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    Lettre circulaire - Newsletter - January 2008, No. 1                          Antartica see more page 4

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!                                                     BONNE ANNÉE

 From Ellen                                                Un message de la présidente

 Best wishes for a Happy 2008 to you                       À chacun de vous, mes meilleurs vœux pour
 all. And what a great year it will be.                    l’année 2008! Et quelle année elle sera!

 In Canada                                                 Au Canada
 We will be hosting:                                       Nous serons les hôtes :
   - August 15th to the 20th, 2008.                           Du 15 au 20 août- semaine de
       Certification in Moncton, New                          Certification à
       Brunswick from                                         Moncton, Nouveau Brunswick.
   - followed by the Annual General                           suivi de la réunion annuelle générale
       Meeting                                                Une retraite du corps professoral
   - A Faculty Retreat                                        Une journée conférence ; Relations
   - And a one day conference: Healthy                     saines-communautés en santé avec le Dr
       Relationships – Healthy                             William Glasser comme l’un des orateurs
       Communities with Dr. Glasser as                     invités
       one of the featured speakers.
                                                           De plus, il y aura 3 sessions de formation au
 As well, there will be 3 faculty training                 niveau de corps professoral durant l’été.
 opportunities during the summer.
                                                             Du 28 au 31 juillet, la première de deux
                                                           formations pour la supervision- phase
     -             th          st
          July 28 to July 31 , the first of
                                                           d’entraînement. Celle-ci a lieu à North Bay
          two Practicum Supervisor Program -
          Training Phases. This one is in
          beautiful North Bay, Ontario.                                           Suite à la page 2
                                    Continued on page 2

President:                  Vice-President                 Secretary:                    Treasurer:
Ellen B. Gélinas            Rolf Ahrens                    Nancy Grant                   Jean Seville Suffield
(506) 529-3270              (604) 985 7567                 (506) 852 4986                (450) 646 2590     

 Continued from page 1                                     Suite de la page 1
                                                               Les instructeurs seront Jim Montagnes et
       Instructors will Jim Montagnes
For comments contact rolfahrens@shaw.caand Al                                                        Page 1
          Katz. You will be treated royally on             Al Katz. Vous serez traités comme des rois
          an island setting and will be well fed!          et reines et très bien nourris. Le tout se
     -    August 22-25 the second Practicum                déroule sur une île.
Past President                  Alberta Rep:                         B.C. Rep:
Maureen Craig McIntosh          We need a new rep for Alberta.       Lucy Scott
(506) 386 7672                  Consider it. We would love to have   (604) 983 2202             you.                       

For comments contact                                                             Page   2
We look forward to seeing many of you in beautiful New Brunswick this summer. You will be warmly
welcomed!! Please let your colleagues know about all these opportunities. It is a great chance to visit and
learn and complete or commence your further training.
Nous avons très hâte de vous rencontrer en grand nombre dans la belle province du NB cet été. Vous y
serez chaleureusement accueilli. SVP, partager cette information avec vos collègues et amis. C’est une
occasion unique de voyager, visiter, apprendre et compléter ou débuter des formations des plus
                                                                                      Ellen Gélinas

In Brief…                                                       En bref…
MEMBERSHIP                                                      COTISATION DES MEMBRES.

         Just a reminder that you will be a member of WGI-      Un rappel pour dire que vous êtes membres de WGI-Canada
Canada when you pay your membership fees to The William         lorsque vous payez votre cotisation comme membre de
Glasser Institute….should you want to belong to WGI-            l’Institut William Glasser… Si vous désirez être membre de
Canada without belonging to WGI, you can join as per the        WGI-Canada seulement, consulté le site
process on the website                        afin d’y retrouver le procédé à suivre.

         As a member of WGI you will receive a ballot this      Comme membre de l’Institut William Glasser, vous recevrez
year to vote for the position of Canadian Representative to     cette année un bulletin de vote. Deux candidates se
the Advisory Board and President of WGI-Canada. This year       présentent au poste de présidente de WGI-Canada et
there will be two candidates and so it is important that you    représentante canadienne au sein du comité consultatif de
exercise your democratic rights and responsibilities. Should    WGI. Il est important de vous prévaloir de votre droit de vote.
you want your vote to count, you will need to fill in the       Pour que votre vote soit valide, il vous faut retourner le
ballot and return it to WGI!! The executive thanks you in       bulletin dûment rempli à l’Institut William Glasser. Nous vous
advance for your attention to this once-every-3-year            remercions de l’attention que vous portez à cet évènement à
occasion.                                                       tous les 3 ans.

BOOKS                                                           LIVRES
         Thank you for your patience on this ...we are still
finding ways to make books available to members. Jean has       Merci de votre patience…nous sommes toujours à essayer de
been working diligently and we expect to be able to give        trouver des façons efficaces de rendre les livres disponibles
you an update soon.                                             aux membres. Jean Suffield y travaille avec acharnement.
                                                                Nous espérons pouvoir vous offrir un suivi sous peu.
          Have you read the last newsletter from WGI?           NOUVELLES DIRECTIONS.
There are exciting initiatives as a result of the new
relationship between The William Glasser Institute and          Avez-vous lu le dernier bulletin de nouvelles de WGI? Vous y
Loyola Marymount University (LMU). I urge you to read all       trouverez des initiatives des plus intéressantes suite à cette
about it. The initiatives can only help us continue to spread   nouvelle complicité entre l’Institut William Glasser et
the teachings and to gain both respect and influence in the     l’Université Loyola Marymount. Je vous invite à lire le bulletin.
field of public mental health.                                  Ces initiatives ne peuvent que nous aider à continuer de
                                                                promouvoir l’enseignement de la Théorie du Choix. De même,
                                                                ces dernières nous mériteront respect et influence dans le
                                                                domaine de la Santé mentale.

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                                     Voyage to the white continent

         If Antarctica were music, it would be Mozart. Art, it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it
         would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on earth that is
         still as it should be. May we never tame it. – Andrew Denton

        The backdrop is Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, the end of the world at the foot of the Andes. One world
ends and another begins as the Lyubov Orlova begins its voyage through the Beagle Channel toward the
Antarctic Convergence. Antarctica is the largest wilderness area on Earth, a place that we believe must be
preserved in its present pristine state. Expeditions to fragile and unique habitats are operated in an
environmentally responsible manner and I am privileged to have taken one small cruise to several islands
off the peninsula and to have stood on the continent itself off Paradise Harbour at Almirante Brown. One
does not realize the grandeur, majesty, awe and spectacular beauty until you see the magnificent sites for
yourself right there in the zodiac or from one of the islands. The Antarctic Treaty System has established
Antarctica as a zone of peace and science and, therefore, provides a strict Protocol for visitors. Be prepared
for severe and changeable weather. At the best of times, crossing the Drake Passage is a memorable
experience. But how can one prepare for colonies of penguins: Gentoo, Adélie, Chinstrap and in my case,
the rare appearance of a King Penguin, about three hundred miles from his usual habitat? The southern
Gerlache Strait welcomes the humpback whales, the Minkes and orcas. On rocky slopes we see big colonies
of Antarctic Blue-eyed Shags as well as the nest sites of Wilson’s Storm-petrels. Imagine mailing postcards
in the sheltered anchorage of Port Lockroy, a post office and museum, surrounded by high mountains, a
busy Gentoo Penguin rookery with a small contingent of Blue-eyed Shags that nest near the shore. Weddell
seals are often seen here and there are a fair number of whale bones on the shore, testimony to the
whaling ships of the past. As I viewed the glaciers, ice shelves, islands, bays and seas with their drifting
icebergs in various shapes and colours, I marvelled at the wonders of nature and felt blessed that I could be
there at least once in my lifetime. I wish to share some of the photographs with you which try to capture
the marvellous sites. Enjoy!

Jean Seville Suffield
January 8, 2008
    Resource - Antarctic: The Reader, Revised July 2006, Quark Expeditions.

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