Progress towards a national
  university PLAR database
  Cally Warwick
  RMC Director PLAR

• PLAR at RMC prior to 1996; ’96-’05; today
• RMC PLAR Policy statement; definition &
• Types of PLAR at RMC
• PLAR review processes for Transfer Credits and
  for Credits Granted
• PLAR tools
• PLAR statistics
• The way ahead in partnership with CVU member
 PLAR: Then & Now

• Prior to 1996: No OCS/DCS; very little
• 1996: OCS and BMASc brought PLAR to
  the foreground for DL students only.
• 2005-2006: RMC wide PLAR policy to
  accommodate steady increase in PLAR
  requests across all RMC programmes.

• Royal Military College of Canada
  recognises that significant university level
  learning can take place outside of post
  secondary institutions and as such
  respects all forms of learning no matter
  how it is attained.

• The aim of RMC Prior Learning Assessment
  & Recognition is to acknowledge the
  importance of this learning by providing an
  accessible, fair and academically rigorous
  process for assessing this learning to
  determine whether it meets the standards
  of university level learning.

• The RMC PLAR process involves individual
  assessment of prior learning by faculty and
  the awarding of credit when this learning
  is of the expected range and depth for the
  particular academic credential requested
  by the individual. The purpose of the PLAR
  process is to recognize all university level
  learning by ensuring that RMC policies are
  in line with other Canadian universities.

• The goal is to enrich the learning
  experience of the student and help the
  student meet his/her academic potential
  while at the same time maintaining the
  academic integrity of the Royal Military
  College of Canada.
 PLAR Definition & Standards

• Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition
  is a process that involves identification,
  documentation, assessment and
  recognition of learning acquired through
  formal and informal means.
 PLAR Standards For
 Assessing Learning
• STANDARD I: Credit should be awarded only
  for learning, and not for experience.
• STANDARD II: University credit should be
  awarded only for university-level learning.
• STANDARD III: Credit should be awarded only
  for learning that has a balance, appropriate to
  the subject, between theory and practical
     Adapted from Assessing Learning by Urban Whitaker, (cael), 1989.
 PLAR Standards Cont’d

• STANDARD IV: appropriate academic
  and subject matter experts must make the
  determination of competence levels and of
  credit awards.
• STANDARD V: Credit should be
  appropriate to the academic context in
  which it is accepted.
 PLAR Standards Cont’d

• STANDARD VI: Credit awards and their
  transcript entries should be monitored to avoid
  giving credit twice for the same learning.
• STANDARD VII: Policies and procedures
  applied to assessment, including provision for
  appeal, should be fully disclosed and prominently
• STANDARD VIII: Fees charged for
  assessment should be based on the services
  performed in the process and not determined by
  the amount of credit awarded.

• STANDARD IX: All personnel involved in
  the assessment of learning should receive
  adequate training for the functions they
  perform, and there should be provision for
  their continued professional development.
• STANDARD X: Assessment programs
  should be regularly monitored, reviewed,
  evaluated, and revised as needed to
  reflect changes in the needs being served
  and in the state of the assessment arts.
 Types of PLAR at RMC

• Transfer Credits
• Credit Granted Credits
• Second Language Credits
 Transfer Credits

• Credits for work done at an accredited
  post-secondary institution, transfer credits
  may be granted for university courses,
  college courses, and CEGEP courses that
  are assessed as satisfying RMC academic
  requirements as equivalencies, or as
  fulfilling the requirements for unallocated
  credits, provided that marks of C- or
  higher have been earned.
    RMC TC Policy-CEGEP

•   CEGEP DEC (Diploma)
•   12+ CEGEP courses completed
•   12- CEGEP courses completed
•   RMC Table of CEGEP Science Equivalencies
    (40+ courses)
 Credit Granted

• Credit granted based on challenge exams,
  non-university/college courses or other
  types of learning that is assessed as
  meeting RMC academic requirements.
 CG Cont’d

• Military training and qualifications training,
  whether obtained within Canada or abroad,
  recognized as learning at a university level;
• Professional training courses or programmes
  given by an organization other than a post-
  secondary institution recognized as learning at
  the university level;
• The combination of Military training and RMC
  courses designated as “top-up” courses to be
  completed to augment specific military training
  and experience to the university-level.
• Credits may then be granted in any RMC degree.
 Second Language Credit

• Credits granted based on students
  achieving the bilingual standard (BBB) and
  higher on official language tests.
• SL Credit policy applicable to Honors and
  General Degrees
    RMC PLAR Review Process

• Student driven
• Request for Advanced Standing
• Course Outlines, Course Training Plans
• Results tracked in RMC UG PLAR Database
  and RMC Table of Credit Granted
• Programme specific Assessment provided
  to student
• RMC transcripts updated
PLAR Tools

• RMC PLAR P&P Document
  – Date specific RMC PLAR P&P
    • Mark requirements
    • Course currency requirements
    • Acceptable documentation for review
    • Equivalencies vs Electives
    • Block vs Course by Course review policy
RMC Table of Credit Granted
RMC UG PLAR Database
RMC Table of CEGEP Science
                     RMC Table of CEGEP Science Equivalences
  A. May be used in BEng, BSc, BA, BMASc
    Course Number/                  Course Name                  # Credits
     201-103-77 +          Calcul différentiel et intégral I +
                                                                    2           MA101
      201-203-77            Calcul différentiel et intégral II

     201-NYA-05 +
                                  Calcul I+ Calcul II               2           MA101

      201-337-77                       Statistique                  1           MA209

     203-101-77 or
                                      Mécanique                     1         PH104(1)

  203-NYA+ NYB + NYC
                       Mécanique + Electricité et Magnétisme +
                                                                    2           PH104

                       Logique et programmation ou Langage de
      420-131-AA                                                    1          CS101B
      RMC Website & Calendar
Assessment Results

                                            BMASc Assessment / Summary Sheet
                                                Enrolled on: 22 Apr 05
     Student #:              Name:                                                                     Date: Jun 05
     1. A 30 credit Degree Programme, consisting of 10 Core Credits; (as indicated).
     2. Must satisfy the following category requirements: 15 Military , 10 RMC, and 10 Senior.
     3. At least 5 of the Senior credits Must be through RMC
     4. Certain courses may satisfy more than one category simultaneously; (as seen in example).
                   Course                                                                                       Senior
     Institution                               Course Title                   Year Mark        Mil     Senior          RMC Credit Subject
                    Code                                                                                        RMC
       RMC         CME304                   Military Chemistry                 04       A          1              1     1     1    RMC
                             (English)                                                                                             ENE
                             (English)                                                                                              ENE
                             (Psychology)                                                                                           PSE
                             (Leadership & Ethics)                                                                                PSE402
                             (Military History)                                                                                   HIE208
                             The CF & Modern Society (or POE316)                                                                  POE206
                             Technology, Science, & Warfare                                                                       HIE475
                             Principles of Mngt in a Def. Setting (or 101)                                                        BAE100
                                            Non Core Credits
     Marine Inst             Electronics Engineering Diploma                  02-04                                          8*     TC
PLAR Statistics

     Student Review Requests 05-06


    23%                          TC & CG
                                 CG Only
                                 TC Only
PLAR Statistics Cont’d

           Courses Reviewed 05-07

                       41%      University
   10%                          College


• Who completes PLAR reviews?
  – faculty members only; faculty members from at least
    3 different member universities; subject matter
    experts approved by Department Heads/Deans
• Is there a minimum acceptable number of hours
  of study for a course to result in credit?
  – Minimum- 30 hrs; more; less
• What are acceptable means to evaluate
  – tests, papers, exams,group projects,observation only

• Will Portfolio PLAR review reports include enough
  detail on specific material reviewed to avoid the
  granting of credit twice for the same learning?

• How/Who will we track PLAR courses that have
  been reviewed according to CVU
  standards/MOU; keep students informed of PLAR
  across the member institutions?
  – Database
  – Website
The Way Ahead

             Equivalencies and Accreditation within the
                         Canadian Forces

                Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Our programs

 MCTAP: Military Civilian Training Accreditation
  - Working with Civilian organisations to gain credit
  for CF training and education

 CFMEP: Canadian Forces Military Equivalencies
  - Working with CF organisations to recognise civilian
  and other training and education within the CF

                                                         ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Current projects

        •   PLAID
        •   Joint DND-HRSDC-CCDA initiative
        •   Accreditation contract with four post-secondary institutions
        •   Catalogue of Equivalencies
        •   Registrar of Equivalencies

                                                                           ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation

 • A database that will keep track of equivalency review
   results for both MCTAP and CFMEP

 • Support partnership amongst key participants to
   promote learning achievement

 • Allow DND/CF members to self determine
   equivalencies they possess

 • Allow institutions to maintain accreditation and
   equivalencies information

                                                      ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Joint DND-HRSDC-CCDA initiative

 • Inter-provincial Red Seal program allows qualified
   tradespersons to practice the trade in any province
   in Canada without having to write further

 • DND/CF is working with Human Resources and
   Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and the
   Canadian Council of the Directors of Apprenticeship
   (CCDA) to review 39 military technical occupations:
       to determine what equivalencies can be granted toward
          Red Seal Certification
       to determine training delta required to achieve

                                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Post-secondary accreditation

 • Currently partnered with two colleges and two
    one English and one French at each level
    Institutions must be part of a consortium that will
      recognize credit granted by partner institutions
             - Biggest bang for the buck – enables our members to
               have more choice when deciding where to take degree
               or diploma programs
 • Each will review up to 15 CF occupations or courses
   each year for academic credit

                                                                     ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Catalogue of Equivalencies

 • Creation of a comprehensive document that will,
   initially, list equivalencies for NATO Command and
   Staff College-level courses
 • Initial document will have equivalencies for 4 or 5
 • Eventually hope to have this document available
   online and in hard copy with equivalencies for all
   manner of military courses for NATO partners and

                                                         ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Registrar of Equivalencies

 • Centralisation of Equivalency and Accreditation
   activities for the CF
    keeper of the E & A gateway
    Coordination of E & A to ensure consistency,
      validity and reliability of results
    Reduce redundant E & A activities through creation
      of tools such as PLAID, E-Portfolios
    Facilitate the granting of equivalencies within the

                                                      ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation
 Contact Us!

 • Cally Warwick, Director, PLAR
    Royal Military College of Canada
    (613) 541-6000, ext 6548

 • Janet Lang, Registrar of Equivalencies &
    Canadian Defence Academy
    (613) 541-5010, ext 3861

                                               ADM HR-Mil

Registrar of Equivalencies and Accreditation

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