Using the Statistics Canada website for your MDM4U Culminating by aua56698

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									 Using the Statistics Canada website
for your MDM4U Culminating Project

     Joel Yan and Jennifer Hall
          Statistics Canada
Begin by reading about your topic
   The Daily
    – Statistics Canada's online newsletter
      that provides new information every
    – Over 10 000 articles with links to
      detailed data
        Write   down the CANSIM table numbers
   Statistics by Subject
    – Over 2 400 analytical articles from our data
    Browse Summary tables to find
        data that interest you
   Summary tables
    – over 500 tables of up-to-date info
    – usually five years of data
    – links to more detailed data on E-STAT
      (write down the CANSIM table #)
    – links to related Daily articles,
      publications, and surveys
Summary Table Example:
Explore the same data in depth
         using E-STAT
   E-STAT (
    – Enormous database for students and teachers,
      containing Census and CANSIM data

    – CANSIM: over 36 million time series from 250
      different surveys
             average annual consumption of hundreds of
        e.g.,
        foods, including beer
                research question: How has beer
        Possible
        consumption changed over the last 40 years in
 Look for a related factor and
extract this series from E-STAT
   What could help explain changes in
    average beer consumption in Canada?
Use Fathom or Excel to analyze
       this relationship
  Use individual case data for
            in-depth analysis
 Download   the following microdata
 files from the math data page:
  – 2001 Census
  – 1991 Census
  – National Longitudinal Survey on
    Children and Youth (16-17 year olds)
  – Joint Canada/US Survey of Health
    Data analysis using microdata
   Analysis question:
    – What is the impact of the number of
      years of schooling on income?
Years of schooling vs. income
      Income by age
for high school graduates
     Income by age
for university graduates
   Results from this analysis
 Themore years of schooling, the
 higher the average income

           university allows for
 Completing
 more growth in income with age
     A useful resource:
Finding and Using Statistics
               A useful resource:
          Finding and Using Statistics

Find this resource by clicking on the Help button on the homepage
    Another helpful website
   Supports for data projects
 Over  20 exemplary student projects
 Sample student surveys and results

 Additional datasets not yet on the website
  – Health Behaviour in School-Aged
  – Ontario Youths
  – Technology Use
Help with creating your own survey
 Statistics:Power from Data! provides
  tips on questionnaire design
 See more than 200 questionnaires
  under ‘Definitions, data sources and
  methods’ on the Statistics Canada
  homepage (
Statistics: Power from Data!
For more assistance:


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