Candidates are listed in the opposite order to their positions on the ballot. Each statement is
no longer than 300 words. Statements are entirely unedited and as were received by
Election Commissioner Andrea. Unless contested candidates chose to share their statements
with each other prior to submission, none has had the opportunity to review anyone else’s
statement prior to submitting their own. Candidates are encouraged to use the 5bbc
Bulletin Board to elaborate on or defend their positions.




I initially became a Board Member, when advised by another Board Member that; I could
help further the primary goals of our Club. These goals are to provide an educational
opportunity for cyclist to become competent and self- reliant, to promote the recreational,
and charitable purposes which are the mainstays of The Five Borough Bicycle Club.

We want to promote the general interests of bicycling; our bicycling trips foster a greater
understanding of the world and its people through; outdoors, educational, and
recreational travel.

I believe after having held several positions on The Board; ( Recording Secretary/
Programs Coordinator/Bicycle Course Coordinator/Special Events Coordinator ) I'am
uniquely qualified and experienced to sucessfully assume the Office of President.

My intention as ever ( I've been a Leader for 10 years) is to put forward my best efforts
for The Membership. I would appreciate your support, this Club has helped
me share my pleasure in two-wheeled travel with countless people. We know each other.

Friend Jesse


Dear Friends, Fellow Cyclists, Members, Past Leaders and Inactive Members:

I wish to simply state that my goal as President is to bring joy and fellowship back to the
club and unity to the Executive Board and bring sorely missed and valued leaders back
into full participation of the club, as well as bringing new active members into leadership
activities. To improve upon electronic means as to the ability of using electronic voting
in the future.

As past Vice President, Special Events and Present Leadership Coordinator , my
experience has been varied, vast and a true learning experience. I bring a true business
sense, coordinate large budget's and projects as well as run a Board meeting for my
employment, and work closely with that Board. I continue to run the Smiley Face as well
we the Montauk Training Ride Series. I continue to be active participant in past
Leadership Weekends separate an apart of being a leadership coordinator, and better
know as the French Toast Queen-

I started cycling as a newlywed in 1998, and promptly became in enthralled in the
Perimeter Series of that summer. Ed and I soon after became leaders in 99 and have
remain true active members in the cycling community. My participation in biking has
brought me to many biking related events, not limited to just the area but enjoying
traveling with other members of our club, in Europe and in the states.

I have made many wonderful friends, and hope to continue to enjoy their company and
make new ones. I thank all of you in advance for voting for me, and continue seeing you
on my rides in the future. Thanks Liz Baum



We, the team of John Chiarella and Danny Lieberman, are running for Special Events
Coordinators because we want to make next year’s Montauk Century the best ever. We will
provide the needed leadership to ensure the best event for the participants, the club and the

Last year our club endured enormous hardships with this event.

Nevertheless, we all pitched in and made it happen. While we were pleased that the riders had a
great experience, there were some serious, clearly identifiable rough spots that we are committed
to fixing. The waste of materials and supplies was costly and will be addressed going forward.
Danny and John are the team to return the Montauk Century to profitability.

It is time to put our troubles behind us and move forward. We must energize new volunteers and
bring in new members. You can expect effective, appreciative and focused leadership with our
team. We want you, our loyal members to come back and help us in any way you can.

John has run our Babylon start line for the past four years. He is also experienced in route and
logistical planning and has worked on virtually every cycling event in the metropolitan area.
John is also an experienced ride leader and has contributed greatly to the club.

Danny has served the club in many capacities over the past dozen years, the past four as our Day
Trips Coordinator. For Montauk he has worked at the start and finish lines, scouted routes,
loaded countless trucks, and more.

We will work as a team but more importantly we will bring the team spirit back to the Montauk
Century. We look forward to working with event manager Jake LaSala to put on a first class
cycling event that we can all be proud of.

•     Member since 1982
•     Set up original Computer w/database and got 2nd computer
•     Most rides in one year (49)
•     DayTrips Coordinator
•     Vice President
•     President-3 years
•     Created the Frostbite, Perimeter and Off Road Vistas series
•     First to receive the Golden Spoke
•     20 years working Montauk, most co-running SAG
•     20 years 5BBT Super Captain Staten Island and Verrazano Bridge
•     Own & operate my own business for the past 31 years
•     20 years adjunct instructor in CUNY

What type of direction, work & supervision will I give the Special Events Manger?

I would use the same model I use with employees that I give management responsibility
to. He is hired to do the job as best as his skills allow him and as he sees fit. I'm there to
answer his questions, fill in details, give background(history) and monitor his activities.
If I did more, I might as well do it myself. It's a relationship similar to a CEO to corporate
division managers. They get the assignment. They work out the plan. They execute the
plan giving quarterly reports. They sink or swim based upon their final performance.
Bear in mind that no responsible CEO would let the ship sink due to an incompetent
manager and I would do the same.

People volunteer because it’s in their nature to help. Think about helping the Club. We
could use your fresh ideas and helping hand. I love volunteering and I promise to put
everything I have into Montauk ‘08. With your help, we’ll have the best Montauk ever.

Although everyone running for office are good people, I personally support Jesse Brown
to replace me as President and Alfredo Garcia to continue as Editor. They are
experienced, hard working guys who love this Club. Please vote for them and me. Thank



I am relatively new to the 5BBC, but what I lack in longevity I make up for in
commitment and expertise.

My training and experience as a 5BBC Ride Leader has both helped me improve my
urban cycling skills and has allowed me to grow as a rider. The reason I’m running for
membership on the 5BBC Board is that I might return some measure of what I have
received from the Club.

Is it strange to see my name on the ballot twice? Here’s how it happened: I looked
through the Board positions for a slot I could fit into; no one was interested in
Corresponding Secretary so I volunteered, even though there is a more obvious position
where my background would be put to better use. I was later nominated for that other
position—Newsletter Editor. I would be happy to serve in either position, but I am more
qualified for one than the other.

I have a background in journalism that includes various positions on my high school and
college newspapers, including a couple of stints on a daily newspaper. In my working
career, I have edited newsletters for three large non-profit organizations and worked as an
editor’s assistant. In short, I have been a reporter, a photographer, an editor, a
proofreader, and a layout tech.

How will I improve the Bicycletter? First, I will solicit articles and photographs from the
general membership; I believe an editor should edit, not write the bulk of the newsletter.
Second, the newsletter is the public face of our Club so I will make every effort to not let
an issue go to print with the grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors to which we
have become accustomed. Third, I have some thoughts on design/layout improvements.

Sincerely, Rhonda C Wittorf


Members of the 5BBC,

I am seeking re-election as Bicycletter Editor.

As Editor for the last two years, the BICYCLETTER have taken a different and
progressive tract. Besides standard fare of day & weekend trips listings, or helmet
requirements (for the benefit of new members), I've presented feature articles such as a
member buying a new bike, centerfold coverage on the Montauk Century and Phil
O’Reilly, and pertinent roundups of cycling gear and books.

There are photos galore, including scenes of cycling life in NYC, sometimes exclusive to
the newsletter, bike quotations and human interest cycling stories.

I will continue to do the same and more as Editor, plus I'll work even harder to cut down
on honest proofreading errors and to improve style.

Besides the black & white print edition, I've coordinated efforts with our Webmaster to
introduce a color (and occasionally expanded) electronic pdf edition as posted on the
Club web, bringing our oldest Club communique in line with the 21st Century.

For 2008, to enable greater flexibility in scheduling rides, I want to introduce some
monthly print issues devoted solely to day & weekend trips listings, with continued full-
fledged bi-monthly issues as well as continuing color pdf editions. On my own, I've spent
much time learning Quark Xpress, a sophisticated publishing software, and used that
knowledge for the betterment of the 5BBC—the BICYCLETTER.

I humbly run only for one Five Borough Bicycle Club 2008 board position-
NEWSLETTER Editor. I am secure that my best ability for the club, aside from leading
rides, is doggedly giving my all as BICYCLETTER Editor. I am confident enough that
you, the 5BBC membership, will re-elect me for 2008.

Thank you,

Alfredo Garcia
5BBC Member, 1992-present
5BBC Rookie Leader of the Year, 1994
5BBC Leader, 1994-present
5BBC Golden Spoke Award, 1999


                                VICE PRESIDENT


We have an abundance of riches—good, committed people who are running in three
contested races. Any of the folks running have great intentions, heart, history with the
Club and desire to keep it vital. We have the ability to vote for folks who we believe to be
the most qualified to do the jobs. I wanted to share how I decided who to vote for.

What does the President actually do? He/she runs and sets the tone of our Board
meetings and encourages everyone else to do their jobs. He/she creates committees to do
help out, work on issues, as basic as what will our jersey look like, or to encourage
accountability in the cases of, for example, Montauk, or our Treasurer. That person
should be focused, know how to run a meeting so that folks get their say but also
discourage rambling and repetition. Ask yourself who you think can best do that.

The Special Events position must, fundamentally, involve the Club in Montauk,
encourage participation and volunteers at all level, and supervise our paid consultant. It
means moving on from the conflict with our past paid consultant, Glenn Goldstein. Ask
yourself which person/people is best able to do these things.

Newsletter. Whichever candidate wins, we all need for them to set and adhere to a
budget, be accountable to the Board and to the members, and to put ego aside to seek out
and accept the help of others to help polish what is a major piece of promotional literature
and vehicle for communicating with our members.
Please vote!!!

                        DAY TRIPS COORDINATOR


The tag team of Ed Ravin and Ted Kushner served as the Club's very first Day Trips co-
coordinators, and we've both grown older and hopefully wiser. We look forward to
serving the Club next year!


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