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					Millennium Project Situation Chart
Last Updated: February 18, 2009

In addition to looking at the first few sections of the situation chart below, please also scroll
down to your Node and update what you find there and return to me please. Eventually, we
will get this on our internal mpcollab website with a link from our main site.

Current Hot Items                               Next steps
Futures Research Methodology                    Most of the previous chapters have been
update to 3.0.                                  updated, and another 13 chapters are in
                                                production and half are out for peer reviews.

                                                Begin to think of promotion plan, book reviews,
                                                etc. to get the word out.

MP in Second Life – link from                   Frank to prepare tutorials and send to MP PC.                                People go now to get familiar with the site.

UN EcoSoc DESA briefing Global                  Follow up emails. Former US Ambassador to
Challenges Jan 15th in New York                 EcoSoc attended the session and will use ideas
                                                in at the Presedent Johnson Library conference
                                                in Texas

President of the Dominican Republic to          Get printed versions before launch in March
host launch of Spanish edition of the 2008
SOF in Santo Domingo pending printing of
SOF in Spanish

Futures Research in Education Proposal for      We decided not to submit a proposal, but to
Dubai                                           offer to help who ever wins the bid. Now
                                                waiting response on this approach.

UN Climate Change Sit Room and                  JG to follow up. UN ASG for IT briefing to UN
collective intelligence system                  ASG for Policy then UN Secretary-General

Up-Grade Azerbaijan Gov Futures                 MOU signed and implementation to planned to
Capacity                                        begin March 2009 first act might be to write
                                                scenarios for Asia-Europe fiber cables through
                                                Azerbaijan – how it goes well, how it goes
                                                badly for society

GENIS – Phase 1 report complete                 JG to write proposal for Phase II prototypes to
                                                Google, et al.

Jerry to Silicon Valley Node (Feb. 20) and
Korea (Feb 22-26 for Korea 2009 and other
speaking and seminars for the Korean Node

Ted: Lecture series at University of         TG preparing 5 lectures for UH on topics such
Houston, Texas                               as decision making and surprise events.

Priorities (Current Status)                  Next Steps

2008 State of the Future Promotion           Spanish edition launch in the Dominican
                                             Republic lead by the President February 11th.
      Ads in Foreign Affairs                Other launches of Spanish edition pending
      Book launch at the UNA-USA in         printing - Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia,
       New York in Sept with President of    Venezuela
       the Dominican Republic.
      Press Release and coverage on         Each Node should have a promotion plan
       Press Room at website
      US/Canada flyer mailed                Extract text of 15 challenges and send it to
      Should we have downloadable pdf       mailing lists and organizations working on the
       of print for say US$25?               topic (list of women and ethics organizations in

                                             Sell English CD directly in some countries like
                                             India, UK, South Africa

Translations of 2008 State of the Future     Spanish - Mexico to print 1000 copies of 2008
                                             SOF; DR may also print some copies
Executive Summary translated in ten          Arabic translation and printing cooperation of
lanuges and online in Arabic, Azeri,         Dubai and Cairo Nodes
Chinese, English, French, German,            Portuguese – Brazil Node exploring
Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
                                             Russian by Baku
New Website                                  Ideas should be sent to Frank and Elizabeth

      Frank & Elizabeth to complete,        Video-introductions by Node Chairs could be
       then move it to Peter Yim‘s server    put on YouTube with link from MP‘s site
      In the meantime links with MP‘s
       main site is linked with MPCollab,    JG video record 15 short overviews of the
       what‘s new, calendar, etc.            Global Challenges

Real Time Delphi                             A dozen studies completed or running
                                                 Three UNESCO world water scenarios
On-line training course available at             South Korea SOFI
                                                   60th Anniversary of the Declaration of
License pricing:                                    Human Rights possibly by WFUNA
    50K/unlimited use with clients                World Bank evaluation of GEF
       (pending)                                   South African SOFI (current)
    35K/year for profit (internal use)            Millennia (Elizabeth writing report)
    10K/year non profit                           Deloitte purchased a license.(study
    5K/one use                                     pending)
    0K/use by Nodes (unless part of               Migrated to Hawaii server
       paid contract)                              RTD for Peru 2018, electrical sector

   Administrator‘s interface redesigned
   Migrated to Hawaii server RTD for
    Peru 2018, electrical sector

SOFI                                         SOFI out put from International Futures Model
      On line training course               for ~150 countries for comparisons (what pub
      South Africa (current RTD)            relations strategy to get the word around?)
      Recently completed: Korea             Chapter in 2007 SOF
      Integration with the International    Annual report? (like UNDP‘s HDI)
       Futures Model                         Historical data comparisons-IF and MP
                                             Paper on SOFI accepted by International
                                             Conference on Knowledge Generation,
                                             Communication and Management

                                             Developing methods for completing missing
                                             historical data; once accomplished will load on
                                             IFs model

Futures Research Methodology 3.0             Rockefeller Foundation funded. Nearly half the
                                             previous chapters have been updated, and
                                             another 12 chapters are in production and half
                                             our for peer reviews

Develop PR kit for Nodes and others

Update/rewrite the long versions of the 15   Wiki on MP beta site or separate wiki for this
global challenges – as data base? Or text?   purpose.

Global Millennium Prize                   2008 contest complete, award ceremony in
Each Node to Promote for high schools and Mexico in February 2009.
with Mexico additionally for universities Seek funding for airplane tickets, update

                                             Participating Node chairs will contact local
                                             UNESCO office and explore support options –
                                             Remember UNESCO headquarters is both an
                                            inkind sponsor of MP and using RTD
Create an on-line MP Course on the 15       Frank will install a LCMS (Learning Content
Global Challenges                           Management System) for Courses
                                            Jack Gottsman to enroll WFS in this effort
                                            Renee may teach it online for Boston Univ.

Future Women/gender futures study           Write new proposal from Millennia Conference
                                            in Belgium – Real Time Delphi completed for

Continue work and publish                   Concepción fund raising

Administration                              Next Steps

Improve the improvement system of MP        Use this situation chart on the new website
                                            available only to MP PM with password

                                            Add implement question (space) to next RTD
                                            for next PC meeting

Information System                          Jerry sent a list of all MP email lists with brief
                                            explanation (purposes, members, etc.) – send
                                            periodically as reminder

                                            Frank to explore creating a virtual library on
                                            futures in Second Life [Since 2L is a
                                            membership organization, wouldn't it be more
                                            suitable to set up such a virtual library on the
                                            Web site, open to all, at least to begin with?]

Current/future grants/contracts             Next Steps

Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Applied
Materials, and Hershey Company agreed
to 2008 sponsorship

Army Environmental Policy Institute         Monthly reports, six-month Briefings
Monthly Scanning Reports on Emerging
International Issues of Environmental
Security – contract for 2008-2010

GENIS (Global Energy Network and Info       Seek funds for Phase II with Frank C (MP),
System) – Foundation for the Future.        Jack P (SRI), and Tom M (MIT); potentials in
Phase 1 complete, seeking funds for Phase   Russia, Korea, the UNSG‘s office, and Google.
II prototypes
Kuwait – Futures upgrade for the               New MOU signed, waiting political
Government                                     clarification

Dominican Republic                             Training for Senior Government Officials
Futures upgrade                                pending, February meetings

Mexico                                         Training for Senior Government Officials
Futures upgrade                                pending

France                                         Response to initial separate discussions of Pres
Two applications for collective intelligence   and PM‘s Offices
(G-8 and Center for Strategic Analysis)

Climate Change War Room (Sir Richard           Branson is fundraising, plans to hire CEO and
Branson‘s initiative)                          staff early 2009, then potential to participate in
                                               design using GENIS model and RTDs, and
                                               begin operations possibly in May 2009

UN Agencies//Gov. future strategy units‘       JG to follow up with ASG Policy, ASG for IT
website intranet concept paper,                to work with SG‘s Climate Change chief, JG
management procedures Initial meeting          give more examples to Deputy for UN Strategy.
with UN ASG for IT and UN Deputy for           Vignettes sent to IT office, next to
strategy, and tele ―right direction‖ form      Policy/Strategy office
ASC for Policy & Strategy

SAS. Statistical software                      JMP7 statistical software provided as a grant to
                                               the Project

Nodes’ Status                                  Next Steps

Baku, Azerbaijan
                                               Funding cycle begins in March, first act is
Signed MOU in November when JGlenn             likely to be writing regional IT scenarios on
came to speak at the Telecommunications        implications of new fiber trunk lines between
conference. MOU to upgrade                     Asia and Europe going through Azerbaijan.
Government‘s Futures Research capacity.        Booze Allen Hamilton advising gov on the
2nd Local Millennium Prize funded and
managed, published winner‘s essays in
booklet, and conducted local Millennium
Prize ceremony covered on television.

Russian and Azeri translation and printing
of 2007 SOF, Azeri and Russian translation
and distribution of 15 Global Challenges
for students to enter GMP

Beijing, China                              Needs assistance to construct National SOFI,
Created circular SOFI graph for China       Chinese translation of 2008 SOF

Berlin/Colon, Germany                       Complete German Tech Futures survey
                                            (analysis), communicate to MP community in

Bled Forum on Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia         Bled Forum on the Future of Europe
                                                   March 7-9th 2009 focusing on the future
Policy implementation of MP research in            of culture.
Europe                                            Create an RTD for priorities among MP
                                                   suggestions to be implemented by
                                                   Members of Bled Forum on Europe,
                                                   Brussels Area, other Node chairs, and
                                                   interested individuals like Maria
                                                   Rodrigues of Lisbon Strategy. Examples
                                                   actions to implement: establish
                                                   Committee for Futures like Finland in
                                                   other countries, amend corporate law to
                                                   include transinstitutional category

Brussels-Area, Belgium                      Millennia Conference follow up; explore
                                            adaptation in French of the 2007 and 2008 SOF
                                            for the Secondary School students

Buenos Aries, Argentina                     Título: Descolonizar el futuro. América Latina
                                            hacia el Siglo XXII
                                            Autor: Miguel Angel Gutierrez

                                            2008 State of the Future Spanish promotion in
                                            collaboration with other Latin American Nodes

Cairo, Egypt                                Arabic translation of 2008 SOF in cooperation
Initiated Middle East Peace Scenarios       with Dubai
Study. Competed Arabic translation of
2007 SOF                                    Developing futures courses and programs for
                                            Arab universities in the region, planning to
                                            organize a conference on alternative and
                                            renewable energy resources in Egypt and
                                            Arabian region.

Caracas, Venezuela                          Collaboration with other Latin American Nodes
Completed Spanish translations of 2007      on promotion of 2008 State of the Future
and 2008. Promotion of CD version of
Spanish. Coordination of futurist articles in   Continuation of University Prize on Futures.
magazine and wrote review of 2008.              Follow-up on 2030 Latin American Scenarios.
Cooperation on Energy Delphi for Peru.          Sponsor of WSIS Venezuela Internet Prizes.

Cyber, Internet                                 Frank is creating MP‘s space in SecondLife and
Supported development of on-line tutorials      will be back in DC mid February to work with
for RTD and SOF                                 Jerry and Kawthar on transition with websites.

                                                Complete new website, plan for GENIS Phase

                                                Streaming video capability on

Dubai, United Arab Emirates                     Futures Research for Education project.
Objectives of the Node:
Serve as a catalyst for futures studies and     1. Set up the internal / administrative
spread the culture of futures thinking in the   organization of the Node
UAE                                             2. Build a database of local, regional and global
Develop futures studies methodology and         experts in different areas of interest to future
research that caters to UAE needs               studies to use them in lookout Panels
Activate and encourage academic and             3. Conduct research Projects in futures studies
organizational experts and networks to          4. Conduct public workshops and seminars to
participate in the activities of the            raise awareness of the concept of Future
Millennium Project                              Studies and the Millennium Project
                                                5. Establish futures bodies within educational
                                                6. Collaborate with the Egyptian Node on
                                                production and promotion of Arabic Edition of
                                                2008 SOF
Helsinki, Finland

2008 SOF was purchased for participants
in two conferences during October 2008.

Istanbul, Turkey                                Applications of Turkey‘s SOFI

Kuwait, Gulf Region                             Transfer of MOU (Futures upgrade for the
Initiated:                                      country) from Deputy PM to Ministry of
Government Training Programs                    Security, then implementation plan
Global Energy Scenarios 2020
Early Warning System (KOC)

Lima, Peru                                      Collaboration on promotion of Spanish edition
Completed RTD for future energy study           of 2008 State of the Future.
London, UK                            In transition

Mexico City, Mexico                   Translating 2008 State of the Future and
                                      promotion in collaboration with other Latin
                                      American Nodes

                                      Global Millennium Prize fund raising and
                                      management, Futures Dictionary/Encyclopedia
                                      fund raising and management, Spanish edition
                                      of SOF in coordination with others in Latin

                                      May 1st Launch of new Websites for:
                                           Millennium Award (4th contest in just
                                             for Mexican Middle School students)
                                           Global Millennium Prize (3rd contest for
                                             international secondary students)
                                           Millennium Prize (2nd contest for
                                             university students in Mexico)
                                           Millennium Prize (1st contest for
                                             teachers in Mexico)
                                      Follow up meeting at the President‘s Office for
                                      the Mexico‘s future unit, concepts and methods
                                      workshop, and SOFI Planning MP Panel for the
                                      61st UN/NGO International Conference on
                                      ―Human Rights‖, in Paris. Follow up Futures
                                      sponsorship with CONALMEX-UNESCO.

Kingston, Canada                      In transition

Moscow, Russia                        Waiting feedback on proposal for a Nanotech
Updated MOU to help nanotech global   Scanning system.
scanning system
Publication on Foresight

New Delhi/Madurai, India              Consider selling the CD of the SOF at lower
                                      cost without printing the report. In the process
                                      of setting up of a Centre for Future Studies,
                                      New Delhi— which shall then, among other
                                      things, start preliminary work on SOFI-India.
                                      Promoting the Global Millennium Prize in
                                      educational organizations in India.

Paris, France                         Follow up with PM’s Strategy Office; waiting
                                           for membership of the inter-Ministries
Launch French Global Millennium Prize      Foresight Network to Prospective Foresight
participation in May 2008 (Press campaign, Network; research partnership: Phosphore
French translation of the GMP website)     magazine in 2009

Prague/Olomoc, Central Europe                Some medical assistance to Haiti continues.
Just published 10 overview of the State of   Pavel was elected chairman of the Czech
the Future in Czech and a report in French   Association of the Club of Rome and will
and Czech on the Global Partnership for      develop MP-COR relations there

New sub-Node in Poland with 4C Future
Computing http://www.millennium-

Pretoria/Johannesburg, South Africa                 SOF and SOFI launch events to be held
                                                     in Oct / Nov (we will do 3 receptions in
                                                     different cities).
                                                    Completing the South African SOFI.
                                                    Follow ups from Futures Intelligence
                                                     conference in November in Cape Town.

Rome/Pescara, Italy                          Node re-organized. JGlenn to visit in March
                                             2009 while in Italy for Rockefeller Foundation
                                             meeting on improving futures research capacity
                                             in developing countries

Santa Cruz/La Paz, Bolivia                   Create plans and complete membership of the
MOU signed in August, 2008                   Node

Santiago, Chile                                 Working on 2008 Spanish edition
 Printed and distribution of 500 issues        Preparing academic program on Future
   in Chile and LATAM of the Spanish             Studies and Prospective ( in cooperation
   edition of 2007 SOF                           with the Argentinian and Venezuelan
 Presentation of the SOF 2007 to the            nodes), starting at 2009.
   Chilean universities and other               Actions of sensitization of public and
   institutions (PP available)                   private institutions about the future studies
 Published press articles about the MP          and the need to establish Prospective Units
   and future studies.                          Negotiating agreements with educational
 Seminar SOF with J.Glenn, J.L                  institutions to promote the future studies in
   Cordeiro, M.A. Gutiérrez, L. Ragno            schools.
   and Chilean experts.
 Meeting with 250 teachers (elementary
   and High School) with J. Glenn, J.L
   Cordeiro, M.A. Gutiérrez, L. Ragno.
 Meeting with the president of chilean
    Senate and former president of Chile,
    Mr. Frei
   Work-shops with commerce chambers
    and entrepeneurs.
   Constitution of the Chilean net of the

Sao Paulo, Brazil                            Follow ups from Millennia Conference,
Published and distributed Portuguese book    potential Aviation RTD, Strategic Foresight and
of MP Global Energy Scenarios                Visions of the Future (Academic Program)

Seoul, South Korea                           JGlenn keynote Korea Forum 2009 in March
Korean translation of 2007 SOF               23rd. Government future strategy units report
Upgraded SOFI completed.                     completed now being translated to Korea;
                                             additional funds likely from Min. of S&T in the
                                             next budget cycle pending government

Silicon Valley, USA                             Node meeting at SRI 4 PM Feb. 20th
                                                Coordinate US 15 Global Millennium Prize
Supporting winners of the Technology            Facilitate WFS participation in on-line MP
Benefiting Humanity Award to further             Course on the 15 Global Challenges
develop business plans to scale the Social      Solicit Nodes to be WFS Chapters
Benefit Enterprises                             Enroll Nodes in WFS virtual learning
                                                 community and GYFP (Global Youth
                                                 Foresight Program)
                                                Evaluating SKYPE as a free international
                                                 teleconference method
                                                Evaluating enhanced market targeting to
                                                 attract more members – business, academic,
                                                 government, NGO‘s
                                                Evaluating and getting proposals to
                                                 standardize a web templet for chapters to
                                                Evaluating web casting for the chapters so
                                                 12 outstanding speakers will be able to web
                                                 cast on a global basis.
                                                Evaluating (technical and cost/benefit) web
                                                 casting portions of the annual conference to
                                                 reach the global membership restricted from
                                                 participation because of the total (air fare,
                                                 food and housing) cost of attendance. The
                                                 fee would be less than attendance because
                                                 the program would be shorter and there is
                                                 not the overhead to support these ‗new‘
                                                 global attendees.
                                                 Reach out to Node Chairs to also be WFS
                                                  chapters to augment their efforts to increase
                                                  futures knowledge in their communities.

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia               Re-organizing the Node into a new institutional
During 2007 we created a professional
membership category within the futures
foundation, and in the process we are
engaging with all Australian practicing
futurists for the first time.

Tehran, Iran                                  Persian translation of 2005-2007 and 2008 SOF
Creation of a professional organization for
futurists and publications

Futures Conference in Fall of 2008 JGlenn
gave talk via SKYPE from Baku to Tehran

Tel Aviv, Israel                              Distribution of the SOF; Discussions with
                                              Ministry of Education on Millennium prize
                                              Contacts with Israeli representatives to UNA;
                                              Discussion with UNU-CRIS on possible
                                              cooperation; Contacts with EU Nodes on
                                              cooperation in FP7 on foresight studies

Tokyo, Japan                                  Collaboration of the MP with the Institute for
Presented 2008 State of the Future in         Future Technology.
Tokyo with the New Japanese Society for
Future Research. Japanese translation of
2008 SOF executive summary by Professor
Kazuo Mizuta in Kyoto