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Mud Handprints

Sturdy Paper or Plastic Plate
Spatula or Knife fro Smoothing

        Fill the plate with thick mud and smooth into a flat, even surface. Have your child press
his open hand into the mud and remove. Place the mud in the sun to dry. This won’t last, but its
fun to look at for a while. For lasting prints, use plaster of Paris.

Balloon Kite

Flying a kite is difficult and frustrating for toddlers and preschoolers. These “kites” are
guaranteed to fly, even on days with light wind.

Large, Round Helium Balloons
Kite String
Paper Streamers (optional)

        Tie one end of a long length of kite string to a round helium balloon and the other to your
child’s wrist. He will find it fun and easy to fly his balloon and you won’t worry about crashes
and tangles. Try attaching lengths of paper streamers to the balloon to give it a more authentic
kite look.

Gone Fishing

Large Bucket or Dishpan
Plastic Worm Lures (without hooks)
Scoop or Small Strainer (optional)
Corks, Ping-Pong Balls or Small Sponge Scraps (optional)

        Fill a large bucket or dishpan with water. Add a few plastic worm lures and let your
toddler have fun trying to catch them in her hands or in a scoop or small strainer. For variety,
float corks, ping-pong balls or small sponge scraps in the water. Encourage your toddler to
scoop them out one by one.

Wet the Chalkboard

Sponge or Large Paint Brush
       Encourage your child to paint or wipe the chalkboard with a wet sponge or large
paintbrush dipped in water. She will enjoy seeing it darken as it gets wet.

Soap Crayons

These are fun to write in the tub or to use when washing little hands.

1½ Cup Pure Soap Powder (Ivory Snow)
Food Coloring
½ Cup Water
Small Container or Ice Cube Tray

        Mix water and soap powder together. Add enough food coloring to get the color you
want. If you’d like more than one color, divide the mixture into two or three small containers
before adding food coloring. Pour the colored soap into a small container (empty plastic film
canisters work well) or an ice cube tray or mold it into crayon shapes and let harden before

Water Balloon Catch


        Fill several balloons with water and play catch with them or use sidewalk chalk to draw a
target on the sidewalk and aim for that instead.

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