St Joan of Arc Parent Council Meeting March MINUTES by bullsonparade


									                              St. Joan of Arc Parent Council
                                 Meeting – 4 March 2008


Council Present:

Janice Beattie, Cafeteria Committee Chair
Debbie Legault, Community Representative
Joe Timmins, Principal St. Joan of Arc SS
Diane Woolfrey, Chair
Marilyne Ziegler, Parish Representative for Holy Spirit Parish

Absent: Stephane Huord, Vice-President, Student Council
Mary Bedford, Secretary

Agenda Item – Decision/Action Taken                                          Person
                                                                             for Follow

1.     Opening Prayer                                                        Ms.Woolfrey

2.     Welcome and Introductions                                             Ms.Woolfrey

3.     Amendments to Agenda : On consensus, it was agreed that Mr.           Ms.Woolfrey
Milne from the Business Department would be allowed to complete his
presentation first.

4.      St. Joan of Arc Tuck Shop: Mr. Milne, Head of the Business           Mr. Milne
Department at St. Joan of Arc Secondary School approached council
with a request for approval to open a tuck shop under the auspices of the
St. Joan of Arc Parent Council. The purpose of the shop would be to
market “Knight Wear”, a line of clothing started by Mr. Milne’s business
classes approximately eighteen months ago to be run from the area
currently occupied by Student Council. As the success of the venture
grows, other items would be added to the inventory such as the cahier’s
required for the French language program, artist supplies required for the
Art program, physical education uniforms, etc.
It is Mr. Milne’s intention to involve the students studying marketing at
St. Joan of Arc in the development of marketing plans, the business
students in the development of the Business Plan for the shop, the
finance students in the purchase of equipment and development of
inventory for the shop, the construction students in the building of
shelving units, etc.

Through discussion it was determined that the shop could operate under
the existing Vendor’s Permit from the City of Barrie but application
would have to be made for a separate Business Licence. Ms. Beattie
provided Mr. Milne with the appropriate application form.

It was agreed that Financial Statements for the shop would be submitted
monthly to the Cafeteria Board Treasurer, who will complete the
calculations of tax and make the appropriate submissions with the
Cafeteria funds. Students will be responsible for balancing their till
daily, maintaining an inventory, and safeguarding stock against theft.

There is an existing cash register that can be used for this venture. Other
shop fixtures will have to be acquired. Initially the hours of operation
will be through the three lunch periods but an extension of hours may be
looked at for after school one afternoon to 7:00 p.m. to allow parents
access. An intended opening date in time for the start of the 2008/2009
school year was set.

Seed money will be required to purchase fixtures and acquire an opening
inventory. To that end, it was agreed that Mr. Milne would be provided
with time on the Parent Council Meeting list for the second Tuesday in
April to allow the students to present their Business Plan for discussion.

5.      Review and Approval of Previous Minutes.             This matter      Ms.Woolfrey
was left to the next meeting as the Secretary was absent.


6.     Chairperson’s Report :                                                 Ms.Woolfrey

PRO Grant Application. The rather disappointing news that our
submission for a Parent Reaching Out Grant was declined was shared
with the group. This will impact the ability of Council to complete the
parent information night presentation in April.
Parent Information Night: In view of funding issues, it was decided that
the format for this evening will include an opening address, a
presentation from Brian Weishar at the SMCDSB on “Wet Cement, the
Teenage Brain”, then a short break for refreshments followed by the
presentation from PC Way on “Re-Wiring our Youth”.
For refreshments, the cafeteria will donate the coffee for the evening and
Ms. Beattie will approach the Culinary Arts teachers to determine
whether their classes are able to contribute to the snack table in some
way. Council members agreed to complete some baking and freeze it for
the night to be delivered to the cafeteria on Monday after school for
placement on trays, etc. for Tuesday night by the cafeteria staff.

An advertising brochure will be developed over the next two weeks with
a view to having it ready to go home with interim report cards on 20 Mar
08. 20 brochures will be provided to the Parent Councils for each of the
six feeder schools for distribution to interested Grade 8 parents.

Expansion of Council: A motion was presented by Ms. Beattie and
seconded by Ms. Legault that “Article III Representation and
Membership” in the St. Joan of Arc Parent Council By- laws be expanded
to allow inclusion of St. Mary’s pastor or his designate, Our Lady of
Grace pastor or his designate, and St. Joseph’s pastor or his designate in
addition to Ho ly Spirit pastor or his designate.

As no quorum was present, this matter was left to the next meeting in April.

7.     Student Report : This matter was left to the April meeting as the       All
Student representative was absent.

8.      Cafeteria Report: It is business as usual in the cafeteria with no     Ms. Beattie
special items of note this month. Students in need for February 2007
totaled $674.00.

9.     Staff Member’s Report : This matter was left to the April               Ms. Tilley
meeting as the Student representative was absent.

10.    Parish Report for Holy Spirit:                                          Ms. Ziegler

Father Keith’s 20th Anniversary in the Priesthood: In celebration of this
event it has been proposed that Father Keith be presented with a Spiritual
bouquet. Ms. Tilley has agreed to encourage participation of the
students at JOA through morning announcements/prayers and forms for
collecting the names of participating students were received. These will
be collected and condensed into a scroll to be presented to Father Keith
after masses on the weekend prior to his anniversary.
Confessions: Confession will be celebrated at JOA on 18 Mar 08.

Youth Group: The youth group will be participating in a mini-putt event.

Financial and Building Committees: An invitation was extended to the
business and architecture students at JOA to participate in the Financial
and Building Committees for the building of the new church. This is an
opportunity for interested students to obtain community service hours
and hands on experience toward their future career goals.

Fundraising for the New Parish: The Parent Councils of St. Nicholas
and St. Catherine of Sienna have elected to donate 10% of all
fundraising proceeds to the church building funds. As this is not an
option for this Council, other fundraising ideas will be explored. This
will give the students at JOA an opportunity to demonstrate their support
in the development and building of their new church.

11.    Principal’s Report:                                                   Mr. Timmins

St. Joan of Arc Web Page: The web page is up and running and looking
fine. The Parent Council page has been set up, with By- laws and
Agenda’s/Minutes posted for review. Parents are beginning to be
directed to this resource as the most reliable source of information about
activities at St. Joan of Arc.


12.    Bradford Greenhouse Fundraising : Ms. Legault asked if the            Ms. Legault
Parent Council intended to apply to be included in the fundraising
opportunity extended by Bradford Greenhouse to all schools. Ms.
Legault agreed to draft, sign and submit the necessary application.

13.    Agenda Items for Next Meeting :

Review and approval of Minutes for Dec 07, C.O.P.E. dog training course for students,
development of a Mission Statement for this Council, Knight Wear Tuck Shop, Parent
Information Night, review of Student Code of Conduct, Use of Personal Electronic
Devices Policy and Student Discipline for the SMCDSB (drafts attached), joint May
council meeting with feeder schools,
14.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. All future meetings will occur on the second
Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Next meeting will be April 8, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.


Diane Woolfrey, Chair
St. Joan of Arc Parent Council

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