Curriculum Portfolio Objective Sheet by djv46580


									                            Southwest R-V School District

Teacher: Kara Hendrix

Course Title: Communication Arts

Grade: 5th Grade

Unit Title: Meeting Challenges

Unit Length: 6 Weeks

Objective (Learning Goals): Identify cause and effect.

GLE(s)/CLE(s): R1Ha

Assessment Activities – Formative and Summative (The students will…):

Formative: Answer questions independently on slate boards and participate in mix-pair-share
activity. Complete practice book pg. 17 (guided practice).
Summative: Complete practice book pg. 18 (independently).

Learning Activities/Student Engagement (The students will…):

Using white boards, answer both oral and written questions identifying cause or effect. With a
partner, read textbook pg 42 defining cause and effect, and discuss how to identify them.
Participate in mix-pair-share activity answering both oral and written questions related to cause or
effect. Independently complete pg. 17. In groups of four, discuss and compare answers. As a
class discuss answers. Complete 1 - 3 on page 18. After teacher checks 1-3, complete the
remainder of page 18.

Instructional Method (The teacher will…):

Ask students, who will be answering on white boards, both oral and written questions related to
cause and effect while monitoring student responses. During reading, walk the room directing
students as well as listen to conversations to determine level of understanding. Ask students
questions, who will be completing mix-pair-share activity, related to cause and effect. During
completion of pg. 17, walk room checking level of understanding. Lead discuss of answers.
Check 1-3 on page 18. Monitor as students complete pg. 18 independently.
Resources: Scott Foresman Practice Book and Student Textbook

MSIP Standard 6.1.3         Equity ______
                            Technology ______
                            Research ______
                            Workplace Readiness ______
(X - Mark all that apply)

*Include information only if given on the Grade-Level Expectations

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