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									___/30 LECTURE QUIZ: HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS                          Name: ______________

A. Use your notes to answer the following short answer questions.

1. In what field of study did the term stress originate? ____________ (1 mark)

2. According to this lecture, stress is … (2 marks)

3. What is eustress? (explain and give an example)                    (2 marks)

4. Stress is dangerous for one's health.                                     (2 marks)
        According to the lecture, is the above statement correct?
        Explain your answer.

B. True or False (correct the false statements, according to the information in the lecture. Do
not just put “not”)   (6 marks)

_____ 1. Dr. Hans Selye wrote about stress in the 1920s.

_____ 2. Pleasant events are stressful for some people.

_____ 3. One signal of stress is the inability to sleep (insomnia).

_____ 4. Exercise reduces a person’s stress level because it makes the body tired.

_____ 5. Unfinished homework is an example of stress caused by unchangeable

_____ 6. Doing assignments step-by-step is a way to reduce stress at school.
C. Application - Read the following case:
      Susan has a very stressful life. She works very long hours, often skips meals, and
       usually feels tired. In spite of this, she continues her busy lifestyle until she finally
       gets really sick, causing her to stay home for several days to recover. She is also a
       procrastinator, so she often leaves her big projects until their deadline is near. Then,
       she works all day and all night to finish them on time. Every morning, as she drives to
       work, she complains about the traffic jams, the weather, and the lousy music on the
       radio. She often honks and yells at other drivers who slow her down.

1. List the five main methods of coping with stress. (5 marks)






2. For any THREE of the above steps, give an example from Susan’s case to show that she is
NOT managing stress well. (3 marks)

# ______ -

# ______ -

# ______ -

3. Give Susan some advice; give her TWO specific suggestions in your own words to reduce
stress. (2 marks)

Dear Susan,

Summary. Write a summary for this lecture, using the technique we talked about in class. (5

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