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					                   SENIOR VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR
           POSITION: 2272                       SALARY GRADE: 109                            NON-EXEMPT

General Statement of Duties: Performs intermediate professional work planning, organizing, and conducting a
comprehensive volunteer program for senior volunteers; does related work as required. Develops and coordinates a
broad variety of volunteer service. Coordinates recruitment and training of volunteers to accept responsible positions at
the main site and locations throughout the community. Recruits community volunteers and sponsors.

Distinguishing Features of the Class: This employee is responsible for, and oversees, the Senior Volunteer
Program operated by the Seniors’ Center. Much of the work involves the recruitment and placement of senior volunteers.
The ability of the volunteer coordinator to motivate or inspire older adults to serve in some capacity as a volunteer is very
important. The work is performed under the direction of the Operations Manager. Recruits trainers for volunteer needs of
the Center to provide individual and group trainings at no cost. Files are kept of volunteer demographics and areas of
interest. A special recognition is planned and implemented annually to honor large numbers of volunteers. Volunteer
information is prepared and kept current for the website, newsletter and publications.

Examples of Work: (Illustrative Only)
-develop new ways of utilizing older volunteers in a variety of volunteer stations, both in and outside the Center;
-recruits volunteers and places them where opportunities are available or needed;
-accepts multiple requests from Center staff on a daily basis for volunteers to assist with projects;
-supervises all senior volunteers;
-assists in the planning of special events in recognizing the services provided by the senior volunteers;
-plans or provides for in-service and on-the-job training needed by volunteers;
-prepares written volunteer position descriptions;
-keeps the Volunteer Information Center current and visually appealing’
-keeps Volunteer job descriptions up to date on the internet and in the Volunteer Information Book;
-trains volunteers on new program policies and requirements;
-trains volunteers on computerized methods of recording hours and encourages compliance with documentation of
services on a monthly basis;
-maintains Excel files for Volunteer program information;
-keeps volunteer job descriptions up to date on the internet;
-attends community expos and informational fairs to coordinate volunteer recruitment booths;
-attends and assists with meetings of DOVIA and/or other volunteer organizations;
-maintains adequate records and methods for reporting statistical data;
-attends meetings, workshops, etc., that have particular relevance to the fields of aging and volunteerism;
-assists with and plans social activities;
-assists in coordination of nutrition services such as lunches, dinners, and Meals on Wheels;
-recruits volunteers to assist with preparation and serving of meals as well as clean up of kitchen;
-keeps volunteers trained on kitchen regulations including two serving lines (staff and volunteer) for the steam table;
-supervises and trains service learning students and inmates;
-prepares monthly progress reports including narrative and statistical information;
-writes annual goals and objectives for the Senior Volunteer program and provides written updates on progress;
-drives Center van in emergency pickups and take home of senior citizens;
-assists at reservations desk 2-3 times per week to relieve staff for lunch breaks;
-weekly and monthly volunteer trainings are planned and conducted;
-assists with annual fundraising events;
-performs clerical functions as needed;
-assists in submission of volunteer material for newsletter;
-assists in publicizing the RSVP program;
-performs related tasks as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Thorough knowledge of volunteerism, and the ability to work with
individuals and groups in this area; thorough knowledge of reporting and record keeping; ability to promote and organize a
volunteer program; ability to recruit senior and community volunteers to do important assignments; ability to maintain
effective working relationships with volunteers; ability to cooperate with and interpret project plans and philosophies to
public and private groups and the general public; ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-
workers, and to promote and maintain high morale and enthusiasm; must have intermediate level or better computer skills
including familiarity with Microsoft Office software. Good physical condition; knowledge of community service organization
and programs. Ability to deal tactfully, courteously and patiently with seniors; willingness and ability to follow assigned

Acceptable Experience and Training: Completion of high school or GED, preferably college graduation and
minimum two years experience in activity program work or in the field of volunteerism; or any combination of education,
experience and training/certification which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities; and experience working
with the public.

Additional Requirements: Possession of a Class D, For-Hire, driver’s license issued by the State of Tennessee.
CPR and First Aid certifications.

Other Requisites: From time to time the incumbent may be assigned special duties by a superior or, on a temporary
basis, may be asked to assist other employees occupying a different position. This job description should not be
construed as an all-inclusive statement of every task required of this position, but as a fair representation of the great
majority of the work. Every effort will be made in advance to inform the incumbent of the temporary additional
assignments, which under no circumstances are intended to constitute a demotion.

Physical Requirements: Tasks involve some physical effort, i.e., some standing and walking, or frequent light
lifting (5-10 lbs.); some lifting of medium weight equipment (up to 30 lbs.); manual dexterity in the use of fingers, limbs, or
body in the operation of shop and office equipment; may involve extended periods of sitting at a typewriter or keyboard.

Environmental Requirements: Task may require infrequent exposure to adverse environmental conditions (e.g.,
dirt, cold, rain, fumes).

Sensory Requirements: Tasks require sound perception and discrimination; tasks require visual perception and
discrimination; tasks require oral communication ability.

Reasonable Accommodation(s): Reasonable accommodation(s) if needed will be provided for the
employee to perform the required job with adequate strength, dexterity, coordination and visual acuity and in a
manner that does not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of the employee or others in the workplace.

REVISED 7/05/2008                                                                                                     EEO/AA

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