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									                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                        Internal Auditor

Location:                         Abuja, Nigeria

Reporting to:                     Country Director

Line Management:                  Audit Officer

Grade:                            8

Job Purpose
To coordinate the internal audit process of ActionAid Nigeria in line with established ActionAid
International standards. S/he will deliver on developing and monitoring the Risk register, work
with project leads on partner organisation’s audit and ensure proper internal control systems
within the Country Programme

Specific Responsibilities

Risk Management

    •    Reviews the strategic priorities and activities of the Country Programme to assess and
         identify potential risks to the organization
    •    Working with management to prioritise the risks and provides advice and guidelines to
         management and staff on development of risk management frameworks at different
         levels, including during annual planning process.
    •    Coordinates the development of a CP level risk register and ensures that all programme
         and support units have risk registers
    •    Reviews the implementation of the action points in the risk register for the CP, functional
         units and projects

Audit Planning, Implementation & Reporting

    •    Prepares annual audit plan according to the risks identified in the CP and units risk
    •    Carries out value adding and risk based audits in all PAPs/Projects/Units/Functions and
         partners organizations at least once a year to verify adherence to AAI and donor policies
         and procedures, and laws and regulations of Nigeria
    •    Carries out physical checks on projects to verify existence and status of outputs in
         relation to reports.
    •    Reviews financial records and other reports, systems and controls maintained in all AAIN
         offices and partner organisations
    •    Carries out physical verification of assets and reconciles with records maintained in the
    •    Follows up on responses from audited PAPs/Functions/Units/Projects and partners and
         reports to CD and Audit Committee on non-compliance
    •    Liaises with External Auditors.
    •    Audits CP and projects on adherence to ALPS requirements
    •    Contributes to social audits and annual PRRP processes
    •    Responds to audit requirements by PAP/Unit/Functions in good time

   •   Undertakes investigations on frauds and irregularities at management requests and as
       follow up on regular audit findings
   •   Act as Secretary to the Audit Committee and attend all Committee meetings


   •   Produces timely audit reports to auditees with recommendations aimed at strengthening
       the overall control environment.
   •   Provides quarterly audit summaries for Audit Committee
   •   Produces bi-annual reports on financial irregularities and audit findings to Head of
       Audit – AAI
   •   Provide regular reports on risk management to Management and the Audit Committee

Systems Improvement

   •   Advises management on systems and procedures requiring improvement.
   •   Follows up on management actions on audit findings, recommendations and how audit
       issues are concluded
   •   Raises awareness of audit processes, purpose and audit findings to staff and other
   •   Attend various fora in the organization in order to understand systems and methodologies
   •   Supports and monitors implementation of the Whistle Blowing Policy

   • Support the ActionAid International Audit team as appropriate (may involve international
      travel or specific local requests)

Internal Relationships: Country Director, Finance team, project leads, HR/OD team & AAN

External Relationships: Partners, Head of Internal Audit and Regional Finance Coordinators

Persons Specifications
Attributes/Skills    Essential                                    Desirable
Education/           • Bachelor degree or HND                     • Relevant postgraduate degree
Qualifications       • Membership         of     recognized
                        chartered accounting institute
Experience           • At least ten years post NYSC               •   Ability to use SUN accounting
                     • Five      years    post    professional        system
                        qualification experience                  •   Experience in working with
                     • Minimum of five years audit                    international      development
                        experience with at least three years          agencies.
                        spent at management level.                •   Experience of Risk Management
                     • Cognate reporting experience
                     • Excellent working knowledge of MS

Skill Abilities      •   Fluency in spoken and written English     •   Strong          analytical/problem
                         language                                      solving skills.
                     •   Highly numerate                           •   Multi-tasking skills
                     •   Excellent planning and prioritization     •   Negotiation skills
                     •   Ability to think Strategically
                     •   Excellent (proven) interpersonal and
                         both oral and written communication

Personal Qualities   •   Creative and takes initiative.            •   Self motivated person able to
                     •   Able to work effectively in a diverse         work without close supervision
                         team environment                          •   Effectively promote the AAN’s
                     •   Willing to work additional hours at           mission values, and objectives
                         crucial times.
                     •   Should be willing to travel widely & at
                         short notice.
                     •   Team player

Signed by:           _______________________________________________
                                  Internal Auditor

Signed by:           _______________________________________________
                                 Country Director


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