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									                          CEOS WGISS-25 Agenda

Monday, February 25, 2008
08:00 Registration

WGISS Plenary                                                            Martha Maiden, Chair

08:30 Welcoming Session, Introductions of Participants                   Martha Maiden
      Purpose of meeting                                                 Martha Maiden
      Review/Adoption of Agenda                                          Martha Maiden
08:45 WITT report                                                        Ken McDonald
09:00 Report from Plenary Meeting                                        Martha Maiden
09:15 Report from WGISS Strategy Team                                    Wyn Cudlip
      What structural changes to WGISS and/or the WGISS Meeting
      Structure would be conducive to “flexible structures which allow
      for rapid response” to CEOS and GEO?

        *** Members advised that discussions will occur Wednesday ***

10:00 Break

GEO Session
10:30 WGISS report to CEOS/SIT/GEO                                       Pakorn Apaphant
11:00 Analysis WGISS/GEO Task status on 14 tasks                         Task POCs
      (Clark, Chuang, McDonald, Van Zyl)                                 Task POCs
11:30 Updates from GEO related issues                                    Enloe
11:50 WGISS future contributions to GEO.                                 Discussion
      What can WGISS best do for GEO?

12:30 Lunch

WGISS Plenary
13:30   New and Invited Agency Presentations
13:30   ISRO’s NRDB                                                      Dr. B. Kartikeyan
13:50   INPE                                                             Leila Fonseca
14:10   Engineering Office Update                                        DeWayne Cecil

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Technology & Services Subgroup                               Dingsheng Liu, Chair
                                                             Nataliia Kussul, Vice-chair
14:30 IDN Task Team                                          Dr. Jianping Mao for Lola
14:30 Re-emergence of the Interop Forum/Communications;      Olsen
      Update on directory population and usage;
      New in MD9.8 (release scheduled for early spring);
      Finding Earth Observation Platforms and Instruments;
      Feedback from WGISS Action Items;
      Progress in Development of Controlled Vocabularies;
      Node Reports/Collaborations.
14:50 UWG Briefing: GCMD Strategic Plan                      Dr. Wyn Cudlip
15:00 Comments/Questions

15:00 Break

15:30   Grid Task Team
15:30   CAT-1 WAG Report                                     Nataliia Kussul, NASU
15:45   ESA Grid Update                                      Luigi Fusco, ESA
15:55   CNES WAG Report                                      JPA/CNES
16:10   Sensor Web TT Reports                                Terence VanZyl
16:10   Sensor Web Strategies                                Karen Moe
16:30   An Approach for Repeatable Sensor Web Construction   Michael Burnett
16:40   Sensor Web Enablement                                Wyn Cudlip

17:00 Adjourn

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
08:30 Convene with WGCV

WGCV and WGISS Joint Session                                           Cao and Maiden, Chairs
08:30 Welcome, Introduction, Adoption of Agenda                        Cao and Maiden
08:40 Welcome and a General Introduction to China's Space-Based        Prof. Jiang,
      Earth Observation System                                         NMRSL/CSSAR/CAS
09:25 Introduction to the Satellite Programs of the State Oceanic      Prof. Jiang, NSOAS/SOA
      Administration of China
09:55 China's Meteorological Satellite Programs                        Prof. Zhang, CMA

10:30 Break

10:45 Prioritizing GEO/CEOS Tasks/Resources for the Working Groups Ivan Petiteville,
                                                                   CEOS Executive Officer
11:05 WGCV/Terrain Mapping subgroup report and WGISS joint support Muller
11:30 Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors                         Fox

12:00 Group Photo & Lunch with WGCV            *** WGCV&WGISS Joint Session Ends***

Technology & Services Subgroup, cont                                   Dingsheng Liu, Chair

13:00 Data Service Task Team                                           Lyn Oleson
14:00 Discussion of idea about Data Preservation                       Lyn Oleson

Land Surface Imaging in WGISS
14:30 Land Surface Imaging in WGISS, Intro                             Martha Maiden
14:35 IGOL: Land Surface Imaging Science Needs, Invited Talk           John Townshend
15:05 Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation and WGISS             Bryan Bailey, VJ

15:35   Break
16:05   Invited Presentations, Agency LSI Assets Contributions
16:05   GISTDA                                                         Suwan Vongvivatanakij
16:35   ISRO                                                           Dr. Kartikeyan, invited
16:50   NGDC                                                           Dave Clark
17:05   GLCF                                                           Paul Davis
17:20   USGS                                                           Lyn Oleson
17:30   CNES                                                           JP Antikidis
17:40   Adjourn

18:30 Welcome dinner                                                   Kindly Hosted by NSOAS
                                                                       and NMRSL
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
08:30 Convene

Land Surface Imaging in WGISS, cont.
08:30 CRESDA                                               Ms.Yi Xiaohua, invited
08:45 WGISS Representative to LSI, Report                  JP Antikidis
09:15 LSI in WGISS, Discussion                             Martha Maiden

Projects & Applications Subgroup                           Karen Moe, Chair
                                                           Satoko Miura, Vice-chair
10:00 WTF – CEOP
10:05 JAXA Prototype System Status                         Satoko Miura
10:20 NASA Satellite Data Server                           Yonsook Enloe

10:40 Break

11:10 Discussion
11:15 Global Data Sets Task Team                           Wyn Cudlip
11:35 Natural Disaster Management Project                  Pakorn Apaphant
11:50 Proposal for Implementing the
      CEOS Sensor Web Demo for GEOSS                       Terence van Zyl
12:00 Project Plan                                         Terence van Zyl

12:10 Lunch

13:10 Discussion

Joint Subgroup Session
14:00 Joint Subgroup Session: restructuring of subgroups   Karen Moe,
                                                           Dingsheng Liu
14:15 Introduction analysis                                Satoko Miura
14:30 Discussion of the restructuring subgroup

15:30 Break

WGISS Plenary                                              Martha Maiden, Chair

16:00 WGISS contributions to GEO                           Discussion led by
                                                           Pakorn Apaphant
16:45 Changes to WGISS Structure and Meeting Format        Discussion

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17:30 Adjourn

Thursday, February 28, 2008
08:30 Convene

WGISS Plenary, continued

08:30 WGISS 5-Year Plan – Review/Discussion/Agreement                       Martha Maiden
09:00 WGISS Agency and Liaison Reports (Solberg, Cudlip, Kupp)
      Room on the agenda for brief reports for high-interest or new activities.
10:00 Preparation for Joint Working Session                                 Discussion
10:30 Break

11:00 Future WGISS Meetings (Apaphant, McDonald)                         Pakorn Apaphant,
                                                                         Ken McDonald
11:20 Action Items Status                                                Michelle Piepgrass
      Includes WGISS Liaison and Agency Reports                          to be noted as filed

12:00 WGISS 25 Plenary Adjourns

12:00 Lunch

WGCV and WGISS Joint Working Session
13:00   ISRO missions and CEOS participation                             Kartiksac, ISRO
13:30   WGCV/Land Product Validation Subgroup report                     Baret
14:00   Introduction to the development of international standards       Wyn Cudlip, WGISS/BNSC
14:20   Ocean sensor Cal/Val                                             Tang, SOA/NSOAS
14:40   Intercalibration scenario in collaboration with GEO/ADC          Stephen Ungar,
                                                                         NASA EO-1
15:00 Break
15:30 Panel discussion:
      CEOS Working Group joint support to the LSI Constellation          Maiden, Cao,
                                                                         Bailey, Stenssas
16:00 CEOS Annual Conference: Goals, Benefits, Discussion of ideas       Ivan Petiteville,
                                                                         CEOS Executive Officer
16:30 Joint WGISS & WGCV Recommendations/Requests to CEOS                Maiden, Cao, all

17:30 Adjourn

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Friday, February 29, 2008
08:30 Convene

WGCV and WGISS Joint Working Session, continued

08:30 CEOS Atmospheric composition constellation:
      Cal/Val issues and support                                    Hilsenrath
09:30 Atmospheric Composition Subgroup Report                       Bojkov
10:00 Aura Validation Data Center, WGISS Invited Presentation       Bojkov

10:30 Break

10:45 Panel discussions:
      CEOS Working Groups - Joint support of the AC Constellation   Cao,Maiden,Hilsenrath,all

12:00 Closing of WGCV28/WGISS25                                     Maiden and Cao

12:00 Lunch

Site visit

13:00 Site visit of SOA ground station satellite facility
17:00 Return from site visit

17:00 Adjourn

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