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Science Instruction Job Description



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									                                     Vacancy Notice
Position:            Science Coordinator
Contract Period:     212 days

Education and Certification Requirements:
      Masters Degree Preferred
      Texas Science Certification, Secondary 8-12 Science preferred

         • At least 5 years classroom experience as a science teacher.
         • At least 3 years experience as a campus department chair or curriculum specialist

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
        • Specific knowledge of PK-12 curriculum and instruction, including State TEKS And
            National Standards
        • Commitment to personal continual learning in content area
        • Ability to model, create, and cultivate a culture of continual learning for other
            professionals that improves the educational experiences of all students
        • Effective presentation skills for adult learners
        • Knowledge in the selection and training of personnel
        • Demonstrated ability to plan and conduct staff development for all grades
        • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
        • Ability to use data to inform instruction and evaluate programs
        • Ability to design engaging lessons using the 10 Design Qualities

Duties and Responsibilities (Job Function):

Support the mission, vision, and strategic goals of DISD by providing leadership and expertise
in the science curricular and instructional program.
           • Serve as a liaison of information between TEA, the Curriculum/Instruction
               Department and Campus Personnel in the areas of science course offerings,
               curriculum, assessment, and graduation requirements
           • Actively promote district initiatives such as Schlechty’s Working on the Work while
               working with district personnel

Collaborate with central administration, principals, and teachers as a team to improve science
curriculum and instruction in the district
          • Organize and lead district science curriculum writing teams
          • Facilitate vertical alignment of science instruction PK-12
          • Facilitate and evaluate the alignment of instructional resources to the TEKS
          • Work with curriculum writing team to revise grade level scope and sequence
             documents which includes instructional resources
          • Organize training for the implementation of new resources
          • Organize, prepare and revise district nine week assessments

                             AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
           •    Facilitate science benchmark testing for campuses
           •    Interpret district and campus data to inform instruction and programs
           •    Assist in interviewing and recruiting prospective science teachers as needed
           •    Work with the Coordinator of Gifted/Talented to organize and promote the District
                K-6 Science Fair
           •    Collaborate with the Bilingual Department to teach the science academic language to
                our ESL students and monitor their progress.

Assist campuses with the implementation of campus plans to improve student performance in
the area of science
           • Assist campus science departments and teachers with analyzing student data in order
               to identify instructional gaps and select instructional activities that address these
           • Assist in the planning and scheduling of tutoring sessions as needed
           • Work with teachers in need of assistance as needed
           • Assist in the planning of science summer school classes as needed

Plan, manage, and implement the use of science kits PK-6 elementary classrooms
         • Coordinate the use of science kits with the elementary science scope and sequence
         • Organize and facilitate the replenishment/refurbishment of science kits after
             classroom use.
         • Order supplies and consumables needed for the maintenance of science kits
         • Plan and/or deliver staff development for the use of science kits

Assist the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in meeting district needs
           • Attend metroplex science meetings to stay abreast of state/national issues
           • Assist in the planning of staff development for administrators (Renewal)
           • Plan and/or deliver staff development for new teacher orientation
           • Coordinate the textbook adoption process for science
           • Coordinate and train teachers in the adoption of the new TEKS for science
           • Coordinate district science fair and other science related special events and summer
           • Assist with standardized testing as assigned

Applications:          Interested persons are asked to submit a resume, transcript, and certifications.
                       Please complete an on-line application. If a person presently employed in the
                       district wishes to apply, he/she should submit a letter of interest and current
                       All application materials will be screened for qualifications.
                       Inquiries, applications, and other related materials should be submitted to:

                              Sandra Burks, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
                              802 South Main Street, Duncanville, Texas 75137
                              Phone: (972) 708-2000        Fax: 972-708-2020

                               AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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