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					                       SPECIAL OLYMPICS GREAT BRITAIN


Technical Advisors give advice and support on a particular sport to coaches and
event organisers within SOGB's training and events programme. They work
through a network of Regional Co-ordinators in England, Scotland and Wales.

Responsible to SOGB's Leadership Council.

Management and support of the Technical Advisors is provided by SOGB’s
Sports and Services Department staff.

1.    Responsibilities: Coaching
1.1   Act as the technical adviser to groups and regions on athlete training and
      coach education for their particular sport.

1.2   To provide advice and periodically review qualification levels necessary for
      Regional and Club coaches, Teachers and assistants.

1.3   The organisation of national/regional training seminars for regional co-
      ordinators/coaches as agreed (not usually more than one per year).

1.4   Provide information and advise to regions on NGB Coaching Courses and
      other relevant courses/seminars.

2.    Responsibilities: Competition
2.1   To act as an advisor to event organisers at all levels within SOGB for their
      particular sport.

2.2   To provide advice to groups and regions in relation to NGB Rules and the
      Special Olympics Sports Rules. This included monitoring changes to sports
      rules and keeping regions informed of significant modifications to these.

2.3   Technical Advisors will normally be asked to act as the Technical Delegate
      for SOGB for their sport at the National Summer/Winter Games as
      appropriate. This will normally involve:

      •    Reviewing events materials (e.g. National Games Handbook and Coach

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       •    Providing advice and conducting training for key Games volunteers on
            all aspects of the organisation of the competition
       •    Attending the Games to provide advice and support to the Event
            Director during the competition and to be the final authority on the
            interpretation and application of the Special Olympics Sports Rules

3.     Responsibilities: Health and Safety
3.1    To establish and periodically review Health and Safety requirements for
       training and competition in the particular sport.

3.2    To provide advice on risk management for training and competition in the
       particular sport.

4.     Responsibilities: General
4.1    To have a lead role in the formulation and review of SOGB's development
       plans for the particular sport in conjunction Sports and Services staff.

4.2    Liaise with the appropriate national governing bodies for their particular

4.3    Liaise with learning disability or other external organisations in relation to
       the sports programme as appropriate.

4.4    Promote opportunities for the integration of athletes with a learning disability
       into the mainstream sporting community.

4.5    Attend Sports Management and other seminars/courses organised by
       SOGB or SOI (no more than two per year).

4.6    Submit written reports as required.

4.7    Attend meetings as agreed.


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Person Specification

1. Must have a National Governing Body coaching award in the relevant sport.

2. Must have a thorough knowledge of NGB and Special Olympics Sports Rules.

3. Must have experience of the organisation of Special Olympics competitions.

4. Must have good communication skills.

5. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

6. Must be prepared to commit an average of 3-4 hours per week to the role of
   Technical Advisor.

7. Previous experience of Special Olympics or work with people with a learning
   disability is highly desirable.


Other Information
1. The position is voluntary. Out of pocket expenses up to a maximum agreed
   level will be paid. All expenditure must be approved by SOGB Sports and
   Services Director.

2. Technical Advisors may have responsibility for a development budget
   delegated to them. All expenditure from such a budget must be approved by
   SOGB Sports and Services Director.

3. The term of office shall normally be four years and may be subject to an
   annual review.

4. Applicants are required to declare any positions (either paid or voluntary) held
   with, or work undertaken for, any other disability organisation, governing body
   or other organisation that might affect their work as Technical Advisor or
   SOGB as a whole. Should the post-holder accept such a position in the future
   or undertake any such work he/she shall be required to declare it.

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