INTERESTING PLACES IN THE USA
Boston - MA, the city is the port with very important history. It is proud to call itself the
         birthplace of America, because it remembered for the Boston Tea Party which
         began the American Revolution in 1775. Boston has the charm of a European city.
         You can find there a fascinating mix of old setters, Irish, Spanish and Italian
Cambridge - MA, the city has the same name as one famous English university. Cambridge
              is the seat of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of
Las Vegas – NV, the most important reason why people come to Las Vegas are casinos,
            games and shows. there are no closing hours in Las Vegas and there are no doors
            to the casinos. Casinos are open twenty-four hours a day and are designed to
            moderate accommodation and reasonably priced food which is served to all
            hours of the day and night. Some keep the guest inside and entertained all the
            time, most of them offer in expensive and famous casinos are Excalibur, Caesar
            Palace, The Mirage, Luxor, Hacienda Hotel or the Flamingo. Because of
            Nevada‟s liberal marriage laws, 1 from 20 of the nation‟s weddings are
            performed in Las Vegas. The two busiest days for Las Vegas wedding chapels
            are Valentine‟s Day and New Year‟s Eve.
Dallas – TX, it is Texas second largest city in the United States . It is known for its oil
         industry and cotton market. Dallas is town of sports too (football‟s Dallas Cowboys,
         Texas Rangers baseball, Dallas Stars National Hockey League, etc.). The city is also
         known for its museums and musical activities. The president George Fitzgerald
         Kennedy was assassinated there in 1963. The John F Kennedy„s Museum displays
         films, photographs and data recounting that day.
Houston – TX, it is an important oil centre and NASA base.
New Orleans – LA, it is the major seaport on the Mississippi River. New Orleans was
                founded by French and the French origins of the town can be seen in the
                French Quarter. It is known to be the birthplace of jazz, the sounds of live
                jazz coming out the doors into the early morning hours. There are restaurants
                specialising in „Creole“ cooking - a hot and spicy mix of French and Spanish
                dishes. The main attraction for visitors is the city‟s night life – the night clubs,
                exotic dancers, unique shows, shops, restaurants and bars.
Chicago – IL, it has the major gain and livestock markets. It is the third largest city in the
         USA. It is modern city, city of skyscrapers and the busiest transportation centre of
         the country - O‟Hare airport. Chicago has been nicknamed the “Windy City”
         because of the breezes that blow in from the lake. You can find there for example
         Gallery of modern art, with artistic works of European artists from the turn of the
         century (statues by Piccasso, etc. ), or Sears tower, the 2nd highest building in the
San Francisco - CA, it is very well-known city. There you can find for example Alcatraz,
                  super security prison for famous criminals like Al Capone or Mickey
                  Cohen, Berkeley, Californian university, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.
San Diego - CA, it is known as “Sport Town USA”. San Diego is America‟s sixth largest
            city. It is noted for its natural wonders and boasts one of the best year-round
            climates in the United States.
Los Angeles – CA, it is very well-known city. Everybody know Hollywood, centre of the
film industry. From the TV, we can know the rich parts of L.A. such as Beverly Hills or
Melrose Place.

Yellowstone national park - is the largest and best-known park in the USA. It is located in
                            the Rocky Mountains on the territory of Wyoming, Idaho and
                            Montana. It is visited by thousand of people every day. The
                            nature in this park is very diverse. For instance, there is
                            everything from volcanic activity to a variety of forms of nature
                            beauty. The geysers called Old Faithful are the biggest one in
                            this park. It erupts every 10-minute or so wild buffaloes, which
                            are very dangerous.
Grand Canyon – of the Colorado River. It is in Arizona and is 217 miles long, 5700 feet
Niagara Falls - they are the most famous waterfalls in the world. They are located in the
                northern New York, state on the border with Canada. Niagara Falls lie about
                halfway on the Niagara River, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
                They are made up of the American Falls (which belong to the US) and
                Horseshoe Falls (which belong to Canada). The two waterfalls are divided
                by Goat Island. The American Falls are also divided into two parts by Luna

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