The Rodale Institute, the home of pioneering organic research by fzw45252


									Happy Birthday Rodale

The Rodale Institute, the home of pioneering organic research in the United States has
just marked its 60th birthday.

 "The Rodale Institute has been on the cutting-edge of the organic revolution, pioneering
the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming for three generations
and conducting ground-breaking research on the role organic farming can play in
reducing global warming," says chairman Maria Rodale. "We are proud to enter our
seventh decade of leadership in the field."

The Rodale Institute implemented its Farming Systems Trial, the United States' longest-
running scientific study comparing chemical with organic farming nearly thirty years ago.
Subsequently, dozens of scientific papers supporting the benefits of organic farming over
“chemical” farming have been published in prestigious journals.

"We look forward to furthering our work, focusing on combating the effects of global
warming on our water systems, researching and educating important constituencies on
nutrition and famine prevention, and effecting policy change to incentivise and help
farmer transition to organics,” say the Rodale staff.

Rodale Institute founder J.I. Rodale moved to rural Pennsylvania in the 1930's to realise
his personal interest in farming. In Emmaus, PA, Mr. Rodale learned about organic food
growing methods and quickly theorized that to preserve and improve people's health,
growers needed to restore and protect the natural health of the soil. Developing and
demonstrating practical methods of rebuilding natural soil fertility became Mr. Rodale's
primary goal during World War II, when the shortage of nitrogen - diverted from
fertilizers to munitions - exposed the natural nutrient poverty of US soil. In 1947, Mr.
Rodale founded the Soil and Health Foundation, the forerunner of The Rodale Institute.


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