Reinventing the United States Government (ReGo) by bsx20897


									Reinventing the United
States Government (ReGo)

    Progress 1993-1998
    Plans 1998-2001
        Bob Stone
        Italy, May1998
Initial Project Goals

    • Bring quality revolution to
    • Report in six months
    • Four or eight years to complete work

    Restore Americans‟ trust in government
Phase 1: Report to President

    • Started six weeks into Clinton Presidency
    • Staff of 200 civil servants at White House,
      plus teams in every agency
    • Advice from business leaders
       – focus on customers
       – listen to workers
    • 1200 recommendations, cutting 252,000
      people and $108 billion
    • President approved everything
Phase II: 4 years of making
government work better

    • Put customers first …
       – put in place 4,000 service standards
    • Empower employees …
       – created 850 labor-management councils
    • Cut red tape …
       – eliminated 640,000 pages of internal rules
    • Create partnerships …
       – OSHA, FDA, EPA now partner with
Phase II: 4 years making
government cost less

  • $137 billion in savings
  • Workforce smaller by 371,000
  • $31 billion used more effectively by
    reinvention laboratories
  • 16,000 pages of regulation abolished
Help from Business

  •   from Wal-Mart ...inventory control
  •   from Citicorp…mortgage servicing
  •   from Disney...customer satisfaction
  •   from GE…cut headquarters
  • many others
Regulators partner with

  • Starting assumption: Common goals
    – Working together is more effective
    – Regulators concentrate on--
       • helping those who want to comply
       • going after those who don’t
  • Sample results
    – safe effective medicines faster to market
    – air pollution reduced by 350 million kg
    – workplace injuries down
Great new IT tools

  • Desktop computers …
    – power 2x every 18 months, costs
  • “Follow me” communications …
     – people can work anywhere
  • World-wide web …
     – retirement estimates on line
  • Smart cards …
     – payments simpler, cheaper, more secure
Government already uses
IT to serve millions

   • 3 million taxpayers file by telephone, 19
     million electronically
   • 1.5 m students apply for college loans on-
   • 30 million download forms
   • 000’s of government websites
      – all laws and regulations
      – expert advisors
   • Unprecedented inter-agency collaboration
IT challenges ahead

  • Security and privacy issues need to be
  • Government web sites need to provide
    transactions, not just information
  • Create one-stop services for seniors,
    students, travelers, businesses
  • Access America: By 2000, give everyone
    the option of electronic service
Phase III: From examples to
reinvented agencies

  • Work with agencies that interact the most with public
    and business to get results Americans care about:
     – Cut injuries 20 percent in 50,000 hazardous
     – Increase electronic food stamp payments to 65%
     – Cut toxic pollution 75 percent in metal finishing
     – Accept 3 million student aid applications
     – Call IRS toll-free line 24 hours a day, 7 days a
     – Overnight mail delivery 92 percent of time
Our Mission

• In time for the 21st century,
  reinvent government to work
  better, cost less, and get results
  Americans care about.
Our Goal

  Restore trust in America’s government
   by providing--

  •Best value for each taxpayer dollar
  •Best service for customer and regulated
  •Best workplace for its employees
  •Best legacy for our future
Trust in government

   70%                         “Trust” is the percentage
   60%                          of people who say they
                                trust the government to
                                do the right thing all or
                                most of the time”
         1964 1992 1994 1997
Rego Documents at

 • Businesslike Government, 1997
    – Lessons from America’s best companies
 • Access America
    – Reengineering thru information technology
 • Putting Customers First „97
    – Standards for Serving the American People
 • Blair House Papers
    – How to lead reinvention
Stone’s Universal truths

   Four ideas that apply in any culture
   • Workers know work better than managers
     or politicians
   • Customers know what they want better than
     anybody else
   • People are capable of things they (and you)
     never dreamed of
   • Move fast
High Impact Agencies

  •   Agriculture: Animal/Plant   • Justice: Immigration
      Health, Food Safety, Food
                                  • Labor: Worker Safety
      Stamps, Forest Service
  •   Commerce: Census,
                                  • NASA
      Patents, Weather, Foreign   • Office of Personnel Mgt
      Commerc’l Svc               • Postal Service
  •   DOD: Acquisition Reform     • Small Business Admin.
  •   Education: Student Aid
                                  • Social Security Admin.
  •   Environmental
      Protection                  • State: Passports &Visas
  •   Emergency                   • Transp.: Fedl Aviation Admin.
      Management                  • Treasury: Customs, Internal
  •   HHS: Food & Drugs,            Revenue Service, Financial
      Welfare, Health Care          Management Service
                                  • Veterans Hospitals & Benefits
  •   Interior: National Parks,
      Public Lands

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