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									                              OSC Board Job Descriptions
The Officer’s Spouses’ Club (OSC) Nominating Committee is looking for people who are
interested in volunteering their time to be part of the 2010-2011 OSC Board. If you would
like to volunteer to become a board member, help with a committee, or have questions please
contact Amanda Campbell (Parliamentarian) at 587-3289 or

President: Coordinates and oversees all activities of the MHOSC. Presides over all regular and
special business meetings, Executive Board Meetings, and General Membership Meetings. Appoints
the Parliamentarian and all Standing Committee chairmanships.

First Vice President: Supervises the welfare oriented committees assigned to him/her by the
President, performs the duties of the President in his/her absence, and assumes the office of
President should the elected President become unable to complete the term of office. Keeps the
President informed on all aspects of the OSC chairmanships. Performs the duties of the
Parliamentarian in his/her absence.

Second Vice President: Supervises the socially oriented committees assigned by the President
and serves as liaison to the Gunfighter Club. Acts as custodian of all OSC properties and assumes
the duties of the 1st VP in his/her absence. Keeps the President informed on all aspects of the
OSC chairmanships.

Recording Secretary: Records, reads, posts, and distributes the minutes of the OSC Executive
Board meetings, the OSC regular membership meetings (monthly function), and any special
meetings called by the OSC president. Assumes duties of the Corresponding Secretary in his/her

Corresponding Secretary: Is responsible for all of the OSC correspondence and publicity. Is
responsible for setting up for the monthly Executive Board Meetings.

Administrative Treasurer: Keeps an accurate account of all membership dues, received receipts
and expenditures, balances the Administrative fund account on a monthly basis, and prepares a
monthly financial statement. Acts as a chair of the Administrative Budget Committee and acts as
Welfare Treasurer in his/her absence.

Welfare Treasurer: Receives and distributes all welfare funds belonging to the OSC. Balances
the Welfare Fund Account on a monthly basis, and prepares a monthly financial statement. Acts as
chair of the Welfare Budget Committee and acts as Administrative Treasurer in his/her absence.

Auction Chairperson: This position is responsible for organizing donations, setting up and
staffing auction events held by the OSC. Typically, the OSC hosts one crafts and services auction
in the spring. It is very busy for about three months’ preceding the auction and steady to slow the
rest of the year.
Desert Breeze Editor: This person (people) is responsible for gathering, editing and publishing the
information for the Desert Breeze each month, and then mailing (e-mail and regular mail) it to the

Historian: Takes photos at functions and creates the scrapbook(s).

Membership/Hospitality Chairperson: Maintains and up-to-date membership roster, OSC
nametags, tracks membership dues, and helps at the hostess table at functions. The chair is also
responsible for Hails and Farewells. Membership/Hospitality can be an individual or dual position.

Member-at-Large: Represents the OSC Board and general membership while serving as liaison on
Wing / Base level advisory councils and committees concerning family matters. The amount of time
this job requires is depends upon how many meetings there are to attend. Most meetings are

Parliamentarian: Advises the president and all other members of the board on correct
parliamentary procedure and job performance. This person also verifies that all motions and votes
are taken appropriately and that the OSC bylaws are adhered to.

Programs / Social Chairperson: Plans the programs throughout the year for the membership
functions. Acts as the liaison between the OSC and the Gunfighter Club and helps with the meal
planning for functions.

Reservations Chairperson: Receives and records member reservations for the regularly scheduled

Childcare Chairperson: Receive and records childcare personnel and childcare reservations for
the regularly scheduled functions.

Scholarships Chairperson: Coordinates the OSC Scholarship program and is the liaison between
the OSC Board and other scholarship awarding organizations.

Special Activities Chairperson: This person coordinates the special activities (i.e. bunco, gourmet,
book club etc.) with individual chairpersons and the Desert Breeze editor, sets up any tours for the
OSC, and hosts the Special Activities Evening event.

Thrift Shop Managers: This is often a Chair and Co-chair position. Managers are responsible for
the satisfactory operation of the Thrift Shop. We are always looking for volunteers to help this

Volunteer coordinator: Coordinates the volunteer recordkeeping for OSC members participating
in OSC volunteer activities. Also serves as OSC representative for base / local recognitions
programs, meetings and ceremonies.

Ways and Means: Coordinates OSC fundraising activities.
Welfare: Receives, reviews and presents all welfare money requests to the Board and distributes
money as decided by the committee/board.

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