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					Video: Mexico: The Heritage: A Unique
  Heritage: Born of the Ancient Past
What 2 Watch 4
1. What symbol is on
   the flag of Mexico?

    Video: Mexico: The Heritage:
      Three Periods of History
What 2 Watch 4
1. What are the three
   major periods in
   Mexico’s history?
2. How many centuries
   was Mexico under
   Spanish colonial rule?

Video: Mexico: The Heritage: Modern
History: Independence and Struggle
What 2 Watch 4
1. What was the Spanish colony called that was almost
   twice as large as Mexico is today?
2. Who was the priest who rang the bell of his church
   summoning his parishioners and asked them to join
   him in a struggle to end Spanish rule?
3. What day is now celebrated as Mexico’s
   Independence Day?                                           (6:50)
4. Which country had the most devastating foreign
   invasion of Mexico?
5. What was the vacant northern territory known as that
   the Spanish had invited U.S. citizens to settle before
   the end of colonial rule?
6. How many defenders were there at the famous battle
   of the Alamo?
7. What fraction of its territory was Mexico forced to give
   up after it lost a war with the United States of America?
8. Since the constitution of 1917 can foreigners own land
   in Mexico?
Video: Mexico: The Heritage:
Ancient History: Mesoamerica(6:23)
What 2 Watch 4
1. In 500 A.D. what were the cities in Mexico like compared to the cities in
2. At its height in the 5th century A.D. what was the population of Teotihuacan?
3. What daily tool did the Maya developed through a highly advanced science
   of astronomy?
4. In Mathematics how many years ahead were the Maya over the Europeans
   in the development of the concept of zero?
5. Why did the ancient Maya civilization just seem to disappear?
6. Who ruled Mesoamerica when the Spaniards first arrived in 1519?
7. What present day city is located where Hernan Cortez first landed on Good
   Friday of 1519?
8. Who did the Aztec emperor, Moctezuma, mistake Hernan Cortez?
9. How long did it take Hernan Cortez to become master of the entire Aztec
10.What did the Spanish inadvertently bring to Mexico that destroyed much of
   the Indian (Native American) population?
11.What did the Spaniards do with all the silver and gold that they could find?
Video: Mexico: The Heritage: Modern
 Mexican Culture: A Blend of Indian
       and Spanish Traditions
What 2 Watch 4
1. What is a thin pancake
   of cornmeal that is
   used in many Mexican
2. What happened to the
   Maya civilization?
3. What are the three
   strongest influences of
   the modern Mexican
• Mexican Artwork
   including Diego Rivera    (3:25)