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					Message from the Commander:                      How to Get to the Arsenal                        AMERICA’S ARSENAL:
Dear friends,                                                                                     THE STRENGTH OF THE ARMY
                                                         FROM THE AIRPORT:
Many Capital District residents have
answered the call to serve and to protect      The easiest way from the airport to Watervliet
our nation, both at home and abroad.           Arsenal is by following the signs out of the
Their service makes us proud whether           airport to Route 155. Staying on Route 155
they wear the uniform of a Soldier or work     east will bring you right to the arsenal. The
as a Department of the Army Civilian.
                                               road makes a couple sharp turns left and
The Arsenal represents nearly 200 years of     right but stay on Route 155, cross Route 9,
selfless service and a sense of duty of tens   and as you come down the hill you will see the
of thousands of local civilians who have       Arsenal spread out in front of you. Route 155
answered their call to duty since 1813.        ends at Route 32. Turn right and follow the
From scientist to machinist, when our          Arsenal fence. You will go right past the Main
nation called, the Arsenal was there.
                                               Gate. This is closed due to security conditions.
No longer a place people drive by. Today’s     One more right turn and you are at the South
                                               Gate (the only gate now open). Stop and
Arsenal, is home to 31 civilian and military
                                               register with the guards.
tenant organizations. On any given day,
more than 1,300 personnel, military and
civilian, come to work in such places as
research laboratories, machine shops,          U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal
nanotechnology clean rooms, and power          Building 10
generation facilities.                         1 Buffington Street
                                               Watervliet, NY 12189
Look beyond the 1800s-era buildings that
some date back to 1828. Look beyond the
hundreds of computer-aided machines in         Command Group:      (518) 266-4294
our production bays. Look beyond the rail      Public Affairs:             x5055
gantry yard that was in daily use during       Manufacturing Operations: x4805
World War II. When you do that, you            Installation Management:     x4258
will see dedication, professionalism, and will see a Department of the
Army Civilian who has answered his or
her call to duty.

             Scott N. Fletcher
                                                                                                      U.S. Army
            Colonel, U.S. Army
                                                                                                   Watervliet Arsenal
                                                                                                   Benét Laboratories
War of 1812 – Mexican-American War – Civil War – Spanish-American War – World War I – World War II
     Korean War – Vietnam War - Persian Gulf War – Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom

           Who We Are                              Today’s Arsenal                                 Capabilities
The U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal,
                                                                                       •	 A well-trained and educated workforce
widely known as “America’s Cannon
                                                                                           who utilize more than 600 machine tools
Factory,” is an Army-owned and operated                                                    to produce a full range of machining
manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001:2008                                               and fabrication services for metals and
and Army Contracting Performance-                                                          composites.
Certification Program Certified.
                                                                                       •	 From metal forging to fabrication to
Constructed in 1813, the Arsenal has played                                                painting and packaging, the Arsenal’s
a vital role in America’s defense throughout                                               workforce believe they can produce any
its long history producing large bore cannon                                               machined product from a valid design.
and a wide variety of other products for
military needs.                                         Fiscal Year 2009               •	 The Manufacturing and Technology
                                                                                           Center at Watervliet is certified to the
The billion dollar Arsenal manufacturing         Community Impact                          highest industrial quality standards as
complex is situated on a 143-acre site and                                                 evidenced by Industrial Organization
                                                - $130 million in sales                    for Standardization, ISO 9001:2008,
spans 72 buildings with 2.1 million square
feet of manufacturing and administrative        - $51 million in salaries & benefits       certification.
space.                                              ($76 million including Benét)      •	 The co-location of Arsenal Manufacturing
The Arsenal is also home to the Army’s
                                                - $68 million in contracts                 and Benét Labs offers military or civilian
                                                    ($22 million in New York)              business entities a one-stop shop for
Benét Laboratories, a Malcolm Baldrige                                                     research, design, prototype development,
Award recipient, whose mission includes         - 14th largest employer in the             and full manufacturing and long-term
the development of Arsenal products and                                                    customer service.
technology for future weapon systems. This
                                                    Capital District
arrangement of research, development and                                               •	 The Arsenal invites potential civilian
manufacturing at a single site facilitates                                                 business partners to bring their
concurrent design and manufacturing.                                                       manufacturing expertise to the Arsenal
                                                                                           to create new synergies for shared
But more than land, equipment, and                                                         manufacturing.
buildings, the Arsenal represents thousands
of great Americans who have proudly served                                             •	 Today’s Arsenal, has a dedicated workforce
their country by supporting our Nation’s                                                   who know and understand their place in
war fighters in every conflict for nearly 200                                              history. Rich in tradition, this workforce
years.                                                                                     will not fail to provide the finest machined
                                                                                           products in the world.

    SERVICE TO THE LINE                             SERVICE ON THE LINE                          SERVICE ON TIME