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					                 MRFD Resident Firefighter Job Description

Job Summary

      Under the direct supervision of Career Firefighter, a Resident Firefighter is expected to
      efficiently perform, at some bodily risk, duties involving the protection of life and property
      from fires or other emergencies. Sometimes assigned to an engine, ladder or rescue company,
      the Resident Firefighter may be required to maintain fire apparatus and perform other duties
      as directed.

Requirements for entry
      •   At least 18-years-old
      •   High School diploma or equivalency
      •   Valid Montana driver’s license
      •   Physical agility test
      •   Oral interview

Distinguishing Features of the Class

      A Resident Firefighter is responsible for the efficient, accurate and rapid completion of all
      tasks assigned by MRFD Staff and may perform duties on a rescue squad, engine, truck and/or
      other fire service equipment. A Resident Firefighter works closely with other personnel in the
      normal performance of duties.

Representative Duties

      Responds to fires and other emergency alarms and assists in those operations necessary to
      insure the confinement and extinguishment of fires or the elimination of other hazardous
      conditions; assists in the evacuation of endangered persons from hazardous locales; connects
      and lays hose lines; operates hose nozzles and other fire extinguishing appliances in an
      efficient manner to reduce water or other damage; raises, lowers and climbs ladders; uses
      hand and power tools; makes forcible entry into buildings; opens up walls and other structures;
      enters burning buildings or other locations; protects property through salvage and clean-up
      operations by using salvage covers, brooms, mops, shovels and similar equipment; replaces
      broken or ruptured sprinkler heads to prevent unnecessary water damage; operates
      resuscitator and inhalator and administers first aid and CPR; assists officers at the scene of a
      fire or other locale by delivery of messages, receiving reports and transmitting orders; assists
      in getting equipment and apparatus prepared for further alarms after a fire or emergency;
      attends instruction classes, training sessions and drills; studies local conditions and factors
      affecting fire operations; assists in maintaining fire apparatus, equipment and stations.
Duty Schedule

             At least one Resident Firefighter will work a 12-hour shift day or night each duty
                  o This is to allow for work and/or class schedules.
             Shifts will start at either 0700 or 1900 hours.
             Exchange of shifts will be allowed if the station officer gives prior approval.
             Resident Firelighters will be granted 7 days of vacation each year provided prior
              approval from the station officer and the shift gets covered by another Resident
              Firefighter, an alternate or qualified volunteer.

      While on shift, the Resident Firefighter will:
                  Be in uniform for the entire shift.
                  Uniforms will be maintained in a manner consistent with the highest
                      level of professionalism.

Training Requirements and Educational Opportunities

      The District will provide the following training and educational opportunities to all resident
              • Montana State Firefighter I
              • EMT-Basic
              • Hazardous Materials Operations
              • Basic Wildland Fire Suppression

      The resident firefighter will complete these 4 classes within 18 months from start date. If
      he/she cannot or does not successfully complete these classes, he/she will be terminated
      from the program and be responsible for the cost incurred by the District.
             • Fire Science Degree curriculum class can substitute, with pre approval from the
               Training Division.

Station Duties

      Station duties include, but are not limited to:
          Cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, living area, and laundry room, outdoor station
            property, apparatus and apparatus bays.
          Inspection of apparatus and equipment.
          Answering telephones.
          Meet with the public and act as a resource for information.
          Provide training assistance when needed.
          Maintain their living quarters in a neat and orderly manner.
          Attend scheduled training while on duty.
The Station Officer

          The station officer will be in charge of the Resident Firefighters in their respective
          They are responsible for ensuring all station duties and duty schedules are
           completed. A list of specific station duties will be posted at each station.
          Station duties will be the same for each station.
          Additions and/or changes may be made to the station duties at any time. A checklist
           will be provided which will be filled out by the Resident Firefighter. A file will be
           kept and may be checked at any time by station officer to ensure compliance.
         Quarterly evaluations will be completed and reviewed by the Operations Chief.

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