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					Agenda/Minutes for 8/21 6-7 pm Library

  •   Budget Status
  •   Bi-Laws Review – Signed off ON
  •   Events
          o BBQ 8/31 - Done
          o King Tut 11/13 discuss date for FINAL payment .– Finalize at Next PTO
            meeting the dollar amount
          o Open House Readiness 9/16/08
                   Directory information due no later than 9/5/08
          o What about having snacks/drinks in the cafeteria on 1 day of school for
            those parents who children are in Kindergarten still have the jitters about
            leaving them at school? Will investigate for maybe next year.


         o Jonesboro Spirit items – Agreed to sale (Caps, jackets, hoodies,
           sweatshirts, beenies, throws)
         o Sale items at 8/22 scrimmage Should have items for first home game.
         o Bake Sale - November/February/May As the month approaches will lock
           down the date for those months.


         o What information do we want to have in the first News letter? Budget
           Information, Update on fundraisers, Fall festival planning, schedule of
           projects or events to take place.
         o When do we want to send the 1st PTO news letter out, 3 week progress
           report, 6 week report cards, or a monthly newsletter? PTO will have a
           page included in the school newsletter during the 6 week report cards.
         o Who at school does PTO communicate with to get Newsletter included
           with mail out of school information? Send the information over to Tiffany
           Coble at email address


         o Status on idea to have weekly folders for K-6th- Idea was good thought,
           but it would make more sense for the teachers to continue the pattern of
           putting information in the children’s take home folders. If PTO has
           something they want included in the folder to get it to the teachers at least
           one day prior to it needing to go into the folder. PTO can reach any of the
           teachers by the following methods: email, calling during conference times,
           or talking face to face during the morning or afternoon.
         o Grandparents Day Volunteer 9/5- PTO would help volunteer with
           grandparent’s day, and also check the volunteer form sent out on the first
           day of school to see what parents might be able to assist.
Schedule of Events/Fundraisers/Meetings 2008-09

  •   PTO Bake Sale July 2008- Done
  •   PTO Bake Sale August 2008- Done
  •   1st PTO Meeting August 21,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   1st Annual BBQ August 31,2008 12-4:30pm
  •   2nd PTO Meeting September 16, 2008 6-6:30 Library
  •   Open House September 16,2008 6:30-8pm
  •   Fall Festival Mexico Theme October 11,2008 4-8pm School
  •   3rd PTO Meeting October 16,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   Bake Sale November 2008, TBD on date
  •   Book Fair November 3-7, 2008 Library
  •   King Tut Field trip 3-7th Grade November 13,2008
  •   4th PTO Meeting November 20,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   JFK Memorial in Library November 17-21, 2008
  •   One Act Play December 12,2008
  •   5th PTO Meeting December 18,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   Staff Christmas Meal/Party December 19,2008 End of School
  •   PTO Valentines Drive selling January 26- February 6, 2008
  •   6th PTO Meeting January 13,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   7th PTO Meeting February 19,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   Little Dribblers Games to begin February 23-28,2008
  •   PTO Bake Sale February 2008, TBD on date
  •   School Tool Box information sent out for 2009-10 school year February
      2008, TBD on date
  •   8th PTO Meeting March 26,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   9th PTO Meeting April 16,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   Accelerated Reading Point COUNTING April 20,2008
  •   Accelerated Reading Movie Field Trip April 24,2008
  •   Prom May 9,2008
  •   Accelerated Reading T-shirts 5th grade hand out May 12,2008
  •   Accelerated Reading Field Trip 5-12th
  •   Accelerated Reading T-shirt handout K-4th May 19,2008
  •   10th PTO Meeting May 21,2008 6-7pm Library
  •   Accelerated Reading Field Trip K-4th
  •   PTO Bake Sale May 2008, TBD on date

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