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					Mountain West Trade
Mission to Mexico

“Industrial Strength”
          Geoffrey Bogart
       Principal Commercial Officer
  American Consulate General Monterrey
           November 17, 2009
          Where We Are in Mexico
                                Covers 7 States in NE Mexico.


                                                   Chihuahua    (Ciudad Juarez)
                                                   Coahuila   (Saltillo)

                                                   Nuevo   Leon (Monterrey)
                                                   San   Luis Potosi
                                                   Tamaulipas    (Nuevo Laredo)

        Why Monterrey?

 Nuevo Leon (and in particular Monterrey):
    Entrepreneurial spirit
    Distant from central government in Mexico City
    740 Million USD in Foreign investment in 2008

 “Regiomontanos” or “Regios:”
    Hard-working
    Conservative
    Family-oriented businesspeople
        Monterrey is the Industrial Heart of

 Excluding Telmex (telephone) and Pemex (oil), Monterrey
  controls more than half of Mexico’s total industrial assets.

 Local industry led by family-owned conglomerates
  founded on beer, steel, and glass.

 Monterrey is the distribution center of Mexico due to its
  strategic location on the NAFTA Corridor.
       What Does Monterrey Produce?

   75% of Mexico’s glass containers
   60% of Mexico’s cement production
   60% of Mexico’s synthetic fibers production
   60% of Mexico’s household appliances
   50% of Mexico’s beer production
   50% of Mexico’s ceramics production
   45% of Mexico’s automotive parts
   40% of Mexico’s production of basic steel
         Mexico’s Largest Industrial Groups
         are Headquartered in Monterrey

   ALFA         Auto parts, processed food, telecom.
   BANORTE      Only large Mexican bank owned by Mexicans.
   CEMEX        Largest cement supplier in the world.
   CYDSA        Chemicals & plastics.
   FEMSA        50% of Mexican beer market, Coca-Cola bottler.
   MASECA       Largest tortilla producer in U.S. & Mexico.
   PROEZA       Largest chassis manufacturer in Latin America.
   PROTEXA      Construction, petrochemicals.
   PULSAR       Financial services, construction.
   TERNIUM      Steel & aluminum building products.
   VILLACERO    Largest steel foundry in Latin America.
   VITRO        Flat glass, fiberglass, blow molding machinery.
   XIGNUX       Wiring cable, automotive harnesses, processed food
        U.S. Presence in Monterrey
        (some examples)

 American Express        KPMG
 Amway                   Korn/Ferry
 Baker & McKenzie        Lucent
 Bank of America         Mary Kay Cosmetics
 Carrier
                          Pinkerton
 Caterpillar
                          Price Waterhouse
 Chrysler
                          Trane
 Donnelly
                          Visteon
 John Deere              Whirlpool
 Johnson Controls        Xerox
                          York
     The Market for U.S. Exporters:
     Best Prospects

   Airport & Ground Support Equipment
   Automotive Parts and Supplies
   Education & Training Services
   Electronic components
   Energy Sector
   Environmental Equipment & Services
   Franchising
   Hotel & Restaurant Equipment
      More Best Prospects

 Housing & Construction
 Internet & IT Services
 Packaging Equipment
 Safety & Security Equipment/Services
 Telecommunications Equipment
 Transportation Infrastructure Equipment & Services
 Travel & Tourism Services
Safety and Security in Mexico: A Changing
• Monterrey is not immune from crime

• Businesses in Monterrey are investing more in
  security for their personnel

• OSAC Committee very active in Nuevo Leon

• Visitors need to use common sense

• State Department Web Site for Travel Advisories
  Thank You!
  How to Contact Us

U.S. Commercial Service in Monterrey
Geoffrey Bogart
Principal Commercial Officer

Laura Gimenez
Commercial Officer

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