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									 English Literature I           Miss Kapanke                   Grendel by John Gardner                        Chart of Specifications
    “The best we can do when faced with the strange is to try to remain open to the new, to let it try to educate us and broaden our
     appreciation rather than to reject it because it is strange and new”. Robert Anderson
The novel could be described as a psychological or a confessional novel since much of the novel is an interior monologue in which Grendel searches
for meaning to his existence. The other characters play a subordinate role as measures against which Grendel hopes to find definition. He observes,
discusses, terrifies and sometimes eats them in an attempt to discover if he matters or not. Chapter 1 is the exposition; chapters 2-8 are a series of
flashbacks and chapters 9-12 are the rising action, the turning point and the denouement.

       Chapter                     Characterization                   Themes            Examples of Grim / Black Humor          Literary Devices
Astrological sign / pg no.                                           alienation                                                  apostrophe
                             Grendel’s description of himself        8, 21
                                                                      21,                                                       Biblical allusions
                             Grendel’s attitude toward himself
                             --self-loathing                                                                                       flashback

                                                                     existentialism                                              foreshadowings
                                                                     22, 28,
                             Grendel’s inner conflict                                                                              kennings

                              Reactions to Grendel
                              --of animals                                                                                      repetition for effect

                              --of humans                                                                                         simile / metaphor

                                                                                                                                 situational irony
                              Supernatural powers
                                                                                                                                   verbal irony
                              Nocturnal actities

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