are held on
       Start with the most challenging sections and             Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm at RL
       move on from there. There is no point studying           Graham PS. Help will also be needed with
       material that you are confident you know. A              cookie blitzes and camping outings.
       quick review to make sure you remember                   Interested female students should contact
       everything is enough.                                    Amanda Diamond at (905) 656-3266 or (289)
   10. Make classroom time active learning time.
                                                               Katimavik offers Canadian youth, ages 17-
       The best study tip is one that doesn’t even              21, the opportunity to contribute to the
       involve studying, but happens way before                 sustainable development of communities
       studying—in the classroom. The secret to easy            across Canada through a challenging 6 or 9
       studying is to be an active learner in the               month volunteer service program. The
       classroom. Raise your hand. Ask questions.               objectives of Katimavik are: to contribute
       Participate in discussions. Don’t just sit and           substantially to the personal, social and
       wait for the teacher to teach you, get involved          professional development of the participants;
       in learning!                                             to promote community involvement and to
                                                                offer a diverse experience fostering a better
The more responsibility you take for your education,            understanding of the Canadian reality. For
the easier learning— and studying—will be.                      more information on this once-in-a lifetime
                                                                opportunity,           please           visit:

BEING ―SCENTSITIVE‖ AT                                         The Guidance Department is still looking for
                                                                Grade 11 and 12 students who are interested
KHS                                                             in applying to serve as volunteer student
                                                                tutors during their lunch time or
Several students and staff at Keswick High School               before/after school. Tutors are especially
suffer from allergies to scented products.     These            needed in the following subject areas:
allergies range from mild to severe. We would like to           English, Mathematics, Science and
share the following information with you. We also ask           French. Interested students should come to
that you keep these guidelines in mind when your                the Guidance office for an application form or
children are getting ready to come to school in                   speak to Mrs. Daniels.
consideration of our community members who suffer
from severe allergies.                                     Scholarship Information

According to the Lung Association, 15 to 20 per cent of          Brescia University College (an affiliate of the
the Canadian population have respiratory issues, such             University of Western Ontario) is sponsoring
as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and allergies.                  the “Take the Lead” public speaking
Several hundred chemicals can be used to make ONE                 contest for female grade 11 or 12
scented product. Fragrances are found in a wide range             students. First prize is an academic
of products. Common scented products include                      scholarship to Brescia University College
perfume, cologne, aftershave, deodorant, soap,                    worth $6000! This is a great opportunity for
shampoo, hairspray, body spray, makeup and powders.               female students who are comfortable
Examples of other products with added scents include              speaking in front of a large group of people.
air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents,             For more information, see the poster on the
cleaners, carpet deodorizers, facial tissues, and                 Grad Information bulletin board across from
candles.                                                          the    Guidance     Office    or   check    out
Reactions to these chemicals may include shortness of   
breath/wheezing, headaches and migraines, nausea
and muscle pain, and cold-like symptoms.                         Applications for the 2010 Garfield Weston
A person’s reaction is not to you personally, but to one          Awards are now available. These awards are
or more of the hundreds of chemicals that are present             open to students planning to enrol in a college
in the perfume, deodorant, hairspray etc.                         program (university programs are not
                                                                  eligible). Interested students may download
Staff, students and all other persons who are invited to          the         application        form          at
or who work on Board property are asked to be            A hard
considerate of those who are sensitive to fragrant                copy of this application form will be available
chemicals by voluntarily refraining from chemical-                in the Guidance Office in the next few weeks.
based scented products and replacing them with                    The application deadline is March 23, 2010.
unscented alternatives. This will reduce the use of
fragranced products in our environment.
Tips if you do use scented products:
         • use them sparingly and don’t apply scented
         products in a public area
        • a scented product should not be detectable       STUDENT HANDBOOK
         more than an arm’s length away from you;
         • avoid using products (e.g. air fresheners or    REMINDERS
         potpourris) that give off chemical-based scents
                                                           Safety and Security
         in your work area;
                                                           Everyone has the right to feel safe at school.
         • avoid using laundry products or cleaning
                                                           Behaviour that affects the rights of students and
         agents that are scented; and
                                                           staff to work in a safe, clean, and comfortable
         • air out dry cleaned clothing before wearing.
                                                           environment will not be tolerated. Students are
                                                           asked to familiarize themselves with the York Region
STAFF VOICE MAIL LIST                                      District School Board’s Safe Schools Policy found
                                                           later in this Agenda. This policy clearly outlines for
 TEACHER NAME          DEPT.             WORK    VOICE
                                         RM #    BOX #
                                                           students the consequences of behaviour that
                                         ROOM    BOX       compromises the safety of others.
 CATHERINE MCGINLEY    Principal         1083    1083
 HELGA CURRY           Vice-Prin         1082    1082      The school cannot be responsible for the security of
 DOUG CASE             Vice-Prin         1080    1080      student belongings.         Students are therefore
 ANGIE POSIUS          Vice-Prin         1079    1079      requested not to bring clothing, jewellery, or other
 MIKE CLEMENTS         Head Cust.        1038    1038      possessions to school that are valuable.
 TOM GARDNER           Cust.             1048    1048

 April Doss            Star              1075    441
 Karen Duncan          Attendance        1085    1085
 Debbie O'Hara         Reception         1000    1000
 Sue Wight             Budget            1001    1001
 Nicole Gowan          Guidance          1086    1086
 Lisa Love             Assit. Head SAS   1091    1091
 Carmine Barcellona    Computers         1500    1500
 Shelley, Smith        Office Supv.      1081    1081
 Barr, Janette         Café EA           1008    404
 Diane Day             Spec. EA          1095    400
 Cheryl Dollery        Café EA           1008    415
 Jennifer McCreight    CYW               1095    416
 Shannon McNally       CYW               1039    557
 Teresa MacFarlane     Library Tech.     2001    422
 Paquette, Vivian      EA                1095    518
 Kelvin Thomas         CYW-989-0832      204SI   437

 Anderson, Karl        SCIENCE           2022    580
 Bayes, Lee            VISUAL ARTS       2050    465
 Black, Ian            PHYS ED/SCI       1018    403
 Brimble, Erin         ENGLISH           1054    579
Brown, Diane                     ALT. ED.        204SI    549
Brown, Rod               H       CO-OP           1501     405
Buch, Gordon                     TECH            1046     561
Buch, Judy                       GUID (L-R)      1099     1099
Bunnik, Victoria                 SCIENCE         2022     568
Cameron, Jenny                   MODERNS         2021     446
Campbell, Kayla                  ENGLISH         1054     461
Capotosto, Matthew               HISTORY         2040     448
Caravasilis, Steve               GEOGRAPHY       1045     585
Card, Judy                       SPEC. ED.       1095     447
Charrette, Michelle H            MODERNS         2021     548
Christie, David                  PHYS ED         1018     507
Cioffi, Frank                    TECH            1046     451
Civello, Charlene AH             MATH/SUSP RM    2012     444
Clarida, Tim                     FAMILY ST       1008     443
Clarke, Bob                      TECH            1046     452
Damji, Shailah                   HISTORY         2039     442
Daniels, Sue                     GUID (A-C)      1049     1049
Davy, Anne                       FAMILY ST       1009     412
Davy, Shelley                    CO-OP           1501     573
Demers, Kelley                   PHYS ED         1018     410
Denney, Wade                     TECH/SPEC ED    2002     534
Douglas, Sean                    ENGLISH         1054     414
Edge, Andrew                     ALT. ED.        204SI    407
Esposito, Michele                SPEC. ED.       1095     576
Fahey, Bonnie(H)                 FAM. ST.        1009     577
Faubert, Ellie                   BUSINESS        1030     424
Flannery, Nicole                 ENGLISH         1054     439
Gans, Maryann                    BUSINESS        1030     531
Godfrey, Michelle        H       ENG/LIT         1054     402
Goodman, Stan                    TECH            1046     432
Grant, Deb                       ALT. ED.        204SI    406
Griffith, Leanna                 MATH/PHYS ED    1018     508
Hamilton, Andrew                 GEOG/MATH       1045     413
Hannah, Lee-Ann                  ACCESS          204SI    409
Heath, Rob                       GEOG/ALT.ED     1045     567
TEACHER NAME                     DEPT.           WORK     VOICE
                                                 RM #     BOX #
                                                 ROOM     BOX
Hickey, Doug                     MATH/PATH       2013     583
Hoeben, James                    MATH            2012     467
Horstead, Dawn                   GUID S-Z        1090     1090
Howard, Julianne                 ENG/MUSIC       1054     520
Howland, Doug                    SCIENCE         2022     506
Kashmiri, Sarah                  SPEC. ED.       1095     566
Knowles, Jason H                 VISUAL ARTS     2050     449
LeBlanc, Brett H                 TECH            1046     563
Lemmon, Katie H                  HISTORY         2039     588
Lewington, Mark                  HIST/SPEC. ED   1089     558
Luciani, Rose                    MATH            2012     524
Lundrigan, Francis               MATH            2012     512
MacDougald, Korey AH             ENGLISH         1054     532
Manning, Heather                 PHY.ED/SCI      1018     436
Mayali, Nadia                    SCIENCE         2022     581
McCue, Mary                      STEP/ALT.ED     204SI    503
McInnis, Karen           H       BUSINESS/SUCC   1030     450
Miele, Christina                 FAMILY ST       2010     553
Milne, Peter             H       MUSIC           1068     541
Myers, Paul                      CO-OP           1501     425
Oostwoud , Jacqueline H          GUID (D-K)      1088     1088
Ostapeic, John       H           SPEC. ED.       1089     529
Parnham, Rick (989-0832)         ALT.ED          204 SI   595
Perry, Robert                    HISTORY         2040     463
Platt, Josh (989-0832) H         ALT. ED.        204 SI   428
Pocock, Nancy                    FAM. ST.        1009     593
Potosky, Kate                    ENGLISH         1065     430
Prince, Anca                     MATH            2012     464
Quinn, Marg Ann                  SPEC. ED.       2030     440
Richard, Bruce                   ENGLISH         1054     423
Robinson, Adele                  SPEC. ED.       1095     564
Robinson, Dwight             H   SCIENCE         2022     421
Ruddle, James                    VISUAL ARTS     2050     545
Sebastian, Heather               ENGLISH         1054     528
Shadlock, Brad AH 989-           ALT. ED.        204 SI   204 SI
Sheridan, Jason                  SCIENCE         2022     597
Shore, Geoff                     SCI/VIS ARTS    2022     445
 Simpson, Jeff                HISTORY       2039     509
 Simpson, Karin               ENGLISH       1054     535
 Smith, Kristy                MATH          2012     594
 Smith, Sarah                 ENGLISH       1054     408
 Sochor, Kristie              MATH          2012     551
 Sonnemann, Sabine        H   LIBRARY       1094     431
 Steiner, Karen               VISUAL ARTS   2050     523
 Thornton, Tammy              MATH          2013     539
 Townsend, Diane              ALT. ED.      204SI    536
 Tsigaridis, Nick             SCIENCE       2022     457
 Vallejo, Andrew 989-0832     ALT. ED.      204 SI   574
 Vultaggio, Anthony           SPEC. ED.     1095     420
 West, Basia H                GEOGRAPHY     1045     499
 West, Scott                  SCIENCE       2022     433
 Willick, Helen               ENGLISH       1070     542
 Willick, Martin              PHYS ED/ENG   1018     537
 Wilton, Laura                ENGLISH       2039     556
 Wood, Charmaine              MODERNS       2021     547
 Wright, Alex                 HISTORY       1045     434
 Yapp, Ann Marie      H       PHYS ED       1018     435

204 Si = Personalized Alternate Education at 204
Simcoe Ave.
(905) 989-0832

Does your child need a computer?

Computer Rescue is an organization that refurbishes
private, municipal and corporate donated computer
systems and peripherals and re-donates them to needy
families, who otherwise cannot afford it. This is
accomplished through the local school system, and
local charitable organizations. We supply a ―package‖
consisting of a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse,
and where donated, working printers, scanners and

It is through donations from these groups that makes
this program possible. Our supporting groups donate
surplus and obsolete computers and peripherals, which
in the hands of needy children and the learning
disabled, become a valuable asset in their
development. Some systems have also been donated to
seniors, to assist them in emergency and family

Over the last year, we have refurbished and donated
over 200 computer systems to needy families.

Because we are a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher,
under the Community Mar program, we are able to
supply Windows and Office products on the computers,
for a minimal sum of $6.00 for each licence, a cost that
we must recover. Computers with Linux operating
systems and Open Office are provided free of charge.

A special thank you to Altwerger Law Professional
Corp. and Fit Financial Tax services for the donated
workspace which makes this program possible.

To make a donation to this program, please

Patrick Chezzie
Keswick, On
Cell - 289-338-5066

To access this program for your child, please
Anthony Vultaggio, Keswick High School
(905) 476-0933, ext. 420

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