Honduras, Montan de la virgen

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					                                             Trees for the Future
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                                          Certificate of Tree Planting

                                         Montana de la Virgen Thanks all

                          Gearchers and Gearch.com
                 A grove of trees is being planted for the benefit of an entire community and our environment

This village project is being implemented to save the homes and way of life of the people
in the community of Montana de la Virgen, Honduras an area devastated by defor-
estation and, increasingly, global climate change. This project will entail the planting of
over 450 trees. These fast-growing, permanent, beneficial trees will protect these fragile
and eroded lands and assure that families can continue to live in dignity and in harmony
with the natural resources of their lands. Each year, these trees will remove several tons
of pollution from the global atmosphere, replacing it with life-giving oxygen, while pro-
tecting lands and assisting the natural return of past diversity.

                                                        March 19, 2009
            Executive Director                                  Date
                 9000 16th St , Silver Spring, MD 20910 www.plant-trees.org