Business Differences between the United States and Mexico by bsx20897


									Business Differences between the
    United States and Mexico

       Dr. Robert J. Hoover
      Professor of Marketing
       College of Business
      Idaho State University
         Pocatello, Idaho
  Mexico-US Differences: Nationalism

         Mexico                United States

 Intensely patriotic      Intensely patriotic
 Pride in history &       Believe in superiority
  traditions                of the “American way
 Little desire to live     of life”
     Mexico-US Differences: Ethics

        Mexico                  United States

 Codes based on            Strict codes of
  Christian morality         conduct
 Deviance from ethical     Ethics instilled via
  norms widespread           schooling
 Many ways of “telling     Pressure to
  the truth”: “simpatia”     compromise ethics
                             due to competition,
                             wealth acquisition
   Mexico-US Differences: Theory vs.
        Mexico                  United States

 University training:     University training:
  theoretical               applications of theory
 Planning but barriers    Solves problems
  to implementation         based on facts
 Worker apathy since      Little theoretical focus
  projects not realized     on problems
     Mexico-US Differences: Status

        Mexico                United States

 Having degree, title    Status based on
  confers respect          achievement
 Family background       Wealth is symbol of
  extremely important      achievement
 Will choose status      Less importance
  over achievement         given to family
    Mexico-US Differences: Personal
         Mexico                   United States

 Extremely sensitive         Suppresses
 Conflict avoidance           sensitivity
 Criticism taken             Accepts work
  personally                   criticism as separate
 Never criticize in front     from personal
  of friends                   criticism
 Mexico-US Differences: Competition

        Mexico                 United States

 Cooperative more         Thrive on stimulus of
  than competitive          competition
 Value friendly           Highly ambitious
  atmosphere free of       Belief that competition
  conflict                  leads to efficiencies
 Promotion on
  influence rather than
    Mexico-US Differences: Planning

        Mexico                  United States

 Most planning = short-    Long-term planning
  term                       considered critical to
 Long-term planning         business success
  compromised due to        Will sacrifice long-
  political/economic         term for short-term
 Maquiladoras are
  exempt from above
     Mexico-US Differences: Loyalty

        Mexico                United States

 Loyal to the “boss”    Loyal to self first
 High loyalty where     Work toward self-
  company has good        development
  HR                     Move around for
 Trend toward more       chances of
  self-loyalty            advancement
   Mexico-US Differences: Attitudes
            about Time
        Mexico               United States

 “Manana”               “Time is money”
 Less time pressure     Constant pressure to
 Time commitments        meet time
  less important          commitments
 Lack of punctuality    Lack of punctuality is
  socially OK             disgrace
                         Life moves by the
    Mexico-US Differences: Religion

         Mexico                   United States

 Mostly Roman                Diverse religious
  Catholic                     backgrounds
 Mother responsible
  for children’s religious    Protestant “ethic”
  training                     dominates
 Lives controlled by         Belief in separation of
  “higher power”               church & state
 Businesses see              Religion not brought
  religion as positive         into workplace
     Mexico-US Differences: Family

        Mexico                 United States

 Takes precedence         Family subordinate to
  over other aspects of     work
  life                     Executive is mobile
 Resistance to moving     Family authority is
  away from family          shared
 Father is authority      Children taught
 Children dependent        independence/self-
     Mexico-US Differences: Work &
        Mexico                  United States

 “Work to live”            “Live to work”
 Mix business with         Sacrifice family time
  pleasure                   for work
 Leisure time is very      Work is intrinsically
  important                  satisfying
 Work is necessary evil    Don’t mix business
 Try to incorporate         with pleasure
  pleasure into work        Leisure is reward for
  day                        work completed

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