Double-Digit Decline in Overseas Travel to the United by fzw45252


									February 26, 2008

                Double-Digit Decline in Overseas Travel
              to the United States Persists Through 2007
          U.S. Overseas Arrivals Are 11 Percent Below Pre-9/11 Levels,
             Despite Weak Dollar and Booming International Travel
      •   New data show the United States lost nearly 50 million overseas visitors between 2000
          and 2007, costing America nearly $150 billion in lost visitor spending, 250,000 lost U.S.
          jobs and $25 billion in lost tax receipts.

                 46 million more overseas travelers would have visited the United States between
                 2000 and 2007, if America had kept up with the trends in global long-haul (LH)
                 travel. Source: Travel Industry Association and U.S. Department of Commerce.

      •   The Department of Commerce projects that overseas travel will not return to pre-
          9/11 levels until 2010, while global international travel is projected to grow by 44
          percent over the same period.

      •   The Solution? The Travel Promotion Act (S.1661 / H.R. 3232) would reverse the
          decline by establishing a public-private travel promotion campaign at no cost to the
          American taxpayer. Studies show that such a campaign could attract as many as 1.6
        million new overseas visitors per year, resulting in billions of dollars of new visitor
        spending. The legislation has the support of more than 150 members of the House of
        Representatives and 40 Senators.

    For more information on the importance of overseas travel to the United States, visit

 The Discover America Partnership is an initiative of the Travel Industry Association. It is an effort led by some of
America’s foremost business leaders to strengthen America’s image around the globe. These leaders recognize that
   public diplomacy is not the sole responsibility of government, but also of business and the American people.

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