Immigration into the USA

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					        Immigration into the

Modern Studies, Queen Anne H.S.,
Dunfermline, Scotland
           Immigration in the Past
          All are welcome to the United States of America
                    You can achieve the American Dream
         The Opportunities are Unlimited as you are “Born Equal”
                             How is this So?

•Plyer V Doe (86)                              •1990 to 1993
                        •1986 IRC
•Supreme Court
                        •Illegal Imms legal •Legalised 2m ill imms again
•Free Education,                               •Seen as encouraging
                        •Solve problem
•Illegal Imms                                   immigration
                        •Bring families
                  Immigration Today
 Go home we
                                       Call this the
don’t want you.
                                       land of hope
Don’t you have
                                      and glory? You
   your own
                                         are racist!
country? Have
  a good day!
Public’s Views on Immigration
     Today into the USA
              • 4 to 10 million enter every year

              • Drain on resources (education,
                housing, benefits)

              • People work hard and taxes not
                spent on them but immigrants

              • Enter as $ higher than home
Are Wages getting Lower for
    American Citizens?
              • Illegal imms drive down wages
                as work for less but for more
                than at home
              • Whites get paid less or no job
                as imms will take it
              • Therefore, standard of living
                drops. NOT GOOD
              • Will illegal imms complain?
              • Deported , bye bye, poverty
                again, not happy
              • People want Government to
                stop immigration as it is hurting
                their lifestyle
White Middle Class

          •   APIs taking jobs as educated,
              skilled (IT), qualified, good work
          •   White collar jobs (Dr, managers)
          •   Standard of living < for whites
          •   Earn less money, unemployed
          •   Average white has less skills
          •   Recession= increased competition
              for jobs
          •   As a result, APIs kept on, whites
              told bye bye as company can make
              more use of APIs
            • Very unhappy and angry
Americans   • Koreans in ghettos (poor
  Views       area), own shops
            • Koreans leave at night to
            • Take $ with them, black
              people’s $
            • Blacks pay premium for
              goods as cannot afford to
              get to malls
            • Black $ leaves the black
              community and benefits
  Are Neighbourhoods Loosing
        Their Identity?
• Imms American by day and own culture at night
• Take $ for work but spend in their own
• Lost identity (Chinatown, Hispanic areas)
• Own communities, classes taught in Spanish, own
  Spanish TV, shops
• Americans resent imms not integrating into US
  way of life, spending $ on themselves.
• Americans feel used and ask the ? So what is an
  American? As whites will become a minority in
  the future
                 “Where are our taxes
•   Taxes spent on imms as many are deprived
•   “What about our children, roads, education?”
•   “Lets look after our own first”
•   “Its expensive looking after immigrants
    – US Govt spends $650m a year 4 ims in prison
    – 1992 US spent $30.5b on imms
    – 1993 California spent $2.3b on imms
    – 1996 US paid states $250m for imms health
The US Governments View on
     Immigration Today
• Cannot be ignored as Hispanics spend
  $140b a year and rising. Worth a lot
  to companies
• Immigration part of the A Dream,
  opportunities to succeed
• California relies on cheap labour,
  makes products cheaper and more
  competitive as they drive down
• Koreans and Hispanics regenerate
  Ghettos. Employ Americans, buy
  American products. Would not have
  happened if left to blacks. They are
  putting money into the economy