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     ENTRY                         DEVELOPING                      APPROACHING                            IDEAL
            Integrating Technology to Support Instruction: Overview of the teaching and Learning Process
 Instruction is teacher        Teacher begins to seek           Teacher begins to             Teacher facilitates
   centered                        out technology                    experiment with               technology enriched,
 Teacher does not seek            resources to enhance              student centered              student-centered learning
   out technology                  learning                          learning activities that    Lessons and activities are
   resources to enhance         Technology lessons are              incorporate advanced          clearly aligned to content
   learning                        independent of content            technologies                  learning goals, SOLS and
 No technology                 When technology                  Teacher uses                    incorporate national
   lessons observed                resources are used,               technology to                 technology standards
                                   focus is on application           differentiate
                                   and not integration               instruction
                                                                  Technology-
                                                                     enhanced lessons are
                                                                     aligned to learning

       ENTRY                        DEVELOPING                    APPROACHING                          IDEAL
                 Integrating Technology to Support Instruction: Organization of the Learning Space
 Teacher often sits at       Teacher is aware of           Teacher stages room         Teacher dynamically
  desk while instructing        importance of                  arrangement to best           configures room for
  students                      organization and room          fit instruction               instruction and transitions
 No change in room             arrangement to manage        Teacher uses                   are seamless
  arrangement                   student use of                 available television       Teacher and students use
 Does not use                  technology by                  monitor, LCD and/or           available projection device
    projection equipment         monitoring screens                smart board                   for interactive instruction
                                Teacher occasionally                                            when appropriate
                                 uses available television
                                 monitor, LCD and/or
                                 smart board

ENTRY                          DEVELOPING                               APPROACHING                         IDEAL
                 Integrating Technology to Support Instruction: Digital Organization and Electronic Resources
   Lack of digital              Limited digital                Teacher directed            Teacher encourages student
    organization                   organization                    digital organization         created and maintained
   Paper and pencil             Teacher directed note          Teacher directed note         digital organization systems
    notes                          taking using word               taking using a variety       including calendars and
   Hardcopies handouts            processing                      of skills and                folders
   No obvious use of            Teacher may create               resources like word        Teacher encourages students
    digital distribution or        multimedia                      processing, graphic          to select from a variety of
    collection of                  presentations as student        organizers, databases,       technology to organize and
    documents                      notes or for lecture            spreadsheets,                summarize material (word
   Print resources used         Teacher uses some                presentation and             processing, databases,
    exclusively                    simple digital                  outlining software           spreadsheets, student created
                                  worksheets                    Teacher allows                webpages, blogs, multimedia
                                 Teacher uses available           students to select           presentations, wiki pages,
                                   electronic resources to         their own method to          podcasts and vodcasts)
                                   distribute documents to         communicate                Electronic Resources such as
                                   students                        understanding.               virtual share, wiki pages,
                                 Teacher uses pre-made          Teacher uses                  email and blogs used to
                                   technology                      electronic resources         distribute, collect and return
                                   lessons/materials/templ         to distribute digital        a variety of digital content.
                                   ates                            content and students       Teacher provides feedback
                                 Teacher supplements              use the drop box to          digitally.
                               textbook with online            return to teacher            Teacher incorporated open-
                               content                        Textbooks                     ended questioning and
                              Teacher uses web                supplement frequent           higher order thinking skills
                               pages to post homework          use of technology             in real-world technology-
                               and communicate                 resources and online          rich learning experiences
                              Teacher uses                    content                      Teacher facilitates student
                               technology and                 Teacher incorporates          collaboration(peer editing,
                               electronic resources to         project-based                 multimedia, literature
                               differentiate instruction       learning                      circles, through technology
                                                              Teacher evaluates            Teacher instructs students on
                                                              electronic resources          evaluation of all appropriate
                                                               for appropriateness           resources to solve authentic
                                                               and effectiveness             problems
                                                              Teacher webpage is           Teacher develop his own
                                                               used as an                    electronic resources for
                                                               instructional tool            students
                                                              Teacher begin to
                                                               develop his own
                                                               project-based lessons

           ENTRY                      DEVELOPING                  APPROACHING                         IDEAL
              Integrating Technology to Support Instruction: Use of Electronic Resources for Assessment
 Assessment is via          Teacher uses some pre-        Teacher uses                 Teacher creates, aligns and
  hard copy                    made assessment tools          technology to create,          administers a wide variety of
                            Teach creates print             align and administer           online assessments
                               tests using Edutest or         online assessments          Teacher uses data from all
                               Exam View                    Teacher uses charts             assessments to inform
                                                             for grading electronic         instruction
                                                              assignments                 Teacher creates charts for
           ENTRY                  DEVELOPING                APPROACHING                         IDEAL
                             Using Technology to Support Student Centered Learning
 Student use of             Students use electronic    Students use web            Students engage in
  technology is              resources selected by          resources that have        technology-dependent
  optional                   teacher                        been evaluated by the      learning that is project-
 Students rely on           Students do                   teacher                    based, using open-ended
  teacher for                cooperative-learning        Students begin to            questions and higher order
  dissemination of           group activities               engage in technology-      thinking skills
  information                Students observe              enhanced learning         Students use electronic
 Students engage in         teacher demonstrating          experiences that are       resources to plan, design and
  face-to-face               the use of electronic          open ended and             execute solutions to real-
  communication              devices to manipulate          require higher order       world problems
 Students                   static data                    thinking skills           Students effectively evaluate
  communicate                Students document          Students use                 web resources for validity
  learning through           learning through word-         technology to solve       Students collaborate while
  standard written and       processed documents,           authentic problems         using technology to solve
  oral means                 presentations and           Students                     authentic problems
                             graphic organizers             communicate ideas         Students develop electronic
                             Students are provided         through use of video,      products like interactive
                             information regarding          pictures, images           documents, web pages,
                             the ethical use of             and/or graphics            digital video, real-time data
                             technology                  Students reference           analysis, images, blogs, wiki
                                                            and respond to             pages and podcasts to gain
                                                            spreadsheets,              knowledge and demonstrate
                                                            databases, digital         content mastery
                                                            video, images, blogs,     Students communicate ideas
                                                            wiki pages, podcasts,      through a variety of media
                                                            interactive PDFs, web      including video, images, and
                                                            pages to gather and        graphics
                                                            analyze data              Students use advanced
 Students use teacher-      knowledge of software
  selected electronic        applications to communicate
  devices to collect,       Students select appropriate
  organize, analyze and      electronic devices (probes,
  display real-time data     projection beams, cameras)
 Students create            to gather, organize, analyze
  databases,                 and display real time data
  spreadsheets             

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