100 MARATHON CLUB NORTH AMERICA

WELCOME to the following seven new members.

The first marathon for 71 year old Dan Shuff (San Antonio, TX) was the San Antonio Marathon in
November 1992. Less than nine years later in July of 2003, he completed marathon #100 at the Calgary
Marathon in Canada. His total has reached 150+, including the Two Oceans Marathon ultra at
Capetown, South Africa, in March of 2005. He set a new 70-74M course record on April 1, 2006, by
completing the Yakima River Canyon Marathon (YRCM) in 4:06:14. He has run a sub-four-hour
marathon in all 50 states and has won first place in his age division in eight consecutive marathons.

It‟s always exciting to welcome new members, but it‟s “extra special” when we can personally induct
local friends into the club. Here‟s a warm WELCOME to Fenny Roberts (Salem, OR), Michael
Dutton (Everett, WA), Jeff Hagen (Yakima, WA) and Van Phan (Maple Valley, WA).

After the Portland Marathon awards ceremony on October 1, 2006, 100 Marathon Club members Janet
Green, Evan Fagan, Jerry Martin and Jim Scheer joined us for a presentation for Fenny Roberts.
Her story is an amazing one. At the age of 45 after complications from surgery, she had to learn how to
walk again. Subsequently, her doctor suggested that she start running to help with the healing process.
So, in October of 1998 after only two and a half months of training, she entered and completed her first
marathon in Portland, Oregon. In less than 8 years her total of marathons/ultras soared to 100 when she
completed the Pacific Crest 50K Trail Run at Mt. Hood, OR, on July 29, 2006. One of her special
accomplishments was running 121 miles in a 24 hour run at her home town of Salem (June 30/July 1,
2000). She‟s a multi-talented musician who has sung the national anthem before the start of all six

When Michael Dutton was 27 years old he “adopted” the Dolphins as his new “grandparents” and
accompanied us to London to be able to run “side-by-side” with Bob as he ran his 200th marathon, the
London Marathon, on April 13, 1997. His 13 consecutive Capital City Marathon string at Olympia,
Washington, started with his first-ever marathon there on May 22, 1994. Other strings of 10 each at
Vancouver, Tri-Cities & Skagit Flats Marathons, 9 at Portland and 8 at Crater Lake all helped bring his
total to 100 on September 10, 2006, at the Skagit Flats Marathon at Burlington, WA (adjacent to his
hometown of Mt. Vernon). His family and many friends were at the finish line wearing special T-shirts
to commemorate the occasion as we welcomed him into the 100 Marathon Club.

Even though the two major hills of the YRCM are in the last half of the race, the runner wearing Bib
#216 every year finishes with a big grin for his Negative Split!! At age 50 Jeff Hagen broke an
American 50-54M age group ultra record by running 216 miles in a 48 hour race. Five years later he
broke 7 American 55-59M age group records within a 16 month period (100 miles in 17:56, 127.5
miles in 24 hours, 214.25 miles in 48 hours etc.) He ran his first marathon on November 7, 1979, at the
first Yakima Marathon (not YRCM) and completed his 100th on September 16, 2006, at the Cle Elum
Ridge 50K in Cle Elum,WA. His current total of 17 marathons and 84 ultras adds up to 8,289 miles
which is equivalent to 316 marathons! The articles he writes about his ultra running adventures are
exciting and suspenseful. Check them out on the Hard Core Runners Club (HCR) website:
www.hcrunners.org. Jeff was given special recognition as a new 100 Marathon Club member at the
annual HCR meeting/potluck on November 5, 2006.

In a little over five years time, Van Phan ran her first marathon at Portland on September 30, 2001, and
completed her 100th at the Tri-Cities Marathon at Richland, WA, on October 29, 2006. As of today (it
changes by the week!), her total is 47 marathons and 56 ultras. By the end of 2006 she‟ll have a total of
53 marathons/ultras for the year. She was the overall points winner for the 2006 Trail Runner
magazine Trophy Series Ultra Division. Her nickname is “Pigtails”….and in her “spare time” she
makes beautiful quilts from her running T-shirts.

Here‟s an e-mail quote from Eliot Collins (Raritan, NJ): “I have looked forward to being in the 100
Marathon Club since I met several members at the YRCM in 2002.” The Atlantic City Marathon on
October 18, 1998, was his first, and his total of 74 marathons and 26 ultras (100) occurred on
November 5, 2006 at the New York City Marathon. He has completed the Pikes Peak Double
(marathon and half marathon on consecutive days) three times and the Empire State Building Run-Up
twice. He also completed the Ridge Runners Marathon in Cairo, WV, and the Rock „n Roll Marathon in
San Diego, CA, on consecutive days with 2,400 miles of travel in between. In his 50-55 age group at
the USATF National Championship 40K Racewalk, he and his masters team received bronze medals in
2004, a silver medal in 2005 for his team, and gold medals for himself and his team in 2006.

Our newest member is Newton Baker (Montpelier, VT), a 64 year old runner who e-mailed us a very
short time ago about becoming a member of the 100 Marathon Club. His total number of 26.2 mile
marathons is 117. In the past twelve years he has competed in the National 24 Hour Championships as
well as several others where he has run over 100 miles.


In the past few months seven new members have joined the club to bring the total to 181. You‟ve just
been introduced to them, so what follows is an update on the activities, accomplishments and goals of
some of the rest of the club members.

        1.  Whose favorite race number is “69”?
        2.  Who has run a marathon a month for 127 consecutive months?
        3.  Which grandmother recently directed her first marathon at Honolulu, Hawaii?
        4.  Who ran 79 (not 69) marathons in 2005?
        5.  What runner ran 56 marathons in 2005, the most for women runners?
        6.  Which member is featured in a story in the November/December Marathon & Beyond
        7. Who ran 200 marathons in 159 consecutive weekends?
        8. Who will celebrate her 61st birthday on March 31, 2007?
        9. Who ran his 35th consecutive Boston Marathon on April 17, 2006 and authored the book The
            Last Pick?
        10. At age 21, who has completed a marathon/ultra in all 50 states & DC twice, and needs only
            23 states to finish for the third time?
        11. Who set an American record at age 50 by running 216 miles in a 48 hour race?

On April 8-9, 2006, Tom Adair (Alpharetta, GA) completed the Umstead 100 Miler on his 10th try.
(That‟s worth the “Perseverance Award” of the year!) This was his 216th career marathon/ultra and his
127th consecutive marathon month. On August 26-27, 2006, he completed his second 100 mile run at
the Lean Horse 100 in Hot Springs, SD. Congratulations & Semper Fi!

It was good to have Eugene Barker (Louisville, KY) and his wife Kathy join Carol Westerman, her
husband Bob Green and us for dinner two days after the October 22nd Louisville Marathon. Steve
Barrick (Kent, WA) directed another successful Green River Marathon (Kent to West Seattle) on June
3, 2006, and was the substitute director on the same course for the UWR Marathon on November 5,
2006. Recently, Dave Bell (Highlands Ranch, CO) and Marv Bradley (Canon City, CO) both
completed the States for the second time! On October 15, 2006 Lois Berkowitz (Riverview, MI)
completed her 250th marathon at the Columbus Marathon at Columbus, OH. Postcards have been
received from Prague, St. Petersburg (Russia) and Burlington (Vermont), sent by Roger Biggs
(Stevenage, UK) as he travels all over the world to run marathons. He celebrated the completion of his
400th marathon this past summer, and he‟s happy to report that he‟s passed Bob Dolphin‟s total! We
met Roger and Jack Brooks (St. Albans, UK) at the Grizzly Marathon in Choteau, Montana, on August
12, 2006, and again on October 22, 2006, at the Louisville Marathon in Kentucky. They‟re both
working hard to become 50 States Finishers. Paula & Steve Boone (Humble, TX) ran the Great Wall
Marathon in China last May, and they continue to organize and promote activities for the ever-growing
50 States Marathon Club. It‟s always great seeing Jim Boyd (Seattle, WA) at the local races. We
appreciate his responses to the articles that Bob writes about all of his marathons. We‟re sorry we
missed seeing Mike Brooks (Danville, ME) when we were in his state last July for the inaugural Paul
Bunyan Marathon at Bangor. Mike was crewing and pacing a friend at the Vermont 100 Mile
Endurance Run that weekend. We appreciate receiving Mike‟s reports of his May Self Transcendance
Six Day Race and Great Wall Marathon in China, and his July 29, 2006, Jay Mountain Trail Marathon.
He and Ron Bucy (Bridgeport, WV) recently completed the States for the second time. It was good to
hear from Betty Mae Burrell (Harrison, TN) with the news that she directed her first marathon, Just
Another Good Time 50K, in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the Marine Corps Marathon on October 29, 2006,
pictures were taken of “Barefoot” Todd Byers (Long Beach, CA) and Bob Dolphin, with Bob wearing
Bib #69 (Todd‟s favorite race number!)

Harry Curtis (Cincinnati, OH) is another 50 States Finisher!

Only for a good friend would I carry a large piece of granite in my suitcase from Bangor, Maine, to
Seattle, Washington! Rich DeCample (Renton, WA) missed the awards ceremony when he won this
piece of granite as an age group award at the Paul Bunyan Marathon on July 15, 2006, the day he
completed his 200th marathon!! At the June 5, 2006, marathon in Casper, Wyoming, Eugene
DeFronzo (Waterbuy, CT) completed his 300th marathon! At age 44, Carol Dellinger (Spokane, WA)
was the youngest woman to complete 200 marathons when she ran the San Diego Rock „n Roll
Marathon. Good to hear from Elaine Doll-Dunn (Spearfish, SD), director of the Leading Ladies
Marathon. At the Seafair Marathon in Bellevue, WA, on July 9, 2006, Bob Dolphin (Renton &
Yakima, WA) wore a pink ribbon in honor of our daughter Judi Hancock who is fighting breast cancer.
Bob is scheduled to run Marathon #400 at our Yakima River Canyon Marathon on March 31, 2007.

Good to hear from Rosemary Evans (Flemingsburg, KY) letting us know that her total number of
marathons a few months ago was 206.

It‟s always great seeing Evan Fagan (Victoria, BC) at Pacific Northwest races, especially at Victoria
where he makes sure we receive “royal treatment” at the Royal Victoria Marathon. Thanks to Roy
Farneman, Virginia Farneman (Powell, OH) is the recipient of a 100 Marathon Club T-shirt and a
medallion commemorating her 200th marathon. According to the June 30, 2006, 50 States Marathon
Club Newsletter, Sue Fauerbach (Renton, WA) completed 56 marathons in 2005, highest number for a
woman in the club…..and in the 100 Marathon Club, as well. Thanks to Bob Fletcher (Fredericksburg,
TX) for sending us his new e-mail address. Here‟s the latest update on 21 year old Brenton Floyd
(Harrison, TN). As of September 6, 2006, he has completed a marathon or ultra in all 50 States & DC
for the second time, and he needs only 21 states to finish for the third time. At age 16 he was the
youngest finisher ever. His grandmother, Betty Mae Burrell, is his “handler, PR person, sponsor and
chauffeur”……and she does a great job! Ron Fowler (Seattle, WA) will continue his job as
“chauffeur/host” for the YRCM guest speaker by meeting John “The Penguin” Bingham and his wife at
the SeaTac Airport and taking them to Yakima next March. Steve Frederickson (Kent, WA) wrote a
Special Race Report on the Bridle Trails 50K Twilight run (January 14, 2006) that appeared in the
March 2006 Northwest Runner magazine.

We receive frequent postcards and race reports from Peter Graham (London, UK) as he competes in
marathons in Europe and all over the U.S. in his quest to become a States Finisher. Good to see Janet
Green (Courtenay, BC) at the Portland, Victoria and other Pacific Northwest Marathons.

It was good to see Mark Hartinger (Shoreline, WA) at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon at Port
Angeles, WA, on June 11, 2006……and again at the starting line of the October 1st Portland Marathon.
We hope to see him at another starting line on March 31, 2007, at the 7th annual YRCM! By checking
out the Marathon Maniacs website‟s “Maniac Questionnaire” for #237 Boonsom Hartman (Oak Forest,
IL) we learned that she found out about the club at the 2005 YRCM. The 2003 Honolulu Marathon was
her most memorable marathon because she completed her 50 States & DC challenge there. Then she set
new goals to earn Maniac Stars (e.g., back-to-back marathons two weekends in a row etc.) Wannabe
Bob Hildebrandt (Fairbanks, AK) ran #96, the Humpy‟s Marathon at Anchorage. He‟ll get to 100

Sharon Kerson (Culver City, CA) started running marathons at age 43. She now has a total of 346 and
has completed the States three times and the Canadian Provinces once! The two oldest members of
our club, octogenarians Helen Klein (Rancho Cordova, CA) and Don McNelly (Rochester, NY), both
completed the Portland Marathon on October 1, 2006. Jim Kunz (Seattle, WA) is still working hard to
recover from his injuries. We hope his progress is good so that he can run his sixth YRCM next March.

In an e-mail dated October 19, 2006, Don Lang (Glendale, CA) wrote, “I‟m glad you are still out there
doing marathons. I think I will not do them any more. I have a lot of happy memories that I‟m writing
about.” Running over 400 marathons can accumulate a lot of memories! Welcome to wannabe Un Ha
Lee (Olympia, WA) who ran her 74th marathon at the Capital City Marathon on May 21, 2006, as she
became a States Finisher in her hometown of Olympia. In Newsletter #12, we listed some goals for
Helmut Linzbichler (Austria & Michigan). An update is that he did run the Ridge Runner Marathon in
Cairo, WV, to complete his 50 States. He turned 65 on August 31, 2006, and completed his 250th

marathon in Graz, Austria! Good to see Phil Little (Apopka, FL) at the Super 8 Motel in Bangor, ME,
last July. The 29th Annual Andy Payne Marathon in Oklahoma City, OK, on May 27, 2006, was the 19th
running of that race for Bob Livitz (Houston, TX) and his 135th marathon.

It was good to see Jon Mahoney (Vernon, BC) and his wife Sherry at many recent marathons. Jerry
Martin (Spokane Valley, WA) was the winner of the wheelchair division at the October 1st Portland
Marathon. Here‟s an e-mail we received after we published Newsletter #12. “Another great newsletter.
We would all be in the dark if it weren‟t for you. One minor correction --- I wish I had run 69
marathons in 2005. Actually, I was crazy enough to run 79”…….Larry Macon (San Antonio, TX).
(Sorry about the error, Larry!) He was the top male runner for the 50 States Marathon Club in 2005, so
we see him at many races. Our 100 Marathon Club North America members have so many awesome
stories to tell that we could easily write a book rivaling Ripleys‟ Believe It or Not! The latest book
written by a club member is The Last Pick authored by Dave McGillivray (North Andover, MA). To
quote Amby Burfoot (1968 Boston Marathon Winner and Executive Director of Runner’s World
magazine): “I know few people who have accomplished as much as Dave, and none who has done it
with his grit, courage, humanity and unyielding determination.” Each year he runs the Boston Marathon
twice on the same day. For the past 19 years after his job of “running the race” as race director is over,
he goes to Hopkinton and actually runs the 26.2 miles to Boston. This year it was his 35th consecutive
Boston Marathon. His 25+ year career in the sport of road racing and triathlons earned him the
prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Competitor magazine. He was also presented
the “Race Director of the Year” award by Road Race Management (sponsored by Running Times
magazine). In 2005 he was inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions! WOW!!! Don
McNelly (Rochester, NY), at age 85 you‟ve run over 700 marathons…..just how do you keep looking
so young? You‟re the idol of many and an inspiration to all!! Taking time off from her running and
flight attendant job, Gina Moore (San Marcos, TX) took a “busman‟s holiday” and flew to Thabazimbi,
Africa, for a hunting trip. Thanks go to Alan Morton (Tywyn-Gwynedd, Wales) for the interesting
postcards he sends us from his many marathon travels all over the world. Good to hear from Dana
Mosell (Walnut, CA).

It was good to see Stan Nakashima (Mt. Vernon, WA) at the September 10, 2006, Skagit Flats
Marathon where he has a long string going. Here are some excerpts from the August 7, 2006, e-mail
sent to us by Jose Nebrida (Chicago, IL) who always dresses patriotically for marathons and carries an
American flag each time he races. “I came to America 31 years ago as a legal immigrant and became a
citizen in 1981. As a typical immigrant, I was a full-time student taking my master‟s degree, working
full-time as a hospital orderly and was a full-time father of two children, a 6 year old and an 8 month old
baby. And like a typical legal immigrant, I believed that in America when one works hard and has
ambitions to better himself and his family, he will be helped and will be given a chance to succeed in
any endeavor he wishes to undertake. Every time I run the New York City Marathon (I have run it 12
times), and cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and see the Statue of Liberty a couple of miles at the
left side of the bridge, I bow my head and say a prayer…..and the times since 9/11 I proudly waved the
U.S. flag and shouted, GOD BLESS AMERICA.” Thank you, Jose, for these inspirational words. Keep
your e-mails full of jokes and wisdom coming!

It was good to see Mae Palm (Garibaldi Highlands, BC) at the Victoria Marathon October 8, 2006.
Pam Penfield (Highlands Ranch, CO) has completed 13 consecutive Pikes Peak Marathons and 22

consecutive Honolulu Marathons. Good to hear from Lynda Petri (Marengo, IL) and good to see 73
year old Mel Preedy (Ravensdale, WA) at many Pacific Northwest marathons.

Be sure to check out pages 153-156 in the November/December 2006 Marathon & Beyond magazine to
read “Stalking Pam Reed.” Pam (Tucson, AZ), race director for the Tucson Marathon, is an
“ultrarunner extraordinaire.” A broken foot hasn‟t kept Layne Reibel (Oviedo, FL) from
participating in marathons. We saw her at the Paul Bunyan Marathon in Bangor, Maine, in July and
have learned that she recently became a 50 States Finisher. Another 50 States Finisher is Edwin Roth
(Koeln, Germany). Congratulations for being the first European to complete all 50 States. Henry
Rueden (De Pere, WI) finished the States for the fifth time and completed his 450th marathon at the
Afton Trail Marathon on July 1, 2006. (His 400th marathon was in San Francisco in July of 2005!) We
enjoyed an after-race dinner with him and Ray Scharenbrock (South Milwaukee, WI) in Coeur d‟
Alene, Idaho, last May.

Here are some excerpts from Ray‟s September 14, 2006, letter: “I should finish my circuit of 13.1 miles
to 26.1 miles the weekend before Thanksgiving. Still have 6 states to do on my 9th circuit and 7 states to
finish an ultra in each of the 50 & DC. The states and ultras will finish in 2007.” “I run for the Joy of
Life, thankful always that God has given me chances and the guts to get out and get the job done ---
knowing that we have a job and a responsibility to be an example for those around us. I feel so very
lucky. I still think the greatest thing I get from running is the chance to meet wonderful people and
make treasured friendships.” Going from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Milwaukie, Oregon……Del
Scharffenberg (Milwaukie, OR) e-mailed us an article from Portland‟s June 25, 2006, Oregonian
newspaper. He‟s the contact person for the Westside Rides‟ weekly cycling group from Tualatin, OR.
With a surprise trip to Choteau, Montana, Jim Scheer (Vancouver, WA) joined us and the Brits at the
Grizzly Marathon there. On May 16, 2006, Suzy Seeley (Houston, TX) wrote, “……Thanks for the
newsletter and all you guys do! God Bless you. #103! 97 more til #200!” What a good goal! Jim
Simpson (Huntington Beach, CA) completed the States for the fourth time on June 11, 2006, at the
Kona Marathon in Kona, Hawaii. Jim, you‟ve run out of excuses……you‟ll need another Washington
for your 5th time around, so we hope to see you at the starting line of the YRCM on March 31, 2007!

In celebration of her 60th birthday, Cathy Troisi (Seneca Falls, NY) ran 72 miles clockwise around her
favorite Lake Tahoe. She celebrated her 55th birthday at the inaugural YRCM on March 31, 2001.
We‟ve scheduled our race for next year so that she can celebrate her 61st birthday at our 7th annual
Yakima River Canyon Marathon on March 31, 2007!

Good to hear from Michael Wakabayashi (Spokane, WA) and Gregg Walchli (Seattle, WA). John
Wallace (Longboat Key, FL & Silverthorne, CO) holds the record for sending us the most e-mail. We
appreciate the stories of his global marathoning, the many pictures and the humor (??…well, most of the
humor). When Bob Dolphin added Kentucky as his 32nd state at the Louisville Marathon on October 22,
2006, we were treated to the great hospitality of Carol Westerman (Louisville, KY) and her husband
Bob Green. There was a tour of the city and a night‟s stay at their 5-star home. Her marathoning
memorabilia is displayed throughout, and I was most impressed with the quilt she made after she
became a 50 States Finisher. The pieces of the T-shirts from each state are placed in alphabetical order,
and it‟s a gorgeous work of art! Update on Bill Whipp (Cincinnati, OH)….he‟s completed 167
marathons/ultras since total knee replacement and has race walked all 50 states! On November 5,
2006, he reached a new milestone by running his 200th marathon overall at Huntington, WV. Jay

Jacob Wind (Arlington, VA) completed his 107th marathon and 20th Boston Marathon on April 17,
2006. Here‟s a short excerpt from the most surprising e-mail of the year: “I hope to get back to running
soon and making it up to Yakima in the near future”……Rick Worley (Kingwood, TX). Rick, we
treasure the memories of the weekend in Houston when Bob ran his 250th marathon and you ran your
200th marathon in 159 consecutive weekends at the Houston Marathon on January 16, 2000. We hope
you‟ll help celebrate Bob‟s #400 on March 31, 2007, at our YRCM.

Sandra Zanchi (Louisville, KY) ran the KY 50 Miler for her 50th birthday with fellow 100 Marathon
Club member Eugene Barker.
If you need help, here are the answers to the eleven questions about our club members.

           (1) Todd Byers; (2) Tom Adair; (3) Betty Mae Burrell; (4) Larry Macon; (5) Sue Fauerbach;
           (6) Pam Reed; (7) Rick Worley; (8) Cathy Troisi; (9) Dave McGillivray; (10) Brenton
           Floyd; (11) Jeff Hagen

The 100 Marathon Club North America has no dues but meets its expenses from donations and through
a small profit made on the sale of club T-shirts, pins (in increments of 100) and personalized medallions.
Please contact us if you‟re interested in making any purchases…….and let us know about your activities
and goals as well.

100 Marathon Club Newsletter Survey
           1. Let us know if you’re a race director, what race or races you direct (or have
               directed), and for how long.
           2. Have you written a book, are you writing one now, or have you contributed
               chapters to add to published books? What are the titles of the books and where
               are they available for purchasing?

I‟ve mentioned our Yakima River Canyon Marathon many times in the newsletter, and we want to
invite all of you to join us on March 31, 2007, to join Bob as he runs Marathon #400.

We wish all of you a blessed Holiday Season and good running/walking in the New Year.

Bob and Lenore Dolphin
10519 126th Avenue S.E.
Renton, WA 98056

(425)226-1518, Renton
(509)966-0188, Yakima
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