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                             Summer Staff Job Descriptions
TITLE:                               Assistant Program Coordinator

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT:                  Seasonal, Temporary
PURPOSE OF POSITION:                 To aid in supervising and resourcing all summer staff members.
SALARY:                              $1500 –base
ACCOUNTABILITY:                      Program Director / Program Coordinator

     • Committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to live as such
     • Minimum age of 20 years old
     • Have at least one year experience working in the camping ministry
     • Must be a team player, patient, and ability to relate to people of all ages
     • Be willing to teach and mentor
     • Work in the outdoor setting for long periods of time
     • Show sensitivity for the care of the environment

To work daily from the main office in cooperation with the Program Director and Program Coordinator in
scheduling, program maintenance, staff supervision, volunteer coordination, and the facilitation of summer
camp activities.

     • Assist with summer staff training
     • Provide leadership and supervision for summer staff
     • Coordinate and communicate activities and schedules
     • Participate in regular staff meetings
     • Focus on the physical and emotional safety of all campers and staff
     • Aid in the implementation of plans for camping programs
     • Assist in evaluation of the summer camping program and its staff
     • Encourage activities and opportunities to develop all-staff morale and camaraderie
     • Train, coordinate and lead weekly volunteers

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