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     Nov/Dec 1984 PNL 512   A Voice for Peace and Social Justice in Central New Yor k


                                                ment salaries is to provide a          ment to nonviolence, it require s
                                              counter model to norms in capitalist     such consistency . Otherwise we
                                             society based on overconsumption ,        perpetuate the social ills we oppos e
                                             greed and status measured in mon-         and embroil our acts in contradic-
                                             etary terms . Such wages help th e        tion,
                                             movement live out Gary's call for
    Gary Weinstei n                          'an entirely new set of property and        4. Gary urges that SPC gai n

    To the PNL, Challenged                   money relations in society, '
                                                Perhaps a Marxist insight - -
                                                                                       membership and financial resource s
                                                                                       by broadening 'our race and clas s
       I would like to commend Gar y         that one's income tends to affec t        base .' It would be useful to have
    Weinstein for sharing his thought s      one's ideology -- is apropos here .       specific suggestions as to how thi s
    on his SPC staff experience in th e      It could be argued that most salar y      worthy but elusive goal might be
    10/84 PNL -- and doing so in s o         earners have already been co-opted        reached .
    personal a manner .                      by high income : how many wel l             As far as I know SPC -- for bette r
       It's an excellent idea to hav e       paid rockers-of-the boat do w e           or worse -- has always been a
    departing SPC staffers reflect on        know ?                                    white middle class phenomeno n
    their work and provide their criti-         And if because of low wages on e       (consider the class background and
    cal perspective of SPC in the PNL .      depends on family and friends, per-       prospects of most SPC activists) .
    Every movement organization need s       haps this will help all concerned                            continued on p g . 6
    to encourage not only social-, bu t      transcend the individualism and
    self-criticism .                         lack of community rampant in capi-
      However as a former SPC staf f         talist society ,                              Gary Responds
    person I want to challenge or expan d
    some of Gary's points :                     2 . The foregoing thoughts intro -        Briefly, because I've had my sa y
                                             duce my disagreement with Gary' s         in the previous PNL .
       I . I can easily understand how       belief that it is a 'mistaken notion         Ed's and my debate hinges o n
    one might be 'tired of struggling        that our lifestyle is a means o f         issues basic to Peace Council an d
    at subsistence wages, . . .tired of       social change . . .' . I question        peace movement self definition . I
    leaning on family and friends . '        whether one can hold political val-       think continued point-counterpoint i n
    But I think it's important to contin -   ues without those values bein g           in future PNLs would appeal t o
                                             reflected decisively and visibly i n      readers and serve our movement .
    Iquestion whether one ca n               how one lives one's life .
                                                By striving to eliminate the capi-
                                                                                         I served a little over 5 years o n
                                                                                       what we have come to call the SP C
    hold political values without            talist and patriarchal element s          "office staff" -- those people em-
    thoses values being reflected            which pervade our relating, workin g      ployed fulltime in the SPC office - -
    decisively and visibly in how            and consuming - -                         first at $60/week, then $70, finall y
    one lives one's life.                       - we spare the earth                   $80 . My first three and one halt
                                                - we rid ourselves of illgotte n       years were with the SPC Press, the
     ually bear in mind that what we i n            gai n                              last year and a half on the organi-
    affluent America call a 'subsistenc e       - we withdraw our support from         zing staff . I have served on the
    wage' is far more than what mos t              the powerstructur e                 Program and Evaluation steerin g
    of the world calls an adequate wage ,       - and we move into closer soli -       committee for three years .
    and that even our 'subsistence '               darity with our allies and thos e      SPC staff salary needs to be
    wage allows us to consume more                 whom the system most exploits .     fiscally planned . It instead has a
    than our share of the earth' s           In other words we begin now - -
    resources .
       I am not saying that in the
                                             thou ongoing trial and error -- t o       The aggregate of our in-
                                              internalize and evolve the ne w
    social context of the U .S . It would     social and economic relations we
                                                                                       dividual personal and politica l
    not be a good idea to raise staff         seek . We don ' t co-opt out b y
                                                                                       lifestyle choices, regardless of
    salaries . But rather that as we d o      postponing such changes until the        how revolutionary, does no t
    so we must always maintain an inter -     conveniently distant millenium ,         subsitute for systemic change.
    nationalist perspective on thos e                                                  history of being haphazard, arbi-
     (and all) wages . It would also be         3. I agree with Gary that trans -      trary . What was "subsistence" i n
    a good idea to keep alive the ethi c     forming the fundamental order o f         1970 is non-pay in 1985 . Let ' s
    that makes us proud -- and not           capitalist society 'will not com e        reach a consensus on what sub-
    humiliated -- when mentioning SP C       about without a protracted, not -         sistence means in the mid to lat e
    wages .                                  nice struggle,' But If SPC embrace s      1980's and commit ourselves to
       One of the functions of low move -    Malcolm X's strategy of achieving         paying it to staff I support the
                                             peace and justice 'by whateve r           principle for many of Ed's reasons .
    PNL readers : This page is your page .   means necessary,' I hope we wil l         But let's not make conceptua l
    As a forum for issues and ideas, w e
                                             employ that strategy only while           excuses for organizational lack o f
    welcome feedback . Please address cor-
    respondence to : Letters, PNL, 924       insisting that means and ends b e         planning and our needless self -
    Burnet Av, Syracuse, NY 73203 . We       mutually consistent .                     exploitation . (Ed, every radical I
    may edit for brevity and clarity .         As I understand SPC's committ -                            continued on pg . 6

    2 Peace Newsletter 11/84
     In this issue we : present a n
update on Nicaragua, upon return o f
Syracuse Witnesses for Peace; a loo k
at the peace movement In the Philip -
pines ; and examine the relationshi p
between the U .S and South Afric a
Apartheid .
   The connections between ecolog y
and the economic system are discus s
ed ; as well as the connection between
militarism and animal rights . We
look at the latest U .S . government
threat to Native American land ; pro -
posed anti-terrorist legislation ; and
the continuing struggle of Upstat e
Resistance .

                                                                     we New6tete/t
Editorial Committe e
Deana Cunningham, Radell Roberts ,
Angus MacDonald, Katie Froehlich ,
Ed Kinane, Diane Sword s

Production Worker s                                             COVER
Allen Smith, Cindy Sangree,Gary                                      The cover drawing was done by Paul Gordon from                            slides taken during th e
Weinstein, Glenda Neff, Kare n                                       Madre trip to Nicaragua .
Beetle, Carol Baum, Lesley Pease ,
Carol Steinfeld, Georgette Somjen ,                             REGULAR S
Ivan Remaux, Paul Gordon, Dav e
                                                                      2 Letter s
List, Corinne Kinane, Geoff Navias ,
                                                                      25 Report s
Anna Ljund, Richard Gardner, Nic k
                                                                      27 PEACE S
Catelano, Darrell Marcy, Jeff                                         28 Book Review : We Are All Part of One Another by Carolyn Mow
Schwartz, Ian Peterson, Paul Pearce ,                                 31 Classified s
and the Editorial Committee .

Mailing Party Worker s                                          SYRACUSE PEACE COUNCIL
                                                                       4 News from SPC House, Collectives, Committees and Project s
Thanks to all last months mailing                                      5 Peace Council Pag e
party members ; sorry we lost th e                                     9 Draft Resister's Trial Nears by Karen Beetle and Andy Mage r
list !                                                                 20 New Directions for 1985 : SPC Council Meeting by Lisa John s
                                                                       21 Last Stand for the Sacred Black Hills by Russell Mean s
Dates and Deadlines
                                                                 MISC .
 Our next issue will be out in Feb-
 ruary of 1985 . Call SPC for date s                                   10 Peace in the Philippines by John Miller
 and deadlines . See you next year !                                  12 Ecology and Liberation from a talk by Richard Levin s
                                                                      15 Witness for Peace in Nicaragua : APersonal Account by Richard Gardne r
                                                                      16 Special Poetry Sectio n
 I'd like to give a special thank s
                                                                      18 U .S ./Apartheid Alliance by Sarah Boone
 to all those who worked extra hard
                                                                      23 Testimony on the Times, Testimony of William Griffe n
 during production because I coul d
 not be here . You are all very spe -
 cial people . Thanks!!!                   LC
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                                                                                                                                          11 /84 Peace Newsletter                             3

    Syracuse Peace Counci l,
                 SPC Collectives
    News from
    The SPC House                                                                   Committees 8a Project s
                                                                                     New people are always welcome to join any of these activities .
             This has been a crazy, hectic month for                                 Contact the person listed to find out what you can do .
        everyone . But we've also been doubly fortunate .
                                                                                    Staff Collective                    The SPC Press
        In late October Peter McCarthy and Jane Slabow-                                                                 Jeff Schwart z
        ski said Radell Roberts could live at their house .                         Deana Cunningham, Allen Smith ,
        Within days Radell was in Syracuse, alread y                                Cindy Sangree .
                                                                                                                        Front Room Bookstore Collectiv e
        hard at work on the Peace Newsletter . Ou r
                                                                                    Steering Committees :               Carol Baum, Katie Froelich ,
        second great stroke of luck is that Laurie Gold -
        man and Liam Mahony decided to return to Syr-                                                                    Jean Wittman, Dik Cool (col -
                                                                                    Organizational Maintenanc e          lective-member emeritus )
        acuse . The Press has been incredibly busy an d                             Pat Hoffman, Brent Bleier,
        to Jeff ' s great relief, Laurie is working with hi m                       Peter Scheibe, Allen Smith ,
        part-time . It is wonderful to have Radell an d                                                                 Peace Newslette r
                                                                                    Margaret Palmieri,
        Laurie join us in the house . We also had a visi-                                                               Deana Cunningham, Radell Ro b
        tor for a week -- Anna Ljung from Sweden . Sh e                                                                 erts, Katie Froehlich, Angu s
        is in the U .S . with the same exchange progra m                            Program & Evaluation                MacDonald, Ed Kinane, Diane
        Per, Christa, and Marco were in -- and afte r                               Lisa Johns, Ann Tierney ,           Swords . .
        hearing about SPC from Christa, she just had t o                            Carole Resnick, Elys e              Book Review Editor :
        come visit and help out .                                                   Meltz, Tim McLaughlin ,               Carol Baum         472-547 8
             We've had some improvements in the house .                             Gary Weinstein ,
                                                                                                                        Distribution :
        Gary appeared and refinished the tables Adelaid e                           Cindy Sangree .                       Andy Mager         472-547 8
        Webster had givenus long ago . They look gor-                                                                   PNL Calender :
        geous! We also spent a day winterizing an d                                                                       Corinne Kinane     422-165 9
        cleaning the house (although you might not be-
        lieve it if you saw it today) . And we finall y                             SPC Project s
        got a new lock for the front door, but not befor e                                                              SPC Potlucks :
                                                                                    Central America Committee :
        the old one fell off .                                                        Allen Smith                         SPC Staff            472-547 8
                                                                                                           472-547 8
                                                         -Carol    Bau m                                                Upstate Resistance :
                                                                                    Disarmament Project '84 :
                                                                                      Cindy Sangrec        472-547 8      Andy Mage r          472-701 0
                                                                                    Middle East Study Group :           NVS Films :
                                                                                      Brent Bleier :       479-5393       Dik Cool             474-113 2
                                                                                                                          Jerry O'Callaghan    425-701 2
    SPC                                                                             SPC Posters :
                                                                                      Dik Cool             474-1132
                                                                                    Syracuse Science Collective :
                                                                                                                        SPC Film Committee :
                                                                                                                          Margaret Palmieri 476-690 6
    Statement of Purpose                                                              A . P . Balachandran 479-8826
                                                                                    Dennis Banks Support Comm . :         jim Dessauer
                                                                                                                                            473-435 0
                                                                                                                                            479-597 7
       The Syracuse Peace Council (SPC), founded in 1936, is an antiwar/socia l       Jan Peterson         476-6103     Local Weapons Facilities :
    justice organization . It is community-based . autonomous and funded by th e                                         Carol Baum         472-5478
                                                                                    Philippines :
     contributions of its supporters .                                                Sally & John Brule 445-0698
       SPC educates, agitates and organizes for a world where war, violence an d
     exploitation in any form will no longer exist . It challenges the existin g
     unjust power relationships among nations, among people and betwee n
     ourselves and the environment . As members, we work to replace inequality ,    Alliances, Coalitions & Contacts with whom SPC works :
     hierarchy, domination and powerlessness with mutual respect, persona l
     empowerment, cooperation and a sense of community.                             Tax Resistance Support Group :      United Campuses Agains t
       Present social injustices cannot be understood in isolation from eac h         Peter Swords          479-565 8   Nuclear War (UCAM) :
    other nor can they he overcome without recognizing their economic and           Friends of Central Americ a           Tekla Lewin        423-374 9
    militaristic roots . SPC stresses a strategy that makes these connection s      United in Support (FOCUS) :
    clear . We initiate and support activities that help build this sense o f         Ron Shuffler          471-667 7   Physicians for Socia l
    community and help tear down the walls of oppression . A fundamenta l           Syracuse Cultura l                  Responsibility :
    basis for peace and justice is an economic system that places human nee d       Workers Project :                     Bob Kantor            473-580 0
    above monetary profit. We establish relationships among people based o n          Dik Cool              474-113 2   Upstaters Agains t
    cooperation rather than competition or the threat of destruction .              Nuclear Weapons Freeze :            Corporate Blackmail :
       Our political values and personal lives shape and reflect each other . I n     Nancy Tunnesse n                    Jim Ellis             476-153 6
    both we arc committed to nonviolent means of conflict resolution and to a       Finger Lakes Peace Alliance :       Finger Lakes Militar y
    process of decision-making that responds to the needs of all .                    Cindy Sangree         472-547 8   Counselling & Info . Center :
                                                                                    East Timor Human Rights Com m       Days : 789-7543/Eves : 587-951 2
                                                                                      Mike Chamberlain 673-326 8        Friends of the Filipino People :
                                                                                                                          Jim Zwick             423-387 0
                                                                                    Upstate Peace Network :
    (yracuse Peace Counci l
    g                                                                                 Virden Seybold        475-482 2
                                                                                    Women's Peace Encampmen t :
                                                                                                                        Weapons Facilitie s
                                                                                                                        Conversion Network :
                                                                                                                                                472-701 0
                                                                                                                          Andy Mager
    924 Burnet Ave .                                                                                (607) 869-582 5
                                                                                    Syracuse Men's Group :
                                                                                                                        Ongoing Affinity Groups :
                                                                                                                          Information Call      472-547 8
    Syracuse, N.Y. 13203                                                              Paul Barfoot
                                                                                    Educators fo r
                                                                                                            446-812 7
                                                                                                                        People for Animal Rights :
                      (315) 472-547 8                                               Social Responsibility :
                                                                                      John Freie
                                                                                                                          Linda DeStefano       475-006 2
                                                                                                           446-850 8
    4   Peace Newsletter             11/84

                                                                                            Syracuse Peace Counci l

      Meet Radell Roberts                               the peace council page
        Well, the initial shock of finally being here is be -
    ginning to fade, and I'm adjusting comfortably to th e
    new location, new people, and SPC work . Hills, a s
    well as political activism, are a new concept to me . I 'm
    originally from Shelby, Ohio, a small conservative town ,
    and graduated from Bowling Green State University i n
    May . During my final year , I became increasingly dis-
    satisfied with the prospect of a future in commercia l
    journalism, at the same time that I began to get involve d
    with the peace movement . A very small contingent i n
    Bowling Green has been struggling to create some poli-
    tical consciousness .
         Since first visiting SPC in Junk, I've been determine d
    to work with the wonderfully energetic, committe d
    activist community here . Thanks to the efforts of SP C
    folks and the hospitality of Peter McCarthy and Jane
    Slabowski who have provided me with a free home, I'l l
    now be working full-time at the Peace Council, mostl y
    with Deana and the PNL . Aside from an ever-evolving
    commitment to feminism and non-violence, my interest s
    include poetry, theater, and music . I hope to explore
    artistic expressions of political and spiritual movements .
                                                                      200 Welcome Harringto n
    In the past month, I have been warmly welcomed, me t              Michael Harrington was welcomed by about 200 peopl e
    many intriguing people, and learned (as always) just ho w      at the SPC sponsored Fall event . Those who braved th e
    much more I have to learn .                                    rainy evening were treated to an encouraging and encom-
                                                                   passing view of the future of American society . Harring-
                                                                   ton, one of the best known activists and authors on th e
    Controlling Interest is Missing                                Left, spoke of the coming growth in the socialist move-
                                                                   ment in this country in response to the growing economi c
         Help! One of our films, "Controlling Interest", ha s      crisis created by the policies of the Reagan administra-
    disappeared . We believe someone borrowed it withou t          tion . The world economic crisis is worsening and Har-
    telling and forgot to return it . We need it back . It i s     rington predicted that this will lead to a major financia l
    a film with great politics, and also one that we own an d      crisis in this country during the first half of Reagan' s
    even make money on . If anyone out there has seen th e         second term .
    film in the recent past please call us . Check your closet s      Following the talk, most stayed for a dessert, wine
    and rooms and get back to us .                                 and cheese reception . A good time was had by all and
                                                                   people expressed hope we would do this type of even t
     We Need Your Leave s                                          often .

      It is time to make the SPC house as energy efficen t
    as possible to survive the winter . We need your help to           The 14th annual Plowshare Craftsfair is just aroun d
    insulate the house as much as possible . When you rak e        the corner . It will be on December 8th and 9th at th e
    your yard, please bring the resulting bags to the house .      Plymouth Congregational Church from 10-5 on Saturda y
    We ' ll line the walls around the base of the house wit h      and 12-5 on Sunday . This is one of the most popula r
    them to protect against heat loss . Drop your bags b y         events SPC does every year, a time for people to com e
                                                                   together and socialize, to celebrate the Holiday season ,
    anytime and help us beat the winter blues .
                                                                   and support local craftspeople . The show will have grea t
                                                                   food, wandering minstrels and free child care .
     Help SPC Save Money                                               Lots of time and energy go into preparation for th e
                                                                   show . If you would like to help please give us a call a t
      SPC is considering buying a copy machine . Thi s             the SPC house . See you all there! ! ! !
    investment would save us four or five thousand dollar s
    over the next decade .                                            SPC Benefit "Si Kahn "
      We are looking for about 200 SPC members who woul d
    be willing to loan SPC $20 to cover the purchase of th e            On March 29th SPC will be bringing a concert by th e
    machine . This would enable us to pay cash for the cop -       songwriter and organizer Si Kahn . He is well known for
    ier and save on the interest fees . If you would conside r     his music, his work on the J .P . Stevens organizing drive
    this loan, please call or write SPC . When we have             and his own book on grass roots organizing . Glenda Nef f
    enough money pledged we will ask you to send it i n            is the main person working on it and would love some help .
    and we'll set up repayment schedules . Please conside r        People interested in working on the event please contac t
    this investment in cost cutting at the SPC house .             the SPC house .

                                                                                               11/84 Peace Newsletter
Ed's letter continued from pg . 2            Gary's response continued from pg . 2               policy etc .) .Achieving this is neithe r
 It may not be realistic to expect           admire makes more than SPC staff . )                convenient nor a distant milleniu m
those demographics to drasticall y              Increased salary and financia l                  away . The aggregate of our indivi-
 change ; nor to expect that man y           strength will come from a broad-                    dual personal and political lifestyl e
 people of color or of the workin g          ened base which requires a chang e                  choices, regardless of how revolu- •
class would want to be active i n            in our attitude and our politica l                  tionary, does not substitute fo r
such an organization .                       strategy . Concretely : workshops for               systemic change .
    There already are progressive           membership and staff on racism ,                        Th'e world's majority, which E d
groups far more geared to thos e             steering committee linkages wit h                   has often inspired me to keep in th e
people than SPC -- even with th e           the NAACP and the Rainbow Coali-                     fore of my political thinking, live s
best of intentions -- is ever likel y       tion, public support for Blac k                      of necessity, not privilege . This i s
to become . Rather than compet e            candidates (with whom we agree) ,                    one hell of a difficult notion for U . S
for membership, SPC might work i n          and more of the time consuming ,                     people to grasp . The FSLN victory
alliance with such organizations .          back-to-basics grassroots work i n                   in Nicaragua brought genuine peace ,
    SPC need not wince in libera l          Black and poor neighborhoods o n                     as will the victory of the FDR/FML N
guilt because so few members are            peace social justice issues .                        in El Salvador . I insist that what -
(say) black or hispanic . As a cretia-         Maybe Ed's and my difference s                    ever means necessary be used to en d
ture of the middle class SPC ma y           revolve around the dialectic o f                     apartheid in South Africa and to en d
function most effectively by drawing        privilege vs . necessity . Our privi-                famine in Ethiopia . I say this wit h
from and appealing to the mora l            lege of being able to "model ou r                    the clear conscience of one wh o
best of that class ,                        lives"- that is, to revolutionize the m              believes in nonviolence and it s
    But SPC should be keenly awar e         prior to the revolution- appeals . onl y             limits .
of its class and racial homogen-            to those who share an equal - level                     "Means-ends consistency" is a
eity and ask how that lack o f              of privilege . Too many others se e                  privilege of ours in the U .S . and
diversity limits our perceptions and        us as peculiar, I'm afraid, albeit                   perhaps, therefore, our duty .
shapes our values . We should als o         "correct" .                                          Genocide, famine, brutal militar y
be aware that as members of th e               Real progressive socal change ,                   repression and torture are th e
middle class we have ample veste d          as well as the only hope for rever-                  reality for too much of the world' s
interests which can't help but cal l        sing current ecological collapse ,                   remainder and therefore use o f
into question the depth of our soli-        is socialism ; in other words, thor-                 whatever means necessary is both
darity with oppressed peoples ,             oughgoing, systemic change (socia l                  their	 right and duty .
                 -Ed Kinane                 planning, legislation, incentives,                                 -Gary Weinstei n

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6 Peace Newsletter       11/84
                                                                                             Syracuse Peace Counci l
                            The First Casualties of World war II I
   Recently, the Department of Defense                                                   keys go through it . "
decided, as a result of congressiona l                                                      At the U .S . Army Armament Researc h
and public outrage, to discontinue                                                       and Development Command Chemica l
using dogs and cats as targets in bal -                                                  Systems Laboratory in Aberdeen, Mary -
listic studies . It will continue t o                                                    land, monkeys are exposed to two type s
shoot goats, monkeys and other ani-                                                      of chemical warfare agents : incapaci-
mals, however, some in the face or                                                       tants or "knock-down" agents, an d
head, others in the legs . Many ani-                                                     lethal agents, such as SOMAN, a n
mals will die instantly;' most will be                                                   organophosphate or "human insecti-
required to endure the pain of "recov-                                                   cide . " The pain suffered by monkey s
ery" before they are killed .                                                            in these laboratories is intense an d
   This year in the United States, hun-                                                  prolonged .
dreds of thousands of other animal s                                                        The Armed Forces Radiobiology Re -
will also die preparing human being s                                                    search Institute (AFRRI) in Bethesda ,
for World War III . Human war-making                                                     Maryland, specializes in high-dosag e
begins with the exploitation of other                                                    radiation studies . Here again, th e
species, and culminates in the de-                                                       point of the experiments is the death -
struction of our own .                                                                   watch, so no therapy is ever attempted .
   Because their overall physiologica l     studies concern the effects of radia-        Animals are put in a treadwheel, able
and psychological makeup is so simi-        tion on the performance of dying, ir -       to avoid shock only by running . Onc e
lar to ours, monkeys are favorite vic-      radiated pilots . Monkeys are taugh t        a monkey has "learned" to run fo r
tims of experiments designed to             to fly platforms which climb, dive ,         several hours (ten minutes running ,
measure the effects of radiation fro m      and otherwise simulate aircraft . The n      five minutes rest), she is irradiate d
neutron bombs and the toxicity o f          the monkeys are irradiated and teste d       and put in the wheel to run her wa y
chemical warfare agents .                   for their ability to keep the "planes "      into eternity .
   It started in 1957-58 as part o f        level, while suffering from radiatio n          A watching psychologist count s
Operation PLUMBBOMB . Ten tubes ,           sickness .                                    the number and duration of eac h
each containing eight monkeys, were              In 1979 Donald Barnes, a researche r     monkey's " incapacitations" (period s
placed at varying distances fro m           at Brooks, wrote : "I can no longer par-     when the hapless mankey crumple s
ground zero during atomic testing .         form experiments with animals doome d         into a vomiting• mass on the tread -
Some monkeys in the outer tubes sur -        . . .to a very early death, pain an d       wheel floor, accepting repeate d
vived and were subsequently transferre d     suffering . The shock generators de -       shocks rather than trying to continu e
to Yerkes Primate Center in Georgia ,       liver 50ma at 1200 volts . I couldn't        running for her human tormentors .
where they developed various cancer s       guess the number of times I've see n            Just as we defend the rights of al l
and either died or were destroyed .         units used at full power to punish a         human beings, not just white one s
   Today, people at the School of            slow learner : well into the thousands .    and male ones, let us reason tha t
Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Ai r           Frustration leades to self-destructive       we who desire peace on this plane t
Force Base in Texas continue to per -        behaviors, e .g ., biting .hunks of mea t   must properly desire it for all animals ,
form radiation experiments on primates .     from an arm or hand . "                     not just those of our own species .
Some of the most painful experiment s            For Barnes, the worst part of hi s      Perhaps other animals are not inferior ,
are conducted in the Oculotherma l           duties was the deathwatch: "I wa s          just different from us . "Anima l
Burns Section . The actual irradiatio n     ordered to keep watch on these irrad-        Rights" is part of the same singl e
of the eyes does not hurt ; it take s        iated monkeys, which meant, quit e          quest for respect, consideratio n
two weeks for the monkey's agony to          simply, to see what happened unti l         and understanding that makes peac e
 start . Acute irritation and discomfor t    they died . Do you have any idea how        on earth .
 last several months and eventually         miserable it is to die of radiation in -
 cataracts and blindness result . Other     jury? I do, I 've seen so many mon -

 Q¢a~e N~w&z'&
   t pnl is (Down, Fog input ana was FRom yOU on content foR futuRe pfd's . Call SpC at
   472-5478 ana ask fop Cana oR Raba .

                                                                                               11/84 Peace Newsletter          7

                       "AS STARLIGHT GROWS
                       THE WINTER ROSE "
                      A Spectacular Nativity Puppetry Pagean t

                                                                             Evenings $ :06 p .m .
                                                                             Friday, November 30
                                                                             Saturday, December 1
                                                                             Matinee, 4 :00 p .m .
                                                                             Sunday, December 2
                                                                             Suggested Donation : $2 .50
                                                                             Patron Donation : $5 .00

 Plymouth Congregational Church, 232 East Onondaga Sued, Downtown Syracuse

                                                                                              Syracuse Peace Counci l

                                      Draft Resister's Trial Nears
         Pre-trial motions in draft resister Andy Mager's cas e              The judge ruled that he would not allow Andy t o
    were held at 2 pm on November 5th in Syracuse . Mem-                question the jurors, although Andy may submit question s
    bers and friends of Upstate Re-                                                                 to the judge . In the secon d
    sistance, about 75 in all, gath-                                                                matter, the government ha d
    ered outside at 1 pm . Songs ,                                                                  asked the judge to preven t
    including "Freddie Scullin Ha d                                                                 Andy from testifying abou t
    a Job" (an anti-draft version                                                                   his reasons for refusing t o
    of Old McDonald Had a Farm )                                                                    register by limiting Andy' s
    and a street theater piece "Th e                                                                testimony solely to th e
    War Machine -- A Pre-Tria l                                                                     "facts" of the case . Th e
    Motion " led to a spirited gath-                                                                Judge reserved judgement on
    ering under cloudy skies . I t                                                                  the motion, although It ap-
    didn't rain though I                                                                            peared that he didn't take i t
         The pre-trial hearing wa s                                                                 seriously .
    the next step in the judicia l                                                                      No trial date was set ,
    process for Andy, who was in-                                                                   however we expect the tria l
    dicted on August 29 . Ther e                                                                    will take place in December .
    were two major issues to be                                                                     We are strongly encouragin g
    addressed at the hearing . Th e                                                                 people to come for the trial .
    first was whether Andy would                                                                    Housing will be set up for
    be able to directly questio n                         Machine before dismantlin g               out-of-towners . Please let
    prospective jurors during th e                        photo : Ruth Putter                       us know In advance if yo u
    Jury selection process for th e                                                                 will be coming . Trial activ -
    trial . The second was whether Andy would be able t o               ities will include a candlelight vigil and a communit y
     speak about why he refused to register during the tes-             gathering the day before, and a day-long presenc e
    timony at the trial .                                               during the trial .
                                                                                                 -Karen Beetle and Andy Mage r

           Join in the support work                                                       Local Contacts    '
                                                                           Ithaca -- Carrie Stearns (607) 273-823 7
                                                                           Rochester -- Leeann Irwin (716) 244-729 1
        A support committee has formed to coordinate activities
                                                                           Buffalo -- Shirley Sarmiento (716) 835-407 3
    around Andy's trial . Please join us . Contact Carol a t               Binghamton -- Tom Ryan (607) 722-053 7
    (315) 472- 5478 or Karen (315) 475-4822 (days) or Andy a t
                                                                           Albany -- Kathy Manley (518) 489-454 9
    (315) 425-5933 (evenings) .                                            Wayne County -- Doug Maclntyre (315) 587-271 7
                                                                           New York City -- N .Y . Mobe (212) 673-180 8
                                                                           Long Island -- Peacesmith (516) 798-077 8
               In Syracus e                    In Other Places .           Boston -- Ed Hasbrouck (617) 354-788 5
     -    Help with office wor k       - Encourage local media t o         Ohio -- Mike Frisch (513) 382-894 7
     -    Put up poster s                  cover tria l                    Washington D .C . -- Bill Yo1ton (202) 393-486 8
     -    Provide housin g             - Come to the tria l                Baltimore -- Fran Donelan (301) 366-720 0
      -   Make phone call s            - Sell be tttcas atxi t-shirt s
      -   Help with cultural events    - Call the nearest loca l
                                           contact to learn more

     - COME TO THE TRIAL, AND OTHER EVENTS (call neares t
       contact for the date and carpooling information )
     - Circulate Trial Solidarity Statements (copies availabl e
       from us )
     - Send contributions to support the trial organizing t o
       "Trial Support Fund," Upstate Resistance, P .O . Bo x
       6628 Syracuse, NY 1321 7
     - Raise the issues of draft resistance and militarism in
       any ways you can, in local high schools, letters t o
       the editor, etc .                                                                                Upstate Resistanc e
                                                                                                    Box 6628 Syracuse, NY 1321 7

                                                                                                 11184 Peace Newsletter          9

    Nonviolence                            U.S . Military Involvement In the Philippine s

                                  Peace in the Philippine s
    By John Miller
         We are happy to inform you tha t
     just as the peace movement has taken
    on a greater momentum in your coun-
    tries, so too has it in ours . Our
    people now actively oppose the arm s
    race, the presence of U .S . military
     bases in the Philippines, and mast o f
    all, U .S . intervention in our Iand ,
    all of which have too Iong been fa -
    cilitated by the Marcos regime . We
    are proud to say that despite con-
     tinued and intensifying militariza-
     tion, our people are not afraid t o
    mate their voices heard ."       -
        --Joint Solidarity Message to
    Okinawa International Conference on
    Military Bases and Blocs, April 198 4
    by Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition
    and the Anti-eases Coalition .

       The Philippines sit at the cross -
    roads between the Pacific and India n
    Oceans . At this strategic location
    the U .S . has built a complex of mil-
    itary bases . And, to keep thes e
    bases, the United States has consist-
    ently manipulated Philippine politic s
    and supported a brutal unpopular dic -
    tatorship by providing large amount s
    of economic and military aid to Pres-
    ident Ferdinand Marco$ . Overt mili -          "Nowhere in the world do we hav e      or 'hostile' governments and serving a s
    tary Intervention, perhaps another          a more important basing facility tha n    a launching bad for military adven• -
    "Vietnam," to protect U .S . Interest s     to the Philippines," concluded a stud y   tures . . . ." There "is danger that the
    is a strong possibility .                   by the think tank, the Center for         U .S . will heighten its direct involve-
       The Philippines hosts over 20 U .S .     Strategic and International Studies .     ment in suppressing the national dem-
    military facilities . The two most im-         Many Filipinos feel differently a -    ocratic movement just to insure the
    portant are Subic Naval Base and            bout the bases . They view them as a      bases are safe and sound, " Landingi n
    Clark Air Base . Subic is the larges t      threat to their sovereignty and secur -   says .
    supply base in the western Pacifi c         ity . They oppose them because the y         Direct US, interference into Phil-
    and the largest ship repair facilit y       make their country a target for con-      ippine affairs takes a number a f. forms .
    outside U .S . territory . Clark is the     ventional and nuclear attack from en-     With opposition escalating, the U .S .
    largest U .S . air base in East Asi a       emies of the U .S . who have no othe r    is desperately trying to prop up th e
    and hosts sophisticated training fac-       reason to feel threatened by the Phil-     shaky dictatorship, a key supporte r
    ilities . In all, the U .S . military       ippines . The bases support prostitu-     of the bases . The economic and mil -
    controls 25,000 acres of Philippine         tion, drug dealing,and other exploit-     itary aid promised as "rent " for th e
    territory and retains the right to us e     ative and criminal activity, and pre -     use of the bases-- the current agree-
    many times more .                           vent productive development of th e        ment calls for $900 million from no w
       The bases have been key to th e          lands they occupy . Many Filipinos         until 1989-- is important to Marcos' s
    United States' ability to intervene in      also question the legality of the a-       survival . Much of the opposition t o
    Asia (including Korea and Vietnam) ,        greements permitting the bases .           the regime is based on the economi c
    and the Indian Ocean/Persian Gul f             More fundamentally, the bases go        collapse Marcos's policies have
    region where Subic has an importan t        "straight to the heart of the U .S . -     brought about : a collapse caused by
    role supplying the Rapid Deploymen t        R,P . {Republic of the Philippines) re-    policies that favor multi-nationals and
    Force . Tactical nuclear weapons ar e       lations, "writes Roel Landingin, a         Marcos' cronies aver domestic indus-
     stored in the Philippines, and the bas -   board member of the Nuclear Fre e          try and agriculture and impoverishe d
    es have anti-submarine warfare, an d        Philippines Coalition (NFPC) . The y       Filipinos .
    command, control, communication s            "serve the interests of the U .S . i n      The U .S . also intervenes in Phili-
    and intelligence facilities crucial fo r    the country and the surrounding re-        pine politics in other ways . Last win-
     launching a nuclear first strike and       gion : protecting business investment s   ter, for example, in en attempt to co -
    fighting a nuclear war .                    securing sources, as well as trad e        opt part of the opposition, U .S . em-
                                                routes,of critical raw materials, oi l     bassy officials visited opposition fig-
    John is apses tubs* / involved i n          most notably ; maintaining 'friendly '     ures to encourage them to run in th e
    Phthppint Issii 4	 i                        governments . . . ; destabilizing enemy    May 14 elections for the National As-

    10 Peace Newsletter 11 /84
                                                                                       conferences held in a third worl d
sembly . At the same time, hints were        wage, union- and tax-free have n
                                                                                       country . The conference culminated
dropped to Marcos giving the numbe r         for US and other foreign corporations .
                                                                                       with a demonstration at the US. em-
of seats opposition candidates shoul d       The NFPC was founded in 1981 wit h
                                                                                       bassy . the first legally permitted
be allowed to win for the election t o       representatives from church, labor ,
                                                                                       since the declaration of martial la w
appear credible . Even so, many op -         women's, student and other groups .
                                                                                       in 1972 .
ponents of the regime boycotted the          It opposes nuclear weapons and
                                                                                          The Anti-Bases Coalition Is no w
election, arguing that no election           power, and the bases .
                                                                                       developing educational modules
could be honest or meaninlul unde r             Recently, the NFPC campaigne d
                                                                                       about the bases and nuclear war .
Marcos since he retains power t o            against the $900 million aid package ,
                                                                                       Well-known opposition figures wil l
make laws,jall opponents withou t            explaining its details to the public
                                                                                       lecture around the country, whil e
charges and dissolve the Assembly .          and sending a petition signed by
                                                                                       NFPC organizes around Manila where
   Opponents of the bases stress tha t       prominent Filipinos to the US . Con-      they and anti-bases sentiment are
outside manipulation of their politica l     gress . The petition opposed the aid      stronger .
process will continue so long as th e        package for, among other reasons ,
bases remain . If Marcos appears a -          "enhancing the Marcos regime' s                   Plans for Peace
bout to fall, the U .S . will support a n    military strength " and "unequivocal -       Last June 12, Philippine Indepen-
equally pliable replacement .                                                          dence Day, NFPC, ABC and othe r
   Direct military intervention may b e                                                organizations demonstrated agains t
necessary if Marcos were to fall with-                                                 the US .-Marcos dictatorship and th e
out a replacement acceptable to th e                                                   US. bases at the U.S. embassy . An -
U .S . ready to take over, or if th e                                                  other demonstration was held July 4 ,
growing guerrilla movement become s                                                    Philippine-US. Friendship Day .
large enough to threaten the regime or                                                    Since the assassination of Aquino
the bases .                                                                            in August 1983, and, especially ,
   The Communist New People's Arm y                                                    during the election period, it ha s
receives no outside aid and is activ e                                                 been difficult to focus on the base s
around Subic and Clark . One of the                                                    issue . However, according to for-
purposes of US. military aid is t o                                                    mer Senator Lorenzo Tanada, a
contain this potential threat to th e                                                  staunch opponent of the base s
bases . Intermittently, the U .S . force s                                             since the 1950's, "After the elec-
have been invdved in operation s                                                       tions, the boycott will be over . . .
against the NPA . For example, i n                                                     People wilt get tired of (merely) de-
Bataan, an area near the bases and                                                     manding Marcos's resignation, "
other sensitive economic facilities ,         ly reaffirm[ingl the US tenure a s       and will hlghljght other issues .
US marines supported Philippine               master over the bases until the mil-        The NFPC and ABC see their rol e
marines conducting counter-insur-             itary bases agreement expires i n        as taking the general anti-Marcos
gency operations in late 1981 . Th e         1991" and possibly until 2018 . A         and anti-US. sentiment and deepen-
US and Philippine militaries regular-        coordinated campaign against th e         ing it with an understanding of th e
 ly conduct joint exercises                  aid, a first, was conducted with th e     role of the bases and US. interven-
                                             US. -based Campaign Agains t              tion . Other organizations will b e
                                             they Intervention in the Philippines .    encouraged to make the bases and
opposition to U.S. Interference                                                        nuclear issues a larger part of their
                                                Other activities of the NFPC in-
   Opposition to the bases, as a             clude publishing The Call, a bi-          program .
symbol of US.domination, is a cur -          monthly newsletter, sponsorin g              A strong movement in the US . a-
rent in much anti-Marcos activit y           lecture tours by US. and Filipino         gainst the bases can only make th e
and activism . Many nationalis t             speakers on the medical conse-            Philippine movement's fob easier .
organizations include statement s            quences of nuclear war, nuclear           Over a year ago, former Senator
against the bases in their platforms .       power and other subjects . NFP C          Jose lJiokno, chair of the ABC, said ,
This opposition is based on an "anti -       was active in the election boycot t       "I hope that concerned American s
Imperialist standpoint," Landingi n          movement . Recently, with the Mo-         will prevail upon their governmen t
told me, in contrast with a concer n         bilization for Survival's assistance .    to dismantle the bases immediately ,
about vulnerability to nuclear attack .      NFPC launched a campaign to op -          and essentially leave the Philippine s
  Two organizations, however ,               pose deployment of sea-launche d          alone . I am not saying that the U S
place eppositiFon to the bases at the        cruise missiles -- missiles the y         government should forego its inter-
center of their program : the NFP C          fear will be hosted at Subic one day ,    ests in the Philippines . Fine, every
and the Anti-Bases Coalition (ABC) .         only to be turned against the Philip -    nation pursues its interests . Bu t
The NFPC grew out of environment-            pines the next .                          let those interests not be those o f
alist opposition to the Bataan Nu -             The Anti-Bases Coalition wa s          the multinationals, but interestseaf
clear Power Plant (BNPP), an obso-           formed in early 1983 to organize a n      the American people . And insofa r
lete Westinghouse reactor bein g             international conference on disarm-       as it is possible let those interest s
built next to an active volcano an d         ament and the removal of foreig n         be pursued by means where ther e
in an earthquake zone . Much of th e         bases . The conference, held i n          will be no bribery, no co-optation ,
power from the reactor will go t o           Manila in October '83, was one of         no threats on the Philippine govern-
Subic, Clark and Bataan Export Pro-          the first non-government, non -            ment . "
cessing Zone which provides a law -          aligned international disarmament

                                                                                           11 184 Peace Newsletter 11

                               Ecology &Liberatio n
                          Class Analysis and Ecological Surviva l
Ed . note : This article was adapted          between superpowers but between th e        In the colonial world, the costs ar e
by the N .Y . Committee for Marxist Ed-      Latin American peoples and a singl e         separated from the benefits - not onl y
ucation from a talk delivered b y            superpower, the U .S ., and there is no      socially but also geographically . And
Richard Levins on a panel with Rudolp h
                                             relative justification for taking a sym-     so a people fighting for its indepen-
Bahro of West Germany's Green Part y
in September of 1983 . Levins is a n         metrical view or for keeping a distance      dence, resisting imperialism, comes int c
evolutionary biologist, and a Nationa l      from both camps . Our experience ha s        battles for environmental preservation ,
Board member of the Puerto Rico Soli -       been that one bloc is an enemy an d          and recognizes immediately some of th e
carity Committee . He is also a membe r      one an ally . The Eastern camp made i t      long-term issues that in the U .S ., for
of the N .Y . Marxist School's Advisor y     possible for the Cuban revolution not        example, are reached only gropingl y
Board . This article appeared in thei r      only to survive, 90 miles from the U .S .    and intellectually . In the tropics, the
quarterly newsletter .
                                                                                          environment is more fragile, it's onl y
                       -Gary Weinstei n
                                                                                          a very short jump from no developmen t
                                                                                          at all to a destructive development tha t
                                                                                          undermines our capacity to produce .
The Latin American Perspectiv e                                                           In Puerto Rico, we have the third o r
   In several ways, the Latin America n                                                   fourth highest energy-consumptio n
perspective is simply different fro m                                                     intensity in the world, but it has no t
the European one . First, people i n                                                      brought the increased standard o f
Europe perceive the immediate threa t                                                     living enjoyed by other high energ y
of nuclear confrontation between arme d                                                   consumers . This makes it possibl e
camps, while what we see in Lati n                                                        for struggle around immediate environ-
America is not the threat of war but it s                                                 mental issues to involve not only th e
actuality . War is being fought ther e                                                    highly educated sections of society ,
with so-called conventional weapons -                                                     but everybody . A lot of our struggle s
defoliation, napalm and other sophis-                                                     are intrinsically ecological from th e
ticated arms - that in fact represen t                                                    very beginning .
the vicious ingenuity of modern science
as much as nuclear weapons do . The y
are attempts to break a people's spirit .
The reality of war, however, is differen t
from the expectation of war .                                                             The Environmental Crisis
   Puerto Rico is in a dual situation ;                                                      Globally, there really is an environ-
it's part of Latin America, close by th e                                                 mental crisis . The development o f
the actual wars ; but it's a U .S . mili-                                                 capitalism has come to the point wher e
tary base, a focus in any future globa l                                                  its contradictions are no longer solel y
war . It sees its land destroyed simpl y                                                  economic, but pose a physical threa t
in the practice for war, because mo-                                                      to the survival of'the species .
dern weapons require modern practic e                                                        An increasing rationalization of th e
ranges - whole islands, whole regions .                                                   production process - an ever mor e
When we organized struggles agains t                                                      detailed control over the minute-to-
the Navy firing ranges in Vieques ,                                                       minute, even second-to-second ,
the admirals pleaded with us, "Bu t                                                       activity of production workers ; th e
where else can we test electronic war -                                                   ever greater use of energy and ra w
fare, guided missiles, air-to-groun d                                                     materials ; the release of some 50,00 0
tire, naval landings all in one place? "                                                  new,,chemicals into our environment ,
They're running out of places . Soon                                                      of which the EPA can monitor only tw o
the only place to practice war will be                                                    or three at any time ; higher nois e
be the eutire planet_ . That's wher e
                                                                                           levels ; increased temperatures aroun d
they're leading us .                         but to have the resources to experimen t     industrial centers - all of this create s
   Secondly, the confrontation betwee n      with a more emancipatory way of lif e        an oppressive work environment . Titfs
the superpowers appears symmetrica l         than has been possible anywhere i n          rationalization simultaneously remove s
in Europe : armed camps with more o r        Europe .
                                                                                          worker's capacity to control that en-
less similar modern weapons . Th e              Thirdly, the worldwide ecologica l        vironment, to adjust to the fluxes o f
origins of the Cold War, the histor y        crisis affects Latin America and th e
                                                                                          stress, even to be creative on the job .
of military alliances and the arms rac e     colonial world differently : as ecolog-         While the ecological crisis start s
tend to fade into the background : th e      ical imperialism . In the industria l        in the workplace, it spills out throug h
actuality is the armed camps . In Lati n     countries, while people are bein g           the windows and smokestacks . So
America you see a confrontation not          poisoned they also benefit from industry .   occupational and environmental healt h

12 Peace Newsletter 11 /84

    are really the same field . People wh o
    are breathing poisons in the workplac e
                                                     Science and the Third Worl d             for human development . The traditiona l
                                                                                              left has dealt with economic issues :
    are breathing them in the buses on the             In some ways, the Third World ha s
                                                    pioneered in the critique of science .    the workplace, consumption and em-
    way home, and in the house . In th e
                                                    This is because science grew up wit h     ployment . These material condition s
    production process and in the rest o f
                                                    the bourgeois revolution in Europe .      are still important . In the Boston area ,
    society, we face fundamentally th e
    same problems : an industrial proces s          Its like bourgeois democracy : We Euro - say, when you go from neighborhoo d
                                                    Americans are impressed with it s         to neighborhood, you find about a 40 %
    designed_ to maximize profits and
                                                    promises, regretful of its failures -     variance in infant mortality ; childre n
    social control is destroying our capa-
                                                    but somehow it seems "really th e         are being born underweight becaus e
    city to survive and to lead full lives .
                                                    best way of doing things . " Even whe n   of inadequate maternal nutrition .
       The ecological crisis then, spill s
                                                    scientific internationalism has bee n     Even in the U .S ., struggles aroun d
    out into all the relations in capitalis t
                                                    replaced by secrecy, scientific neu-      economic issues are still life an d
    society . And when industries are
                                                    trality replaced by the developmen t      death matters .
    exported to the Third World - becaus e
                                                    of weapons, the open marketplac e            But other issues are also emerging .
    of cheap labor, lower environmental
                                                    of ideas restricted by publishing fo r    The ecology movement raises th e
    protection standards, the possibility
                                                    profit, and independent checking o f      issue of our relations with nature ;
    of escaping from any kind of controls •
                                                    results limited by the increasing cost s  the feminist movement, with th e
    by the labor movement - destruction of
                                                    of scientific investigation - even the n  slogan, "The personal is political, "
    of the environment is exported as well .
                                                                                              opens up the whole domain of wha t
    That's one way imperialism operates .           criticism is held in check .
                                                                                              is usually regarded as private ex-
    It exports industries that are themselves          The radical departure of science fro m
                                                                                              perience . Struggles around health ar e
    harmful, it exports products that cannot      its self-image is much more obviou s        not only struggles against an unhealth y
    be sold in the home country . The de-           in the Third World, where people ha d
                                                                                              society but attempts toward a fuller
    generation of the environment hit s             fewer illusions in the first place, be -
                                                                                              life for individuals . And there ar e
    the workplace first, all over, the n            cause science came with the Conquest .
                                                                                              crucial struggles against racism ,
    hits the colonial countries, an d               Science came to our shores with th e
                                                                                              against its attempts to dump all the
    spreads back, sometimes returning               instruments of conquest - improve d
                                                                                              contradictions of capitalist crisis o n
    home as contaminated products .                 navigation and ballistics - and wit h
                                                                                              Third World peoples, both inside an d
        Environmental crises develop un-            the instruments of exploitation an d
                                                                                              outside the empire .
    evenly . Some are very local . A notic e        extraction . Even advances in medicine
                                                                                                 As we confront this system we re -
    that for the last three months Brattle-         like the overcoming of yellow-fever ,
                                                                                              cognize that people generally come t o
    boro, Vermont has advised its resident s                            rs
                                                                                               poltical struggle out of the forms o f
    to boil water . Or a summer comes alon g
                                                                                              oppression that affect them mos t
    when you're told not to use the beaches .
    But that, too, passes . It's not a                                                         immediately . To complete the confront -
    steady, uniform deterioration; i t                                                        ation, a wider vision of society i s
    occurs in pulses, but with increasin g                                                     necessary, a recognition that it i s
                                                                                              capitalism that has created the bi g
    frequency and severity . This mean s
                                                                                               sufferings of our time, or has incor-
    people can become aware of environ-
    mental crises directly, temporaril y                                                       porated and maintained them . But not
    join in and get excited, but not gen-                                                     all people are going to have that vision .
                                                                                               People will try to reconcile their op -
    eralize it, and withdraw . It is possible
                                                                                               position to the system with their lov e
    to move from one particular experienc e
     to a more general understanding o f                                                       for it, and with the benefits that the y
     crises . When wastes from Ohio ar e                                                       get from it . The process is going to
     landing in New England, you immedi-                                                       be complex ; the movements strugglin g
                                                   meant the domination of Panama .
     ately see the need for a broader kind o f      Science also provided new justification s against different manifestations won' t
     solidarity, one that doesn't pit the                                                      always see eye to eye .
                                                   of superiority, new rationales fo r
     need to breathe of New Englander s           racism, new ways of putting down the
     against the need to eat of Ohioans .         knowledge accumulated over centurie s         The Conservatism of Marxis m
        Environmental crisis does not aris e      by peoples of the Americas and othe r           Since Lenin, we Marxists have no t
     from ignorance . Economists do cal-          continents . A critique of scienc e          recognized one external source for a
     culate that if some resource reproduce s     doesn't mean relapsing into mysticism ;      single idea . This is a very seriou s
     at a rate slower than that of inflation ,    it means recognizing that existin g          problem . We have recognized th e
     it makes good economic sense to de-          science is a product of the particular       naive enthusiasm of students wh o
     stroy that resource : use up all the fis h   history of Euro-American capitalism .        went into the streets . We have recog-
     now instead of letting them reproduce ;      It means separating out the aspect s         nized feminism to the extent of puttin g
     then take your profits to rent out cars .    that can be fitted into a new way o f        a point in the platform regarding th e
     The capitalist calculates which re -         relating to nature from the aspects wher e   lust democratic demands of women .
     sources should be controlled an d            we have to say, "That isn't true, that' s    We've recognized the needs of nation s
     continued, and which destroyed . S o         just the shared bias of your community . "   for independence . What we have no t
     there you have capitalist conservation ,     In sum, we are talking about how t o         recognized, however, is the creative ,
     which preserves profitability in a           incorporate the struggle for a rationa l     revolutionary t heoretical contribution s
     rational way but can, equally "ration -      relation to nature into our politics .       coming from these other sources .
     ally, " destroy the environment if tha t        We're dealing with not only th e             This theoretical work, particularl y
     is more profitable .                         ecology but with changed opportunities       of the women's movement, must becom e

                                                                                                     11   /84 Peace Newsletter     13

    part of the whole left' s heritage .          The pacifist movement has mad e            liberating and challenging perspective s
    Feminist theory is much more than a n     important theoretical contributions too ;      of early Marxism . Because of thei r
    analysis of the dimensions of women' s     it recognized that even non-mass move-        specific needs, people are understand -
    oppression . In investigating how members'ments can rock boats . While w e               ably attracted to particular politica l
    of one family do not all have the sam e   worried about isolating ourselves fro m        issues for shorter or longer periods .
    relation to the means of production ,     the masses, the pacifists were stickin g       But the sticking point in the long-ter m
    it forces us to reanalyze class . I t     their necks out, making ripples tha t          struggle comes from a realization that
    investigates capitalism's penetratio n    later caught on . We have to learn abou t      there is really no other way to live .
    into all corners of life . Marxists ten d ideas and methods of struggle from             Everything that surrounds you and limit s
    t o recognize only the public aspects ,   these movements, and not simpl y               your human development is imposed b y
    rather than seeing how it penetrate s     appreciate their energy and commit -           an oppressive social order ; fightin g
    t he private domain and comes back int o  ment . Marxists have to shed ou r              that social order is the only kind of
    the public . Not incidentally, th e       conservatism in order not to becom e           relative freedom we have . Were
    women's movement also offers ne w         obsolete and irrelevant .                      trying to create a different kind o f
    approaches to leadership and organiza -       Most important, we have to overcom e       world, one that transforms all aspect s
    *ion .                                    economism and go back to the totally           of our existence .

                      p                 THE SYRACUSE PEACE COUNCIL' S

            MONDAY POTLUC K
                            •DINNER at 6pm (bring a dish or beverage to share) •DISCUSSION from 7-9p m

                  Nov. 26th Crisis on the Left
                    The Growing Counter-revolution and the Crisis of the Left : Reagan is jus t
                  the tip of the iceberg . The counter-revolution is consolidating its power
                  in the schools, the media, the churches, unions, academia, and governmen t
                  at every level . Why is the the New Right growing so rapidly ? Whyis th e
                  Left so weak at this point in history ? These are the questions we will discuss .
                  This meeting is a continuation of the discussion on left strategy from las t
                  spring's SPC potluck . (co--sponsored by National Organization for a n
                  American Revolution )

              Dec. 17th A Sharing of Alternative Holida y
              Celebrations for the Peace Communit y
                    We are inviting several people from the peace community to share their
                  plans for holiday celebrations which are alternatives to the rampan t
                  consumerism of the season .We will talk about rituals which may hav e
                  meaning for those concerned about peace, justice, and simplicity . We will
                  have time to share ideas and plans and also to participate in a simpl e
                  celebration of our own .


                     THE FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE             821 Euclid (near the corner of Westcott, across from ECOH )
              '                    FOR INFORMATION/INPUT ON POTLUCK DISCUSSIONS CALL SPC AT (315) 472-5478

     14 Peace Newsletter 11 /84

             Witness for Peace in Nicaragua                                                             A   PERSONAL ACCOUN T

    me f'ollawley is a Collettfon   of journal tutees   provides;   4yand Gardner, one of 19 .fyratuse W'1nrsjCS for Peace
                                                                         Ric                                                 WAn reie   ea rnrd
    from XeAra9era Airtenfer I4 .     Rickard   (72-'I2) axd the athers are aeeia61e Is discuss thetr tne •

    11/2/8 4                                                                     U/8/8 4
    Miami - rust got on the plane for Managua . Joked                            Dental - Sundown is beautiful in Ocatal . I wonder
    with Ann about it needing a paint job . Not exactl y                         If my friends in Syracuse are worried about me .
    inspiring confidence in our airplane flight .                                Apparently Reagan won big . 50 state sweep . Yadira
    Managua Airport - Just passed through customs . .                            cried on the way home this evening, says this mean s
    1 DON'T SELIEV?I'M REALLY HERE]! !                                           the killing will go on .
     [1/3/8 4                                                                    11/9/8 4
    Managua - I was very moved last night on the rid e                           Jicaro - Got the word a couple hours ago about goin g
    from the airport . Thought a lot about Somaz a                               to Managua tonight . Apparently one US aircraf t
    and the Sandinistas and what these people hav e                              carrier and one Soviet carrier are sitting off shore
    been through . I think of how the people must feel -                         staring each other down . The word at this point i s
    free after years of tyranny . I hurt for what our                            we may go on a boat out into the ocean and si t
    government may do to them .                                                  between the two ships . T angerous, yet exciting . I
    9 a .m .                                                                     feel this may be an historic opportunity to work for
    Witness for Peace Orientation. - No contra attack s                          peace, .tq make a real difference .
    have been reported on Jalapa since WFP started ther e                         1030 p m
    last year . Contras are well paid, but don't seem t o                         Ocatal - Made it here safely . Found out from Stewar t
    have their hearts in their work . They go into a town ,                       that we were in Contra territory . I was scared, and
    give a speech about democracy and then torture an d                           relieved to see the lights of Ocatat .
    castrate . Under Somaza the elections were rigged ,
    even the opposition agreed : yet the US never comp -
    lained about it . The current US backed oppositio n
    leader, Arturo Cruz, blew into town to announce hi s
    candidacy for president . He has Lived in Miami for
    the past 30 years . 300 people met him at the airport ,
    half reporters, other curious onlookers . First th e
    US said the FSLN had to have elections, and whe n
    they said they woetd, the US told them to welt .
    Likely welted the elections daia'J to justify a n
    invasion .

                                                                                  11/10/8 4
                                                                                 Corinto - Well, here we are!, in a church getting
                                                                                 ready for a commissioning service before going ou t
                                                                                 In the beet .
                                                                                   3 :17p m
                                                                                  On the boat - Heading out . Excited but a little
                                                                                  nervous at the thought of hitting a mine .
                                                                                  11/11/8 4
                                                                                 Corinto - Fairly relaxed . Yesterday's adventure wit h
                                                                                 the US frigate was somewhat anti-climactic . It took
    Evening                                                                      us about 2 1/2 hours to reach it and as we approcher l
    Ocatal - Near the border - Talked with two wome n                            it circled away from us and we turned back to port .
    about the elections here vs . in the US . These see m                        [l/l $/ 9 4
    fairer . everyone here has equal access to TV an d                           Syracuse - Really wired and exhausted . The last 2 4
    radio . I haven't felt afraid although the Contra s                          hours were very intense . Quite a greetintr at th e
    are relatively close, even when a .tenk drove b y                            airport I       t and I've been meeting with th e
    the restaurant . It doesn't seem real .•                                                                  the work neatly starts .            a

                                                                                                                                  ce N -, : etter

     living With the Shadow
            Prelude :   Ground Zero

    We were such ragged clowns
    in our dirty zebra suits ,
    that God (Camp Commandante
    here at the institute )
    lined us up as best he could ,
    and with a twinkling eye ,
    told us to say 'cheese '
    (even then in short supply) .

    The cheese now stands alon e
    on a heap of bone-white ash .
    God clicked His instaeetic ,
    and the rest was all
                           a flash . . .

    The light of Hiroshima
                             has flashe d
    through forty year s
       like a knife through rancid butte r
      cold laughter through a praye r
      bone- shards through ash fingers -
                    flashe d
    with the purity of abstraction                             warned of war :
        the precision of scienc e                                             my heart began' to drum ;
          the totality of zero                                f Doomsday Clocks ;
              the finality of death .                                             and soon I heard the ticking ;
                                                             of universal horrors yet to come . . .
    Hiroshima's light has flashed -
        the years between us standin g
        like a stunned man -
    flashed ,                                             ate--the big-beaked monster s
                                                                                      boys and girls parade
         and left a shadow on my heart .                     across their bright-lit wall s
                                                                                         to scare themselve s
                 in                                          were swallowed by a Shadow
                                                                                            far too vas t
    It had no face, that moment ;                            for children to have made .
                                   just a voic e
    unlike a voice ;                                        The voice
               .    more like a wind, sharp-edged ,                was silent ; time began again .
    that augered through my bone s                          Outside, the branches swayed ;
                                  and left me ho l lo w                                   the sparrows flew .
    as .a house whom all have fled .                        The world thawed out, and turned -
    The winter day was froze n                                                                 I was a man ,
                             to the window ,                with many things to do .
    the birds glued to the branches ;
                                     nothing moved .         Yet all the while,
    The sky seemed painterly ;                                                 my child-heart remaine d
                               it was as though              frozen to the Shadow           _
    the pane glassed in a picture                                                 on its wall ,
                                 of an antique pas t         helpless as a bird
    no one was left to prove .                                                 glued to its branc h
                                                             on a tree it knows will fall . . .
    Though the radio was on .                                   Thus with my old ,
                             the voic e                         my enigmatic Cod' s
    might lust as well have come                                ambivalence destroyed with stolen fire ,
                                  from deep within;
    it sounded cold, like conscienc e                           did new a ne w
                                      to a child                and dire dove descend ,
                                                                to fan my faith alive with doom-dipped wing :
    who too long has been hiding
                                 in the comfort                    Time was rescued, burning, from God's pyre ,
    of his shabby little sins .                                    and life itself became a holy thing .
    16 Peace Newsletter 11184
                 The Fire                                                             Postl tide

(In memory of Dr . Evelyn Cunanan and her family )                      ;she, the radio whistle s
                                                                        when the siren screams
                   1.                                                   when the end at Iast comes roaring ou t
         A Kind of Resurrection                                                       the tunnel ,
                                                                        its blind eye burnin g
It wasn't love that finally pulled me out ;                             its wheels relentles s
it wasn't love                                                          its black hulk endless in the endless night ,
               or life, but tragedy .
                                                                        how will I meet it ?
Down in my hole, I might have thrashed abou t                           how will it find me ?
                                                                        how will I ride it down the spiral funnel ,
for years, for all that love could do for me ,                          never returnin g
or anyone .                                                             never retellin g
            Love wasn't meant to solve                                  never reoccuring to the mind of light ?
dilemmas coded in our very cells ,
or ransom us from existential hells ,                                   I'll stand afrai d
or bribe this mottled rock not to revolve;                              I'll stand unread y
                                                                        I'll stand, unmindful of decorum or disgrace ,
Love is simply what Is ours to lose -
                                                                        remee wring you
the nerve exposed, the fat licked at by flame .                         cherishing yo u
Love's the child in us that cannot choos e                              clutching my Iove like an old suitcase .
between two evils, or defend its claim .                                                               -Doug MacDonal d

Down in my hole, I might have dug my wa y
clear through to China ; it would not have
               mattered .
The bombs are everywhere, and every da y

exploding -
            something fragile, something shattered .
It wasn't love that made me face the da y
and breathe an air still storm-chafed and
            wind-battered ,
but tragedy,
             who, pitiless and kind ,
stretched out its guileless hand, as to a friend ,
and held this ancient mercy to my mind :

 Are you feeling low and down in the dumps?                  The treaty tables will be covered with dust -
 With Ronnie back in and George nicking rumps ?              {Better that, than have missiles rust . )
 Da you feel like this country has gone straight to hell ?   Born again Christians will do Jerry's thing ,
 Well hang an, kids, 'cause here canes Falwell ;             Heads up high, they'll start to sing .

 He'll evangelize in the evening and preach in the morn      Throw back your shoulders, and throw out your chin s
 Nukin' Latinos ; saving the unborn .                        While he graces you all with one of his grins .
 He'lI be over in the White Souse giving suppor t            Then everyone shout "Hallelujah" so Ioud -
 While leading out robes to the new Supreme Court .          As we all go up in a mushroom cloud !

 The Blacks and the poor will be out in the cold ,           At the gate St . Peter had better beware ,
 But so will the handicapped, and so will the old .          I think Jerry Falwell wants his chair .
 Down with the liberals, down with the gay ,                 So when you DO pray in school today ,
 Right wing conservatives will have their way .              Ask Cod to take Rev . Falwell away :
                                                                                  -Sally C .   Brule', November 7, 198 4
 He'll be clutchin' his Bible and preaching of war
 (What else do mamas have baby boys foe? )
 Onward, Christian Soldiers, go !
 Left foot, right foot, don't be slow .

                                                                                       11184       Peace Newsletter 17
YriaCdatc jet far ,~an . 8
     Draft resister Andy Mager's trial date has been set for Tuesday, January 8
beginning at 1 pm . Below is a list of the events associated with the trial . Se e
page 9 for more detailed information about Andy's case .

January 8      1 pm     The beginning of the jury selection process . The trial ma y
                        begin that afternoon if there is time .
            5 :30 p m   Candlelight vigil and walk, beginning at the Federal Buildin g
                        in downtown Syracuse (corner of Clinton & Washington Sts) .
            8 :00 pm    Community gathering in support of resistance to war, musi c
                        and fun . Call SPC, 472-5478 for details .

January 9   9 :00 ad    A support vigil will precede the day in court . The tria l
                        will probably last most of the day . People are welcome t o
                        stay for just the vigil, the entire day, or part of it .

    S . Africa

                                 U.S./Apartheid                             Allianc e

             By Sarah   Boon e

       Imagine a land, the land of you r
    birth, yet a land which bequeath s
    you no citizenship, no right to vote ,
    no right to travel freely, no right to
    protest . As an unrecognized citizen ,
    you are heir to poverty, repression ,
    and scorn . Impotence is your only
    birthright in the land where the prom-
    ises of education and economi c
    prosperity are reserved and fulfilled
    only for an elite minority . Althoug h
    a member of the majority population ,
    you move from day to day within a
    strangling web of repressive rule s
    designed to keep you down . Yo u          government, based on legalize d             of the land is reserved for whites .
    are the bastardized "native son" o f      racism . Apartheid is a complicate d        Blacks may not live in or even enter
    the nation, existing apart, hated ;       mechanism by which the majority, a          these "white areas" without specia l
    yet you are connected to the mothe r      black majority, is economically ex-         permits . Despite comprising 73% o f
    nation by a sturdy umbilical cor d        ploited and politically disenfranchised .   the entire population, black Sout h
    of economic interdependence . It          Whenever this system has met wit h          Africans are restricted to 13% of th e
    is an iron cord which provides no         opposition, the response has bee n          land . Millions of people have bee n
    nourishment and threatens at an y         immediate brutal suppression . The          uproote d, from their homes and dumpe d
    instant to choke the breath of life        United Nations has repeatedly con-         into remote regions of the country .
    from within you . This is a lan d         demned the South African government ,       This mass relocation of black person s
    founded upon injustice . It is a na-      calling Apartheid "a crime agains t         is possible because under South Af-
    tion wholly dedicated to the propo-        humanity" . Economic sanctions an d        rican law, blacks are not recognize d
    sition that all are not created equal .    bans on the sale of military good s        as citizens . Although born on Sout h
       Today, the existence of such a          have been enacted . However, th e          African soil, blacks are labelle d
    state may seem improbable and suc h       South African government continue s         foreigners and given alien status .
    a scenario hard to imagine . Yet fo r      undeterred in its oppressive nature .      Thus, all of the rights usually hel d
    some twenty-two million black Sout h      Apartheid abides, sustained in larg e       by citizens of a democracy are with -
    Africans this scenario precisely de-       part against the blows of internationa l   held from the black majority . I n
     picts the reality of everyday lif e      outrage by its support from the U .S .      South Africa, political participation _.~
     under the reign of Apartheid .              What is the nature of this regim e        like the land, is subject to the re -
       Apartheid, pronounced "apart -          to which the U .S . has become a n         striction : For Whites Only .
     hate, " means "separate" . It is th e     essential ally? Apartheid is system-           The contrast between the lives o f
     name of the South African system o f      atic exploitation conveniently organ -     white South Africans and black Sout h
                                              ized along racial lines . It is mani-       Africans is stark testimony to th e
                                              fested in every aspect of South Africa n    exploitive nature of Apartheid . While
    Sarah Boone, a junior at Syracuse Un-
                                              life . In geographic terms alone ,          whites enjoy freedom of mobility ,
    iversity, is active in S .U . Dives t
    Now, and can be contacted at the Stu -    Apartheid's ramifications are stagger-      blacks are subject to a battery of
    dent Government Association, 423-2650 .   ing . Under South African law, 87%          restrictions . Only laborers are al -

    18 Peace Newsletter 11184
                                                                                                                 S. Africa
 lowed in "white areas" . The wive s        Britain as South Africa's primar y           restrictions on the sale of nuclear tech-
and children of the male workers a s        trading partner . American companie s        nology and military equipment, an d
well as the infirm and elderly are          provide finished goods and high tech-        subsequent sales have often been i n
deported to the remote regions of           nology in return for cheap labor and         blatant violation of U .N . sanctions .
the country called "Bantustans" .           natural resources . (South Africa is a       Aside from direct trade, the U .S . ha s
The word means homeland, but thes e         land rich in natural resources : it' s       used its economic might and politica l
desolate infertile lands are more like      the world's largest producer of gol d        clout to cushion the effect of world -
reservations than so-called indepen -                                                    wide condemnation .
dent states . Here, according to                                                             While the U .S . has done much ,
statistics gathered in the early eight-                                                  directly and indirectly, to aid Sout h
ies, poverty is as severe as in an y        American Companies that                      Africa ' s Apartheid regime, little ha s
third world country . Unlike thei r
white neighbors, for whom educatio n
                                            do business in South Africa                  been accomplished in terms of poli -
                                                                                         tical gains and economic prosperit y
 is free and compulsory until the ag e        are not there despite                      for South African blacks . America n
of 17, blacks must pay for their edu-
cation in segregated Bantustan schools
                                            Apartheid, they , are there                  companies operating in South Afric a
                                                                                          pay black workers poverty wages jus t
Medical facilities, like good schools ,          because of it.                           as South African companies do . An d
are few and far apart for black South                                                    even the most progressive America n
Africans . The infant mortality rate                                                      employer would have virtually n o
among blacks is 282 per 1000 birth s        and provides nearly 80% of the world' s       impact : American companies emplo y
as opposed to 12 per 1000 births amon g     supply of diamonds . It is also a sub-        less than 1% of the black population .
whites . In addition,, nearly half o f      stantial supplier of uranium and othe r       These companies are quite naturally
all black children born on Bantustan s      strategic minerals .) Such reciproca l        going about the business of makin g
die before the age of five .                trade has proved lucrative, and th e          money and not of restructuring soci -
    The situation on the Bantustans i s     U .S . government has traditionally           ety . For the average black worker ,
 desperate . Men are driven to th e         spouted anti-Apartheid rhetoric and           it makes little difference whethe r
 "white" cities in search of jobs . I f     sought at least ostensibly to distanc e       he -- and the vast majority are male
 they are lucky enough to find employ-      itself from the regime .                      -- is working for Chrysler or Sout h
ment, these men will enter a wor k             However, the Reagan administra-            African Coal . (Those who do profi t
 force in which they can expect to          tion's current policy of "Constructiv e       from Chrysler are in a position .t o
earn an eighth of what the average          Engagement" marks a radical shif t            preclude any "trickle down" fro m
white worker will earn . For blac k         away from the trend toward increasin g        trickling too far down .) He must stil l
women, the majority of whom are do-         political isolation of South Afric a          leave his family behind on the Bantu-
mestics or farm laborers, wages ar e        which had characterized U .S . foreig n       stan while he seeks employment i n
 even lower and many must leave their       policy toward the country for the pas t       "white areas" . He must still carry
 children in the care of others mile s                                                    his IBM computerized passbook a t
away on the Bantustan for months a t                                                      all times or face arrest by polic e
a time . While the Bantustan destoy s                                                    wielding shock batons which bea r
 black family life, it provides th e                                                      the insignia : Made in U .S .
 government with a reservoir of chea p                                                       Proponents of freedom and equality
 labor that is continually tapped t o                                                     must now ask : how long will we con-
fuel South Africa's thriving industry .                                                   tinue to be accomplices in the crim e
Apartheid assures the flow of wealth                                                      of Apartheid? The link between Wash-
 into the hands of the white minority .                                                   ington and Pretoria is a crucial one .
    South African whites are not th e                                                     That link is one of the few remainin g
only ones profitting from Apartheid .                                                     means of pressuring the South Africa n
 Since 1928, when the first Genera l                                                      government to make fundamental pol-
Motors plant opened in Port Elizabeth ,                                                   itical change . As recent events at -
American companies have shown a n                                                         test, conditions in South Africa only
eagerness to invest in Apartheid .                                                        get worse as the government's at -
Between 1950 and 1975 U .S . direc t                                                      tempts to whitewash Apartheid ar e
 investments in South Africa increase d                                                   rejected by an increasingly defiant
 1000% . During the same period ,                                                         majority . If a move toward sharing
black wages within the country re-                                                        political power and control of eco-
 mained at the subsistence level an d                                                     nomic resources is not made soo n
the gap between black and whit e            ten years . Reagan has on all count s         South Africa will find itselt in vio -
earnings widened appreciably a s            enhanced the U .S . role as supporte r
                                                                                         lent upheaval . In the wake of revolu-
white workers alone benefited fro m         to bolster the Apartheid regime agains t
                                                                                         tion, an old ally may find itself be-
the investment boom . American com-         increasing domestic resistance to it s       tween a rock and a hard place . For
 panies that do business in South           tyranny . During the first three year s      the U .S ., both time and options are
Africa are not there	 despite Apartheid ,   of the Reagan administration, the sale       running out .
 they are there	 becauseof it, becaus e     of items the Department of Commerc e
                                                                                         Ed . Note : An earlier version of thi s
 of the high profits this system make s     labels " sensitive " (including aircraft ,   article appeared in The	 Black Voice ,
 possible .                                 computer technology, etc .) increased        a publication of the student Afro-
    In 1976 the U .S . replaced Great       nearly 100% . Washington has removed         American Society at S .U .

                                                                                              11/84 Peace Newsletter 19

    Syracuse Peace Council

                     New Directions for 1985 : SPC Council meeting
       In an experiment with a shorter, weekday Counci l                     Deana Cunningham, editor of the Peace Newsletter ,
    meeting, some twenty Peace Council members met Thurs -                 presented a proposal to open the monthly editorial pro- -
    day evening Nov . 8 to consider SPC directions for th e               cess for content suggestions by having a meeting early
    coming year . Main topics on the agenda were disarma-                 each month which anyone with articles or ideas would b e
    ment and Central America program work ; the Peace News -              welcome to attend . We agreed to try the suggestion an d
    letter ; and SPC finances including the creation of th e              review the process after six months . Left for further con-
    Norman Whitney Educational Fund and the 1985 budget .                  sideration are structural questions of the PNL ' s relation-
       After reviewing reasons for the 1984 disarmamen t                  ship to SPC and how PNL content reflects and promote s
    project's lack of success, we turned to a discussion o f              SPC program work . Deana expressed the opinion of staff
    issues around which we might organize a new disarma-                  members that a fresh, co-operative working spirit is .
    ment project in 1985 . Discussion was based on summar-                presently characteristic of the relationship of the PN L
    ies of several possible focus issues which were contain-              editorial committee to other units of the Council .
    ed in a questionaire mailed to SPC activists a week be -                 Finally, Allen Smith summarized progress to date to -
    fore the Council meeting . Perhaps partly because th e                ward the creation of the tax-exempt Norman Whitne y
    mailing was delayed, just 14 questionaires (out of a tota l           Educational Fund and the new funding arrangements w e
    of 250 ) were returned, not a sufficient number for clea r            expect it to make possible . Publication of the PNL unde r
    direction . We decided to devote a special meeting i n                the fund's aegis would cut mailing costs, and the ne w
    January (date to be decided) to a discussion of disar-                stStus would meet certain grant guidelines . He warned ,
    mament project options . (If you haven't returned you r               however, that there is usually a reserve of several thou -
    questionaire, it isn't too late . If you did not receive one          sand dollars at this time of year, but we will enter Janu-
    and would like to respond, just call the SPC office an d              ary 1985 without that reserve . The new tax-exempt fun d
    we will send you one . )                                              may help us make up our shortfall, but certain steps may '
        Allen Smith reviewed the activities of SPC's Centra l             also be required, such as cutting back on the number o f
    America project over the past year . Future directions o f            free PNL's distributed and taking out loans in the summe r
    the project were to be discussed in a special meeting o n             of 1985 .
    Nov . 13th . Typed reports of other projects were distri-
                                                                                                                          -Lisa John s
    buted, e .g . Potlucks, Upstate Resistance .

                                                                                                             471 Westcott Street
                                                                                                               Syracuse, N Y

                                                                                                                 472-111 1

                                                                                                                Open 7 day s

                                                                                                           12 :00 pm-11 :00 pm
                                                                                                             Eat in - Take Ou t

                                                                                                          Free parking in our lo t


                CROSS CREEK                                        FARM NURSERY
                                                                   - --     shrubs, evergreen s
                   -~ - ~__                                            ann & chuck durand
                                                                   just east of manlius
                                                                                              rt 92
                                  f/oPaL .. de itedwral wot-to .vteaiz,a:ern, ah- -a vio wr%rnmw+e".6
     20 Peace Newsletter 11/84
                                                                                        Syracuse Peace Counci l

           Last Stand for the Sacred                                                 Black Hills
                                                                                     And somewhere between their glee t o
    Ed . note : The Dennis Banks Suppor t
                                                                                     make a few fast bucks and their joy
Committee was given permission to ed-
it and print this letter by Russel l                                                 at finally stealing our land the y
Means, Oglala Sioux, Indian activis t                                                failed to reveal the biggest nightmare
and co-founder of the American India n                                               of all .
Movement . Letter provided courtes y                                                      If their plan really goes through ,
of Lee Lyons, Onondaga Nation . Please                                               within a decade the main water tabl e
make any personal contributions t o                                                  under Pine Ridge will unalterably ,
TREATY, 444 Crazy Horse Dr ., Porcupine
                                                                                     inevitably, and forever be poisone d
S .D . 57772 .
                                                                                     and Wounded Knee will cease to be .
                                                                                     The stakes are this high . To put i t
Hau Kota (Hello Ally) ,                                                              simply, if the governor's plan wins ,
                                                                                     we lose - and there will be n o
                                                                                     second chance !
 . . .Because of the hard work of man y                                                   In June, the corporations bega n
people here at Pine Ridge and be -                                                   their public relations campaign on
cause of the financial help of many                                                  radio, TV and in the newspapers .
friends like you, TREATY (the Tru e                                                  They are planning on spending more
Revolution for Elders, Ancestors ,                                                   than $100,000 in their effort to influ-
Treaties and Youth), won an impor-          righteous peacemakers like Denni s
                                                                                     ence the voters .
tant partial victory in the Oglal a         Banks with eternal imprisonni nt .
                                                                                         We have managed to raise enoug h
Sioux Tribal elections . Out of 2 7         And it is bad enough that under his
                                                                                     money for one meager TV ad whic h
Tribal Council Representatives ,            governorship, Indians are facing 87%
                                                                                     ran sporadically for just one month .
TREATY candidates won 10 seats .            unemployment(!), 40% high schoo l
                                                                                     We need your help to stop the devel-
While we are the minority, we are a n       drop-out rates, rampant alcoholis m
                                                                                     opers before they complete the rap e
effective and influential minority          and malnutrition . But to take our
                                                                                     of our sacred mother earth .
that is not without some power .            native lands, our ancestors' sacre d
                                                                                          It is not easy for me to contin-
      We have begun to flex some mus-       burial grounds and to create a nu -
                                                                                     ually be sending you bad news an d
cle and as a result on Nov . 6 ou r         clear waste dump and a huge stri p
                                                                                     to have to ask for your understandin g
reservation will hold a critical refer-     mining blight - what kind of pervers e
                                                                                     and financial support . But f rankly ,
endum on a new "economic develop-           play on words is this "economic
                                                                                     we at Pine Ridge cannot do it alone .
ment " issue which is so insidious ,        development" ?
                                                                                     The corporation's know how weak w e
spiteful, and contemptible that I                To be honest, it is not without
                                                                                     are . The BIA and the other govern-
thought you would want to hear th e         some Indian support . There are many
                                                                                     ment agencies established to help us ,
full inside story . *                       individuals who are fooled by eco-       of course, only hinder our efforts .
      As you probably know, the ma n        nomic quick-fixes . This "develop-
                                                                                     They too willingly are hammering th e
who led the persecution of th e             ment plan" promises a few jobs, bu t
                                                                                     final nail into our coffin .
Indians at Wounded Knee in 1973 i s         I ask you, what kind of jobs? Mus t
                                                                                         As a result we come to you . For-
now governor of South Dakota o Under        we ask our unemployed children t o
                                                                                     tunately for us we have a peacefu l
the guise of " economic development "       forget about education and to instea d
                                                                                     and potential answer to our prayers
he has authored a plan which ha s           mine zeolyte which contains an in-
                                                                                     Our answer lies in ballots, no t
won approval from government an d           gredient more carcinogenic tha n
                                                                                     bullets . . .
corporate interests . . . .                  uranium? Must we ask our sacred
                                                                                     We have the will, we have the way .
                                            mother earth to stop growing us foo d
Closer examination reveals that th e                                                 All we lack is the financial mean s
                                            and to instead embrace radioactive
specific location is our Sacred Blac k                                               to make it all happen .
                                            waste ?
Hills and that the plan calls for th e                                                   Will you help TREATY? Will yo u
                                                 It all brings to mind that pro-
construction of a nuclear waste dum p                                                help the people of Pine Ridge? And
                                             phetic quote from Chief Red Clou d
site plus the creation of a maste r                                                  most importantly, will you help ou r
                                            which I'm sure you've heard a thou -
strip mining concern to extract a min-                                               children and our land who are not yet
                                             sand times :
eral called zeolyte which has but on e                                               aware of the nightmare which lie s
                                               " The white man made us man y
use : as a protective barrier agains t                                               ahead if the corporations and Sout h
                                             promises, more than I can remember .
 leakage of radioactive waste !                                                      Dakota's governor get their greed y
                                            He kept but one . He promised t o
      I can't tell you the anger and th e                                            way ?
                                             take our land, and he took it! "
 sadness this ultimate raping of m y                                                     In conclusion, permit me to than k
                                                 While the U .S . Corps of Engi-     you for your reading of this urgent
ancestoral home makes me feel . . It i s
bad enough that Janklow persecute d          neers, and Reagan ' s Department of     plea for help and to offer this prayer
the Indians, who in 1973 tried to cal l      Interior have approved Tank low' s      as thanks : Mi takuye Oyasin . (We
this nation's conscience and atten-          plans, somewhere along the lin e        are all related) .
tion to the injustices occurring t o        they forgot to ask the people mos t
native people .                             deeply concerned - the people wh o       *The pro-traditionalist/anti-nuclea r
                                                                                     forces carried over 60% of the vote- -
      It is bad enough that as governor     are living where the so-called devel-
                                                                                     an extremely important victory in th e
                                            opment is threatening to take place .
	he has threatened good friends and                                                  Tribunal Council .	

                                                                                          11/84 Peace Newsletter         21

    Free Home Energy Audits
        The approach of the winte r
    heating season brings with it tw o
    community efforts at energy conser-
    vation .
       NEHDA, Inc ., in conjunctio n
    with City Consumer Affairs office ,
    is promoting the Home Insulatio n
    and Energy Conservation Ac t
    (HIECA) also called the SAVING -
    POWER program .
       The Act provides for free energ y
    audits to homeowners and renters i n
    one to four family homes . In addi-
    tion, the Act requires the local u-
    tility (in this area, Niagara Mohawk )
    to offer low interest loans whic h
    may be used to upgrade energ y
    efficiency . Homeowners may us e
    these loans to perform such task s
    as the installation of insulation .
    storm windows, and weather strip -                            is developing a video-tape depictin g              least able to afford the high cost s
    ping to seal drafts .                                         a "walk-through" of a typical Hom e                of energy use . All homeowners an d
       NEHDA, Inc . is attemting to pro -                         Energy Audit . This video will be                  renters in one to four unit building s
    mote SAVINGPOWER by a door-to -                               broadcast over cable stations, unde r              are urged to participate . Times and
    door canvass in its area . Worker s                           community access provisions .                      dates of the workshops will appea r
    will explain the audits and advertis e                           The target areas of these projects              in the PNL .
    workshops for do-it-yoursel f                                 are low income neighborhoods an d                                             -Jim Clark
    conservation measures .                                       they are designed to counter mis-                       Please call NEHDA, Inc .
       The City Consumer Affairs office                          conceptions and aid those who are                                425-103 2

     Socialist Party                                                                    HELP FOR ALL THE r~~1
                                                                                           1 CHILDREN : ~~ 9
                                                                                        INTERNATIONAL GIFTS • TOYS •JEWELRY •
                                                                                              HOLIDAY CARDS AND DECORATION S
                                                                                        Mon .-Fri . 10-5         100 Warren St . Syracuse           422-160 5
     We meet at the Westcott Cafe, 550 Westcott St .

       . Charles Clements                                                                                  The Bear's Paw
                 Author of "Witness to War" and founder of
                                                                                                            A Non-Profit Shop Featuring Handmad e
                 medical Relief to El Salvado r                                                           Country Quilts and Unique Crafts fro m
                                                                                                          the Heart of Appalachia .
                           will speak at a dinner in his honor

                                                                                      "Grandmother's Dream "
                                       4-6 p .in . Jewish Community Center,           For holiday gifts warm and meaningful, country quilts, placemats ,
                                       5655 Thompson Rd .                             napkins, aprons, and baby bibs created by the Freedom Quilting
                                                                                      Bee, a Co-operative of thirty women in Alberta, Alabama .
                                       Admission : $ 4

                                                                                      . . .in the Canal barn, Cedar Bay Road, Fayetteville, N .Y.
         1)r . (-laments• subject is   Health Care in El Salvador                     Monday-Saturday 10 a .m .-5 p .m .

    22 Peace Newsletter 11 /84

                           Testimony on the Time s
                             Testimony of William Griffe n
                                            Others, defendants and citizen s         Necessity Defense #4 requirement
   Ed . note : The following is Part I    in general, have likewise attempte d
                                                                                     (The harm sou ht lobe	 preventedi s
of the trial testimony presented b y      every means to avoid the danger .
Bill Griffen, a second-time offende r                                                imminent )
                                          In spite of these attempts :
arrested at the June 4 Griffiss AFB
action . Griffen was found guilty an d                                                   Definition of imminent : " ready t o
                                            1. Five'to ten nuclear weapon s
received a fine .                                                                    take place, impending, hanging
                                          are produced every day of our lives .      threateningly over one's head" (Web-
                                                                                     sters 7th New Collegiate . )
                                            2. We now have between 25-30 ,               In U .S . vs . Ashton (p . 874) th e
                                          000 nuclear weapons . The absurdit y        court held that a citizen was full y
 Necessity Defense #1 requirement _       here is that in 1962 U .S . defens e        justified in killing a mad dog belong-
 (The defendants held areasonable be=     experts established that 300 nuclea r       ing to another, even though there wa s
 lief that the action was necessary to    weapons could vaporize the Sovie t          no proof that specific injury woul d
 avoid a substantialhar m                 Union, so 300 nuclear weapons i s           Qccur in minutes, hours, or days . The
                                          the deterence level -- all else i s
                                                                                      threat was imminent, even though th e
 What is the harm in this case ?          overkill !
                                                                                      time could not be predicted .
   1. Griffiss A .F .B . houses th e         3. U .S . has spent over $2 . 6             The warning time to avert a nuclea r
Cruise Missile, a first strike, de -      trillion since WWII . At the presen t       exchange has been reduced by the ne w
stabilizing, offensive weapon (se e       military spending rate we will equa l       generation of cruise weapons to ap -
expert defense witness testimony a t      that amount in 10 years, yet the gov-       proximately six minutes, furthe r
Plowshare 7 trial) . This weapo n         ernment is horrified at the cost of th e    making nuclear war by accident o r
system is a threat to national de-        damage done by the Plowshares 7 .           intent imminent .
fense in that it increases the possi-     Their damage amounted to -- even at            The government confronts the im-
bility of nuclear war by intent and/      the government inflated figure -- 1 6       minent argument with a series of ques-
or accident . The new generation of       seconds worth of the militarybudge t        tions, the effect of which is to hav e
weapons reduces the reaction tim e        and was one of the few disarmamen t         defendants agree they cannot guaran-
of " use-em or lose em " to approxi-      programs since WWII . And whil e            tee nuclear war will occur within a
mately six minutes .                      85% of the public support the freeze ,      month, a year, or ten years . This i s
                                          the U .S . Senate votes NO! (So much        disingenuous . The survival of th e
  2. The Cruise weapon has th e           for traditional legal means! ! ! )          planet is made to turn on a legal point !
destructive power of 15 Hiroshim a                                                    This should not be . Nuclear war ,
bombs . One B-52 Griffis A .F .B .        Necessity Defense #3 requirement            given present conditions, is imminent !
bomber carries the equivalent o f         (The means used should not be dis-
200 to 1000 Hiroshima bombs .             proportionate to the threatened harm )     Necessity Defense #5 requiremen t
                                                                                     (Defendants reasonably expecteda
  3. A "nuclear winter" devastating          The other defendants and mysel f        direct causal relationship betwee n
much of the earth (described by Car l     sat in the roadway leading to th e         their actions and the avoidance of harm .
Sagan) will follow even a moderat e       base, held a banner urging the bas e
nuclear exchange .                        be converted to peaceful uses, an d           We believed, and continue to be-
                                          sang songs of peace and love . An d        lieve, that our actions in concert wit h
Necessity Defense #2 requiremen t         our government cries out agains t          other similar message-actions will a t
(Defendants had no other adequat e        our crime of inconvenience .               some point combine to lead to real nu -
means of avoiding the danger )               The dictionary defines inconven-        clear weapon disarmament .
                                          ience as "discomforting, annoying . "         Henry David Thoreau, in supportin g
   In spite of the following action s     Would the government argue that th e       the necessity defense more than a
taken by myself, the other defendant s    lunch counter customers at Wool -          century ago in his essay on " Civi l
 and those seeking to avoid nuclear       worths were inconvenienced by thos e       Disobedience," argued :
arms escalation, the arms race and        sitting-in for integration and socia l        " . . .if one honest man (were to re -
the nuclear annihilation threat con-      justice? Would the government com-         fuse to hold slaves) and be locked up
tinues to worsen .                        pare the harm and inconvenience o f        in the county jail therefore, it woul d
   Other means personally attempte d      not being served a coffee and donu t        be the abolition of slavery in America .
included : 25 years -- a quarter cen-     with the harm or racial segregation ?       For it matters not how small the be -
tury -- of lecturing, writing article s      Is a handful of peace-seeking cit-       ginning may seem to be : what is onc e
and books, hundreds of letters-to-        izens sitting nonviolently in front o f     done is done forever . But we love
the editor, voting, running for th e      a military installation housing weapons     better to talk about it : that we say i s
U .S . Congress, organizing and par-      thousands of times more destructiv e        our mission . "
ticipating in peace groups, lega l        than all of those used in W . W . II a
demonstrations, teach-in lobbyin g        disproportionate reaction ?                 We chose to move beyond talk . W e
in Congress, leafletting ad infinitum .     We think not .                            chose to ACT! !

                                                                                            11/84 Peace Newsletter 23
Can't          Kill the Spirit 1985
   Quality work is done by workers wh o
                                                              Peace Calenda r
                                             around the country whose work i s              ing and releasing its seed . There
approach their task and their tool s         growing, developing and be2oming               is a black and white woodcut b y
with thoughtfulness, care, pride, an d        increasingly familiar to people in            Susan MacMurdy and a torrent o f
  ideed, reverence . It's obvious whe n       the progressive movements . Thi s            colors in Jan Phillips ' s remarkabl e
you first open the 1985 Can't Kill th e       network's work is forming the basis           photograph of thousands of folde d
Spirit calendar that the cultural worker s    of community self-identity whic h             paper cranes laid at a monument i n
who created it have worked in this way .      makes long term struggle possible .          Hiroshima . There is Bonnie Acker' s
It is the most successful calendar ye t         This year's cover is again a repro-        appropriately neighborly Communit y
from the Syracuse Cultural Worker s          duction of fabric art, but this yea r         Land Trusts paper collage and th e
Project, a group that already has a          Karen Kearney transcends the patch -          previously mentioned light projectio n
reputation for regularly producing           work formula and builds a fabric              by Courtney Frisse who has turne d
high-quality, and intelligent art .          collage into a landscape with figure s        light and shadow into her own uniqu e
The Syracuse Cultural Workers are            linked in celebration of life together        form of political art .
defining a cultural politics of cele-        amongst such beauty . It opens an d              Early reports of sales of the 198 5
bration and defiance (hence, thg an -        names the joyful spirit that continue s       Peace calendar suggest that th e
them You Can't Kill the Spirit), a           through the year of this calendar .           Cultural Workers Project has a suc-
people-centered liberation politic s            The subsequent art covers a wid e          cess on its hands (at least in pro-
which is articulated by the artwork          range of styles and media ; there ar e        gressive movement terms) . This i s
featured in the calendar, and practice d     reproductions of murals, paintings ,          encouraging news . If progressive s
in the collaborative process betwee n        collages, photographs and even a              are ever going to offer an alternative
activists which produces the calen-          breathtaking light projection on a            to the mean-spirited, slick and
dar . It is a politics that celebrate s      Utah butte in twilight . The subject s        chauvinist Reagan Right, we are goin g
work and workers, play and players ,         of the artwork range from th e                to have to articulate a vision of a
simplicity and responsibility, nature        Nicaraguan revolution in a mura l             culture and society people would pro-
and culture .                                painted by Boston artist Davi d               fer . The 1985 Can ' t Kill the Spirit
    The calendar is the product of a         Fichter on a public school wall i n           Peace Calendar is a clear, and ex -
 national network the Syracuse folk s        Managua, to a delightful close-u p            citing step in that direction .
 are but a part of, a network o f             nature-photo by Steve Sussman an d
 artists and cultural activists from                                                                              -Jack Maran o
                                             Mickey Schecter of milkweed open -

 Welcome 198 5                                                                                    Heroines - The Crossin g
                                                                                                  Press (wall) 6 .9 5

  with these New
          Calendars                                                Small Reminders- Th e
                                                                   Crossing Press (pocket)
                                    How Shall We Liv e             2 .9 5
                                    Together? - Wa r
                                    Resisters Leagu e
                                    (desk) 6 .00

                                                                                                 ALSO :
                                                                                                 Can't Kill the Spirit Peac e
                                                                                                 Calendar - Syr . Cultura l
                                                                                                 Workers(see ad) (wall)
                                                                                                 6 .7 5
                                                                                                 Everywoman's Almanac -
                                                                                                 (pocket) 7 .9 5
                                                                                                 Housmans Peace Diary -
                                                                                                 (pocket) 6 .0 0
    Women Writers - Th e                                                                         Singing the Blues - Th e
    Crossing Press (desk )                                     The Strength of Women-            Crossing Press (spac e
    6 .95                                                      The Crossing Press (wall)         saver) 2 .9 5
                                                               6 .95                             Forbidden Faces -Fellowshi p
                                                                                                 of Reconciliation (wall) 6 .0 0

                       Available at the Front Room Bookstore s
24 Peace Newsletter 11/84

                                                                                                                         Regula r

     It Is Possible, Even Under Reaga n                                                             ROTC Invades

        An October 25, 1984, Dan Rathe r         Communications Council . MAP ,                  Thornden Park
    reported on national news that the          which is a nubile interest law firm i n
    Federal Communications Commission ,          D .C ., wrote letters to the station s          The quiet solitude of an early Tues-
    in a rare decision, ruled in favor o f       and their attorneys, gave us advic e         day morning in Thorden Park uses dis-
    a citizens' group over a media broad -       and submitted our complaint to th e          turbed last month, when severa l
    caster . This citizens' group was the       FCC .                                         passers-by were surprised by smal l
    SPC committee that, under the Fair-              The results of the decision ar e         groups in camouflage carrying rifles ,
    ness Doctrine, requested free ai r          already being felt . WSTM has con-            and ducking behind trees ,
                                                tacted us because they may be airin g            Linda Feria, one upset spectator ,
    time to refute the Nine Mile U nu -
                                                new pro-nuclear ads . We are hope-            called Lt . Col . Craig Deakin, who
    clear power plant commercials tha t
                                                ful that stations all across the coun-        is in charge of S .U .'s Army ROTC .
    aired 2 years ago . The media broad -
    caster was WTVH .                           try will now be more careful of thei r        Deakin explained that such manuuver s
        This monumental decision was a          responsibility with Fairness Doctrin e       are attempts to train soldiers in real-
    result of two years of teamwork, per-       issues, "controversial issues o f             istic settings . (They usually trai n
                                                public importance" to air " contrastin g     In Carrier Dome . )
    sistence, skill and luck . The team -
                                                viewpoints . "                                   Deakin assured Linda that the gun s
    work was among our committee mem-
    bers , who were from both SPC and                We hope that all organizers stil l      weren't	 real guns, so It didn't matter .
    NYPIRG ; the New York State Con -           take hope from this victory becaus e         The Dept . of Parks and Recreation ,
    sumer Protection Board, the Medi a          it proves that sometimes we ca n             however, agreed that it does matter .
    Access Project and the Safe Energy          fight City Hall and win .                    They had given permission to the ROT C
                                                                         -Corinne T .inane   to do "physical training, " interprete d
                                                                                             as calisthenics, not combat maneuver s
                                                                                             After realizing the discrepancy, th e
                                                                                             Department banished the soldiers-in-
                                                                                             training from their "realistic" setting .
                                                                                                                     -Paden Robert e

                                                                                             Nicaraguan Invasio n

                                                                                             Inevitable ?
                                                                                                 While certainly many people feel
                                                                                              that Reagan is planning to Invad e
                                                                                              Nicaragua in the near future, we mus t

      Local Tax Resisters Face IRS              Allegany, NY, returned home Novem-
                                                                                              not give up or efforts to stop th e
                                                                                              bloodbath . There is a national phone -
                                                                                              in Day to protest the U .S . wa r
       Three local tax resisters have ha d                                                    against Nicaraguan and the rest o f
    recent dealings with the IRS . Peter        ber 6th to find a summons from the
                                                                                             Central America planned for Novem-
    and Diane Swords are taking the IRS         IRS taped to her door . She was re -          ber 27th . We need you to keep call-
    to court for assessing a $500 " frivo-      quested to appear at the IRS office i n       ing and writing! !The White Hous e
    lous" penalty against their 1982 ta x       Olean on Tuesday, November 20, wit h         Comments Desk is 202-456-7639 .
    return . This appeal had its first da y     a personal financial statement . Kat h       Capitol Switchboard 202- 224-312 1
    in Federal District Court on Novembe r      plans to go and bring her name, ad -         White House Washington DC 2050 0
    5th before judge Munson . The gov-          dress, and social security number .
                                                                                             Senate Office Bldg . " " 2051 0
    ernment moved for summary judgement         At that point the IRS will either drop           If there is an invasion, there wil l
    (that the case should be decided fo r       her case or ask a judge to issue a           be an immeddlate protest for thos e
    the government without further evi-         summons .                                    in the Syrac use area . The protest wil l
    dence solely on the basis of the ta x          This is yet the latest incident i n       be the day after the news reports o f
    return itself) . Terry Burke, a Syra-       Kath's ongoing relationship with th e        the invasion. People will meet at th e
    cuse University law student with th e       IRS . She refused to pay a $500 fin e        new Wet Nam Veterans Memorial in .-
    Public Interest Law Firm and represent-     for frivolous use of a tax form (sh e        front of Plymouth Church and have a
    ing the Swords, moved for discover y        claimed a war tax deduction on he r          candle light march to the Federa l
    (the opportunity to consider other fact s   1982 return) and has received numer-         Build ng. There will be speakers an d
    in the case besides the tax return) .       ous letters from the IRS (and responde d     protests there .
    judge Munson heard both motions with -      to them all) . Kath asked that peopl e            Please be prepared to come ou t
    out questioning either lawyer . He i s      not come down for her Tuesday sum-             and be public about your opposi-
    expected to deliver a written state-        mons . However, she'll want lots of            tion to Reagan's war plans for th e
    ment within the month .                     supporters around if the IRS comes t o         region!!
                                                                           -carol Barer!                                 A//ee $'Id t
      Kath Buffington, currently from           take her windchimes .

                                                                                                  11 /84 Peace Newsletter 25


                           The Anti- Terrorism Proposals
        On April 26 the Reagan administra-               National Committee Against Repres-                      New York-based Center for Constitu-
     tion sent legislation to Congres s                  sive Legislation noted that, "Con -                     tional Rights attributed the failure
     which represented the most drastic                  sistent with the hypocrisy of an-                       of HR5 613 (52626) to "the organizin g
     step yet in criminalizing politica l                nouncing a campaign against terror -                    and pressure put on the congressiona l
     expression . The bill would have cre-               ism while conducting internationa l                     committee to kill a piece of Reaga n
     ated a new crime, making it illega l                terrorist activities of its own, th e                   legislation that endangered freedo m
    to provide "support services" to, o r                administration's bill exempts activ-                    of speech and of association, an d
     "act in concert with" groups or coun -              ities of the U .S . government from                     defined support for national liberatio n
    tries designated as "terrorist" by th e              coverage . "                                            movements and socialist countrie s
    Secretary of State . Defendant s                        The	 Memoquotes Rep . Don Ed -                       as criminal . " (10/31 Guardian )
    charged with this crime would hav e                  wards, chair of the Judiciary Sub -                        Ratner urged solidarity activist s
    been prohibited from challenging .th e               committee on Civil and Constitutiona l                  not to be intimidated by the threa t
    Secretary's designation . The vague                  Rights, as stating that the bill ap-                    of such legislation, pointing out tha t
    wording of the bill would have cas t                 pears to have "serious constitutiona l                  "the greater danger now is that w e
    a wide net which would punish peo-                   problems (because) the Secretar y                       repress ourselves, and try to distor t
    ple for their associations : up to te n              can by edict almost create the crim e                   our words and actions, to comply
    years in prison and/or $100, 000 fine .              himself . "                                             with a law which, first, has not bee n
       Since existing law already prohib-                   This writer believes that if the                     passed, and second, is aimed pre-
    its the actual criminal acts involve d               Reagan administration invades Nic-                      cisely at discouraging and narrowin g
    in "terrorism, " such as bombing an d                aragua, it would find such an uncon-                    solidarity work . "
    murder, this sweeping new prohibi-                   stitutional law very useful to sup -                       Let's prepare ourselves to educate ,
    tion would have been aimed at acti-                  press dissent . Fortunately this                        agitate and organize opposition shoul d
    vity protected by the First Amendmen t               highly repressive bill failed to reac h                 this legislation or any similar legis-
    -- support of controversial issues .                 the floor before Congress adjourned .                   lation be introduced when Congres s
       The May/June '84 DC Memo of the                      Attorney Margaret Ratner of the                      resumes in February 1985 .

                                                                                                                                                   -Angus MacDonal d

                          Attorney at La w
                        213 Cambridge Street
                        Syracuse, N .Y . 1321 0

                 The Community Writers' Project
                       Mary Bush and Rachel deVrles,                                "What an inspiration it is to open the "Can't Kill the Spirit "
                                 Co-Director s                                          Peace Calendar with its striking color paintings,
                                                                                                    posters and photographs ."
                                                                                                            -San Francisco Chronicle
               Offering workshops in
        the writing of poetry and fiction ,           P.O. Box 6884
                                                   Syracuse, N.Y. 1321 7         Twelve uplifting images, 8 in full color, including : the La Pena mural;
         in literature which emphasizes                                          community land trusts; a Nicaraguan mural ; pieces of "The Ribbon
              women and minorities ,             Telephone : 472-0400                                                  ; and Sadako peace cranes fro m "theGraJimTopLngestRu
               and in photography.
                                                                                 Hiroshima . A glorious fabric art, wrap-around cover in full color b y
                                                                                 Karen Kemey. People's history dates, lunar cycles, holidays, expande d
                                                                                 resource pages Our 14th edition . 14x11 folded . By mail: $8.25, 3/
       January & April Sessions now formin g                                     $21 .25, 5/$33 . Syracuse Cultural Workers Project Box 6367 ,
           Write or call for information                                         Syracuse, NY 13217 . (315) 474-1132 . Bulk rates available . Sen d
                                                                                    25C for our catalog of calendars, posters, and greeting cards .

                                                       November 10-22, 33 young people           working conditions, but Midwes t
                                                   (ages 12-17) will travel throughou t          farmworkers have seen little progress .
                                                  the U .S ., speaking  in  schools ,               Something else for the Midwes t
                                                  churches, synagogues, and commun -             to look forward to : In a national ex-
                                                  ity centers with the Children of Wa r          pansion, Coors Beer, based in Col-
                                                  Tour, sponsored by the Religiou s
    G .I . Joe Has Got to Go                      Task Force and Mobilization for Sur-
                                                                                                 orado, is bringing its oppressive la-
                                                                                                 bor policies, which include low wages ,
       "The GI Joe team is an anti-terror-        vival . The Tour will be in New Yor k          forced polygraph tests, questionin g
    ist force dedicated to preserving th e        City Nov . 15,16, and 17 . (For more           about political and religious beliefs ,
    American way of life and protectin g          information, contact Paul Hodel ,              and sexual lifestyle, company polic e
    your right to your own opinions . "
                                                  Northeast Region Coordinator, 203 -            searches, and union-busting . An AFL -
       --Stephen Swartz, V .P . for Marketing ,
         Hasbro Toy s                             624-039 .) Organizers hope the di-             CIO boycott has continued since 1977 .
                                                  alogue begun will develop a continu-               But the Midwest should not bear to-
                                                  ing Children of War network an d               tal res ponsibility for these long-term
    -Does this sound like a toy to you ?
                                                  campaign .                                      struggles . We need to join in thes e
    GI Joe, a number one seller toda y
                                                       Participators from the U .S . wil l       national boycotts, remembering th e
    teaching young boys that real me n
                                                  come from the children's disarmamen t          children in the fields, and preventing
    thrive on violence and that war i s
                                                  movement and from minority communi -           Coors expansion from reaching Ne w
    fun, is just one part of a large mil -
                                                  ties which have been most directly             York .
    itary toy industry . This industry
                                                  affected economically by the impac t
     produces everything from comba t
    troops to models of the B-1 bomber ,
                                                  of the arms race . They all share one             Nobel Peace Laureate
                                                  important common thread -- th e
    complete with Cruise missiles .
                                                  desire to tell their story and the wil l            This year' s Nobel Peace Priz e
     Companies such as Hasbro Toy s
                                                  to apply their vision of peace to th e          went to Bishop Desmond Tutu . I t
    have succeeded in making hug e
                                                  building of a just and transforme d             Is the second time a black Sout h
    profits on the militarization o f
                                                  world .                                         African has won the Prize . Th e
    young people .
                                                                                                  award underscores the Nobel Com-
       In Canada in 1983, the Allianc e                                                           mittee's position that those wh o
    for Non-violent Action (ANVA), a                                                              work for justice work for peace .
    collective of groups who organiz e                                                                When asked about the effect o f
    for education and direct action ,                                                             current U .S . policies on Sout h
    initiated a military toy boycot t
                                                                                                  Africa, Tutu sal, " . . .what ha s
    with the hope that it would becom e
                                                                                                  been called constructive engage-
    an international campaign . In a                                                              ment has been an unmitigated dis-
    call to action put out by ANVA ,                                                              aster ." He asks, "Would the
     suggestions for ways to build a                                                              United States have collaborate d
    campaign include street leaflet-                                                              with the Stalin regime in its inter-
    ting in front of toy stores, pro-                                                             nal policies? Would it have had
    ducing a guide to alternativ e
    games and celebrations, and ge n
                                                  DO YOU  E A FEMAL ACT/ON FIGURE      r          constructive engagement with Naz i
                                                  SPEAKS OUT AGAINST D/SCR/M/NAT/ON AND WAR /?    Germany? "
    eral boycotts of all companies an d
    stores that sell war toys . We                Campbell's Other Kids                               Tutu is not optimistic about Sout h
                                                                                                  Africa's future : "I think it IS les s
    shouldn't let another year go b y                Campbell's, the all-American soup ,          and less likely that we are not go-
    without responding to this grow-              conjures up images of adorable chil -           ing to have a blood bath ." He tell s
    ing violence-promoting industry .             dren warming to a bowl of piping hot            of the black youngster who came u p
    For more information, contact th e            broth in kitchens across the countr y           to him after he had given a tal k
    Military Toy Campaign, 730 Bath -             But while these white, middle-clas s            about reasonably peaceful change :
     hurst St ., Toronto, Ont . M5S-2R4 .         families are busy humming "mmm ,                " 'Father, I heard what you said .
                                                  mmm, good," Campbell's "other kids ,            Do you believe it? ' I said, " Yes ,
                                                  migrant farmworkers in the Midwest ,
    Children of War Speak Ou t                    are sitting in their one-room plywoal
                                                                                                  though sometimes I hold on to thi s
                                                                                                  belief by the skin of my teeth . '
        "I saw all of my family executed .        shacks without plumbing, sufferin g             The youngster replied : 'Show m e
    In Cambodia, one million children died .      from malnutrition at ten times th e             what you have achieved with al l
    died, The smell and sight of bloo d           national average .                              your talk of peaceful change, an d
    decorated the walls of the childre n             Farmers controlled by Campbell' s            I will show you what we gained
    center's house . The children wer e           pay these families an average hourl y           with just a little violence . . . . "
    abandoned and made hostage of th e            wage of $1 .96 per hour, for whic h
    madness of adults . "                                                                         Words to ponder .
                                                  they work 10-12 hour days in field s
          Arn Chorn, Student Advisor t o
    the Children of War Tour .                    with no toilet or water facilities ,
                                                  where they are exposed to dangerou s
        Young people made victims o f             pesticides .
    war and violence are claiming th e               After a six-year national strike and
    right to share their own insights wit h       boycott, initiated by the Farm Labo r
    other young people, and with a n              Organizing Committee, workers i n
    adult world desparately in need o f           California and other states are making
    their hope .                                  small strides toward better wages and
                                                                                                     11/84    Peace Newsletter 27
Regula r
       Book Review -

              We         Are All Part of One Another:
                                    A   Barbara Deming Reade r
                             ed .   Jane Meyerding New Society Press                 1984   10 .9 5

        By Carolyn Mow
  We Are All Part of	 One Another i s                                                         becoming dizzy . . . It is my stubborn
a collection of Barbara Deming' s                                                             faith that if, as revolutionaries ,
writings, including essays, talks ,                                                           we wage battle without violence, we
                                                                                              can remain very much more in contro l
letters, poetry and a short story . A
                                                                                              --of our own selves, of the response s
very special aspect of the series o f                                                         to us which our adversaries make, . . .
works chosen is that it spans mor e                                                           and of the future we hope will issu e
than 20 years of her life, giving th e                                                        from it .
reader a sense of the progress of                                                               To those who criticize nonviolent
her thoughts and a picture of no t                                                            activists as idealists who expect
only Barbara's own history but als o                                                          those who have power to give it up
the history of the social movement s                                                          willingly when their conscience s
she was part of . The book combine s                                                          are appealed to, Barbara responds ,
a narration of her experiences wit h
                                                                                              If greater gains have not been won b y
her reflections on the issues raise d                                                         nonviolent action it is because mos t
by them, including questions o f                                                              of those trying it have . . .expected
peace and disarmament, civil rights ,                                                         too much from the "powerful' ; and so
feminism, sexuality, revolution ,                                                             , . .they have stopped short of reall y
nonviolence, and the connection s                                                             exercising their peculiar powers- -
among all these .                                                                             those powers one discovers when on e
   Barbara's stories about her exper-         9a•'bara Duns ' at hate fn[ampecet . )983
                                                            y                                 refuses any longer simply to do an -
                                                                                              other's will, .To refuse one's co -
iences during the civil rights move-       feelings about being in fail (wher e               operation is to exert force .
ment in the South in the 1960's in-        I was when I first read the book) :
                                                                                                 Barbara returns to the topic o f
terested me the most . In "Southern        The barred steel door has banged shu t
                                                                                              nonviolence when writing abou t
Peace Walk : Two Issues or One? "          , ._Magically, now, we are no longe r
                                           quite of the same species . . .Magic :             feminism in "Remembering Who W e
she describes her group's decision
                                           shake it out of them--the fact tha t               Are," She notes that if, for in -
to have a "one-issue" walk (peac e
being the issue, and not -evil rights )    they are people . Or frisk them of                 stance, a man can be an oppressor
                                           it . . .And put them away, Bas the re -            of women but at the same time op -
and how that decision depressed her .      lation with them been a difficult one ?            pressed as a worker, then peopl e
In practice, despite their decision ,      Now they don't exist .
the fact that the group was integrat-                                                         cannot be divided clearly betwee n
                                           These words seemed so truthful to me               "oppressors" and "oppressed . "
ed brought the issues together .
                                           as I looked at the people around m e               She concludes that we must struggl e
The story of the encounters betwee n
                                           and asked, "What are they doing here ?             against " oppressors " as indi-
the peace walkers and black congre-
                                               A particularly controversial issu e            viduals, which again suggests non -
gations they visited is very moving .
                                           for many of us who are working fo r                violence as the appropriate mean s
As they shared thoughts and experi-
ences, the connections betwee n            radical social change is the trues -               of struggle .
                                            tine of how to struggle es- non -                    The book also includes talks giv-
their struggl es were clear . Th e
                                           violently or violently? And for                    en by Barbara about topics that are
courage of the young blacks wh o
                                           those who have chosen nonviolence ,                sometimes controversial within th e
joined them during the walk, riskin g
                                           how do we relate to those who have                 peace movement, such as the non -
physical injury or death, is reall y
                                           chosen armed struggle? In "Revo-                   violence of selective property de-
inspiring . The strength of the spiri t
                                            lution and Equilibrium" Barbara says ,            struction and recognizing and deal-
of nonviolence in the civil right s
                                                                                              ing with our anger . Letters record
movement is clearly conveyed b y           I stand with all who say of presen t
                                                                                              personal exchanges about a rang e
Barbara's writing .                        conditions that they do not allow
                                           men (sic) to be fully human and s o                of issues, including the relation- -
   The chapter which touched m e
                                           they must be changed--all who no t                 ship between overcoming her ow n
most personally was the one con-
                                           only say this but are ready to act .               oppression as a Lesbian and parti-
sisting of excerpts from Priso n
                                           But she goes on to argue strongl y                 cipating in struggles against othe r
Notes, about the time Barbara spen t
                                           In favor of nonviolence . Ber reason-              oppressions, and a feminist cri -
in jail in Albany, Georgia, in 1964 .
                                           ing in this essay is summed u p                    tique of Marxist theory . We	 Are
She expresses so eloquently m y                                                               ALPe	 t of One Another provides a
                                           when she writes ,
Carolyn is a nonviolent activist    who    No, it is pot that I want to remai n               wealth of food for thought for al l
lives in Ithaca,                                                                              of us, and in a very readable style *
                                           pure ; it is that I want to escape
  28 Peace Newsletter       11/84

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                  ,IOi'I Iyc BY         vv   OO1)S (Iv         \ SNOvv Y h,VFNIN G
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                                  Whose moods these ire I. (hink I '.:now .
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                                  lie it t11 not see me ,hopping her e
                                  I'o H .Iteh his woods ill up .rich snow .                                                    • tree care • playyard s
                                    he little horse must think it quee r
                                  I o ;top without .t f a rmhouse near ,
                                  BcI seen the woods -md frozen lak e
                                  p hc darkest Cscning of the :.ur .
                                  l Ie giccs his harness bells .I shake
                                  Fo ask if there is some mistake .
                                  the only other sound's the swee p
                                  Of easy wind and downy flake .
                                  the woods are lovely and dark and deep .
                                  But I have promises to keep,
                                  And miles to go before f sleep . -
                                  And miles to go before I sleep .

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EVERY FRIDAY Kittredge Aud .,                                      Classified listings should be typed or printed and mailed to PN L
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       Fri . Nov. 30 7, 9                                                                                                                 Call 458-2343 .

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       starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman ,             or exchange childcare . Call 458-2343 .

       and Claude Rains . The love story, the nobl e          CALLIGRAPHY-- a great idea for the holidays . !will handletia poetry, party invitations ,
       sacrifice, the enduring friendship, the politica l     greeting cards artfully and Inexpensively . Laurie Goldman, 472-5478 afternoons, 425 -
       framework of the plot make Casablanca among            0629 eves .
       the most quoted and memorable films made i n
                                                              Anyone interested in receiving a copy of a personal report on his visit to Nicaragua b y
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       Fri . Dec . 7 7, 9                                     tion and training In nonviolence . Duties Include generating and coordinating programs ,
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       Winner of six Academy Awards incuding bes t            insurance . Call (510 .434-4037 for more info, or send resume to Social Action Center ,
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       story of a runaway heiress and a tough gu y            Workers needed: Catholic Worker house for battered and homeless women . Rural Up-
       reporter on the rocky road to romance. Th e            state New York . One year commitment, room, board, small stipend, singles or couples.
                                                              Write to: St . Francis Farm, RD 1 Box 56, Lacona, NY 13083 ; or call (315) 298-6479 .
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       Spencer Tracy as a prosecutor and Katherin e
       Hepburn as a defense attorney who carry                Nutritional Consulting : Concerned about your energy and/or health level? Try nutritio n
                                                              first . Susan E . Brown, Ph .D ., Nutrional Consultant, 1200 F . Genesee St ., Suite 310 ,
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       marriage. Judy Holliday is hilarious as th e
       defendant accused of trying to murder he r             The Syracuse Video Collective is producing a documentary about the Syracuse and Ne w
       unfaithful husband . (George C'ukor, 101 min. ,        York State based Witness for Peace trip to Nicaragua in November 1984 . Please send
                                                              contributions to Syr . Video Collective, Box 282, Syracuse, NY 13201, or call Jim at 425 -
       1949)                                                  8806 .

                                                              Sensitive, considerate, male seeks large room for sleep and study with house privilege .
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                                                              Simpson, P .O .
        likely but beautiful relationship between a
        young man(BudCort) and an old woman (Ruth             For rent : room in country house for office, studio, work space, etc . Ideal for writer ,
        Gordon) is an NVS favorite and a cult classic         artist . 15 miles from downtown Syracuse off Route 20 . Call Joan Goldberg 673-1083 .
        Music by Cat Stevens. (Hal Ashby. 1972, 9 2
                                                              Roommate wanted : Room with porch in great duplex, nice neighborhood - westside, wit h
        min .)
                                                              couple and one-year-old . Friendly, responsible, quiet, non-smoking household . Cal l
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         OF FRIENDS                                           Quiet, considerate, employed, non-smoking man active in the community seeks a room In
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         Friday, Jan . 25 7, 9, 1 1                           exchange for general usefulness (snow shaveling, taking out the trash, etc) . Excellent
         One of 1980's best films tells the story of thre e   references . Please call Ed KInane, 425-0247 .

         students affected by the college radicalism           Need help for your family member with a disability? Direction Service of Onondag a
         and sexual revolution of the Sixties . The sen-       County will provide assistance, information, support, and referral for children and young
         sationalized ending mars the film . "Thoughtful,      adults who have emotional, physical, or mental disabilities . Call 423-2735, 9 a .m . -
         reflective, and honest" (New Times) . With Brad       4 p .m . weekdays .

         Davis, Karen Allen, Jameson Parker . (Rob            Women In Prison: Are you in prison or fail or have been in the past? I am interested I n
         Cohen, 1980, 113 min.)                               your story for an anthology . I would like to hear from you . We need to tell our stories .
                                                              Please write : kao, 523 Michigan, Apt . 111 C, Orlando, Fla . 32806 . I will answer al l
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         TREE OF WOODE N                                       The Syracuse Area Interreligious Council has openings for six VISTA Volunteer positions .
                                                               Locally recruited volunteers, who will receive a subsistence allowance, will work to ea -
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         CLOGS                                                 and develop employment and counseling services for people recently released from th e
         Friday, Feb. 1 8 pm only                              Jamesville Correctional Facility . Call SATC at 476-2001 for more information

         Classic of Italian cinem a                            Help ranted : Part or full-time work from home, processing mail or typing, experienc
                                                               unnecessary, excellent income potentials . For more Information, send stamped self
 Kittredge is in H.B. Crouse Hall below Gifford Aud .          addressed envelope to Duncan, P .O .
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