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									                            Housing ACT                    Fact Sheet

                                        Pets and Animals

Keeping a pet or animal                                 Assistance Animals

Tenants do not require approval from Housing ACT        Guide dogs, hearing dogs, companion animals and
to keep pets and animals (hereafter pets).              other assistance animal are welcome in all
However, tenants are required to obtain and             Housing ACT dwellings including those located in
maintain any and all applicable licences and            Bodies Corporate. In Body Corporate flats
registrations and must comply with all applicable       complexes where pets are generally banned,
ACT Legislation and Codes of Practice.                  tenants may be required to provide documentation
If the tenant resides in a flat, unit or apartment           • proof of need for the assistance animal, and
managed by a body corporate under the Unit Titles            • details of the formal training/qualifications of
Act 2001, the tenant must comply with all rules and              the animal.
by-laws of the body corporate and the provisions of
the Commissioner for Social Housing Tenancy
Agreement - Rules Of The Complex.                       Dealing with complaints

                                                        When complaints are received about nuisance
Tenant responsibilities                                 caused by a pet Housing ACT will investigate to
                                                        determine if the tenant is breaching their Tenancy
Housing ACT is concerned for the well being of          Agreement. If the complaint is proven Housing
pets and the continued health and safety of the         ACT will work with the tenant to assist him/her to
human inhabitants of its dwellings. In order to         sustain their tenancy.
ensure both goals are met tenants are responsible
for:                                                    In those cases where all attempts to assist a tenant
     • caring for their pets in a humane manner         to comply with their Tenancy Agreement fail,
         (not starving, physically harming or           Housing ACT will treat the situation the same as
         keeping a pet in unsanitary conditions),       any other breach of the Tenancy Agreement and
         and                                            have no alternative other than to commence legal
     • controlling their pets (keeping control at all   proceedings, through the ACT Civil and
         time, especially those pets who may            Administrative Tribunal, to remove the pet and/or
         exhibit vicious behaviour).                    the tenant from the dwelling.

Tenants are responsible for ensuring that their pets
DO NOT:                                                 Review of Housing ACT decisions
    • infringe on the quiet enjoyment of
         neighbours, and                                There is an established review protocol that
    • cause damage to the premises.                     includes an initial internal review by Housing ACT
                                                        and where appropriate, access to external review
Tenants who reside in flats are also advised to         mechanisms. See Review of Decisions Fact
choose pets whose size is reasonable for the            Sheet.

AnimalsPets – Date Last Amended – 2/2/2009                                 www.dhcs.act.gov.au
Further Information

For more information, telephone 133427,

or visit the Applicant Services Centre.

Applicant Services Centre

Nature Conservation House
Cnr Emu Bank & Benjamin Way
Belconnen Town Centre
(Open 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri)

AnimalsPets – Date Last Amended – 2/2/2009   www.dhcs.act.gov.au

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