THE SLIDE SHOW by tim8hawk


									• There are more than
  100,000,000,000 galaxies in
  the universe and the Milky
  Way is one of them!
• Stars are actually fireballs like our sun, except
  they are too far away to be seen the way we
  see our sun.
• Meteorites are huge chunks
  of rock that fly around the
  Solar System until they crash
  into a planet and explode!
The moon     Earth.
  is a       The
  huge       diamete
  chunk of   r of the
  rock       moon is
  that       3,476
  orbits     km.
• The sun is about
  690,000,000 times
  bigger than Earth and its
  average temperature is
  about 500,000,000
  degrees celcius
• The Earth is our home planet that has an
  atmosphere that enables us to breath easily.

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