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									                             WILTSHIRE CONSTABULARY

                                        Job Description

Post Title:    Police Community Support Officer Department:                  Operations - Divisional

Post Number:             Generic                   Work Location:            Divisional

Grade:                     W5                      Security Vetting Level:   CTC

Responsible to:       Duty Sergeant                Date :                    May 2009

                                   Reporting Structure:

                                Chief Superintendent Operations

                                      Chief Inspector Operations

                                       Section/Sector Inspector


                                                                   Community Beat Manager

                                Police Community Support Officer

                                Police Community Support Officer

Job Purpose
To support operational policing and Neighbourhood Policing Teams by providing a visible presence, building
links with local community and supporting front line policing in non-confrontational roles. Essentially
PCSO’s provide the reassurance and visible presence that the public demand. To offer public reassurance after
minor crimes and anti-social behaviour.

Main Role/Responsibilities
1.   Foot Patrol to conduct high visibility uniformed patrol providing public reassurance to discourage
     criminal and anti social behaviour

2.   Law enforcement - Exercise of powers under the Police Reform Act and Serious Organised Crime &
     Police Act as determined by the Chief Constable including:
     • issuing of fixed penalty notices for minor anti-social behaviour
     • requesting the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner
     • confiscating alcohol being consumed in designated public places - confiscating tobacco from young
     • entering and searching premises to save life or limb or prevent serious damage
     • stop checks
     • seizing vehicles used to cause alarm to other persons
     • cause for abandoned / obstructing vehicles to be removed
     • instigate/support community events (cycling proficiency/schools talks- presentations/drug-alcohol
        awareness events/drop in centres-surgeries)
     • Assistance with road safety through traffic control

3.   Community Safety - Support police officers in building and maintaining community relations and
     participate in associated partnership initiatives

4.   Intelligence - Gather information and intelligence during the course of patrols, in accordance with
     relevant legislation, policy and codes of practice

5.   Community liaison - give the general public assistance and directions with allied information

6.   Mentor new PCSO’s after initial training.

7.   Issue of Fixed Penalty Notices/Tickets as directed by Local Authority.

There are no financial dimensions attached to this post.

Uniform and accoutrements
Accountable documents (Fixed Penalty Notices and Pocket Notebooks)

                              Person Specification

                    Police Community Support Officer

Attributes                              On Appointment                                 Criteria

Experience:   Dealing directly with members of the public and providing a high level   Essential
              of customer service

Skills:       Ability to use own initiative and be flexible, co-operative and a        Essential
              supportive member of a team
              Ability to focus on and understand the needs of local communities        Desirable
              Demonstration of excellent communication and listening skills with the   Essential
              ability to get on well with people at all levels within the community
              Ability to speak clearly and concisely, remaining open, approachable     Essential
              and positive in difficult situations
              Ability to develop mutual trust and confidence in others                 Essential
              Polite, tolerant and patient when dealing with others                    Essential
              Respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of others           Essential
              Tactful and diplomatic                                                   Essential
              Motivated, high level of integrity. Resilient in difficult situations    Essential
              The post holder will need to be in good health and physically fit in     Essential
              order to meet the demands of the role
              Ability to demonstrate sound problem solving/decision making             Essential
              Ability to work within a team                                            Essential
              Accuracy when completing paperwork particularly paying attention to      Essential
              Ability to demonstrate a confident, level-headed, positive and mature    Essential

Knowledge:    Knowledge of local geography including town layout and surrounding       Desirable
              Basic knowledge of first aid                                             Desirable
              Knowledge of general awareness of equality and diversity issues in the   Essential
              working environment
              Awareness of workplace health & safety issues                            Essential
              Understanding of confidentiality and Data Protection/Freedom of          Essential
              Information issues

Attributes                                       After Training

Experience:   Experience of completing and issuing fixed penalty notices to the public in the
              correct manner
              Experience of assisting the public in a range of situations
              Experience of developing partnership working

Skills:       Ability to give evidence in court if required
              Ability to build and maintain good relationships with the public and deal with unco-
              operative people
              Ability to develop and adapt to changing practices in order to meet the demands of
              the Constabulary, new legislation or new policies introduced within the
              Accurate completion of fixed penalty notices and other reports
              Ability to recognise and report on information for intelligence purposes
              Ability to use specialist equipment eg police radios
              Ability to participate in partnership initiatives
              Have developed strong working relationships inside and outside of the team to
              achieve common goals
              Ability to represent the Force and give a professional image to the public and other
              Ability to demonstrate problem solving through SARA model
              Ability to record basic information including basic statements.
              Conflict resolution and personal safety training.

Knowledge:    In depth knowledge including town geography, surrounding vicinities, local people
              and town and community activities
              Full understanding of the responsibilities of the role
              Understand the community that is served and shows an active commitment to
              policing a diverse society
              Understand and acknowledge a broad range of social and cultural customs and
              Knowledge of legislation, orders and codes of practice relevant to the role, including
              fixed penalty procedures, policing plans and local policing priorities
              Understanding of your responsibility under Equal Opportunities and the way in
              which your role and the organisation may impact on minority groups and more
              vulnerable communities within Wiltshire
              Greater understanding of relevant health & safety issues within your working
              Understanding of the impact of the Human Rights Act on the organisation and the
              role that you undertake
              Greater understanding of Data Protection and Freedom of Information issues within
              your working environment
              In depth knowledge of the Victims Charter and Citizen Focus Agenda and your
              Qualified in first aid.

                                       Role Profile
                             Police Community Support Officer

    Core                                                   Activities
Responsibilities             The role holder should effectively deliver these key requirements:

Custody and             44 - Present evidence in court and at other hearings
                        Attend court and give evidence in accordance with legislation

Community Safety        131 - Adopt a problem solving approach to community issues

                        Work with the community partners and other agencies to solve community
                        problems in accordance with the relevant legislation policy procedures and
                        partnership agreements

                        112 - Conduct patrol

                        Conduct patrol responding to calls and requests for assistance, countering criminal
                        activity and public disorder and minimising risks to public safety

                        123 - Prepare and drive police vehicles safely (operational)

                        Drive a police vehicle safely with consideration for others in accordance with
                        organisational policy and in line with the system of car control

                        151 - Promote and raise awareness of social responsibilities and community
                        safety among young people

                        Work with schools, local community representatives and agency stakeholders to
                        develop and implement initiatives that will educate young people on personal
                        safety and crime awareness

                        1031 - Remove vehicles

                        Remove vehicles safely and as authorised, in accordance with legislation and
                        organisational policy

Health, Safety and 207 - Provide first aid
                   Identify the nature of illness or injury and provide the necessary first aid treatment
                   in accordance with approved procedures

Intelligence            56 - Gather intelligence to support policing objectives

                        Gather intelligence to facilitate the achievement of crime and disorder reduction
                        objectives. Ensure intelligence is obtained ethically and in accordance with the
                        relevant legislation, policy, protocols and codes of practice

                        57 - Use intelligence to support policing objectives

                        Use intelligence to support the achievement of community safety and crime

                 reduction objectives. Ensure that intelligence is used ethically and in accordance
                 with the relevant legislation, policy, protocols and codes and practice

Investigation    1 - Conduct initial investigation

                 Conduct the initial investigation and scene preservation in accordance with the
                 relevant investigation policies and legal requirements, demonstrating support for
                 victims and witnesses and recognising any possible impact on the community

                 33 - Manage scene preservation

                 Take charge of the scene taking appropriate action to ensure the initial
                 preservation of the scene is complete, evaluate evidence, identify and pursue
                 possible lines enquiry as required to progress the investigation

                 74 - Provide care for victims and witnesses

                 Ensure that the necessary care for victims and witnesses is provided in an ethical
                 and empathic manner and in accordance with the legislation, policies and

                 52 - Search person(s) or personal property

                 Search individual(s) or personal property in accordance with the relevant
                 legislation, policy, procedures, whilst respecting the dignity of the individual and
                 being aware of the possible impact on community

Managing the     236 – Participate in meetings
                 Prepare for and actively contribute within meetings in a clear, concise and
                 relevant manner, ensuring decisions and actions are communicated to appropriate

                 1072 - Provide specialist advice and knowledge

                 Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues, partners and other
                 individuals and agencies to support the achievement of organisational objectives
                 and enable compliance with organisational policy

Personal         216 – Complete administration procedures
                 Ensure that all matters relating to the process of information are carried out in a
                 prompt, efficient manner and in accordance with legislation, policy and procedure

                 206 – Comply with Health and Safety legislation

                 Ensure that you show a duty of care and take appropriate action to comply with
                 Health and Safety requirements at all times

                 217 – Maintain standards of professional practice

                 Ensure your behaviour complies with organisational values and organise your
                 own work effectively to meet the demands of your role. Identify, implement and
                 monitor development activities to enhance your own performance

                    242 – Make best use of technology

                    Make best use of technology in support of your role, ensuring correct operation
                    and compliance with organisational and legal requirements

                    141 – Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices

                    Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices by developing
                    and maintaining positive working relationships, ensuring that colleagues are
                    treated fairly and contributing to developing equality of opportunity in working

                    127 – Provide an organisational response recognising the needs of all

                    Build and maintain community relations by providing a service that is responsive
                    to the needs of all communities and by ensuring that those affected by crime
                    receive a fair and anti-discriminatory service

                    224 – Work as part of a team

                    Work co-operatively with team members and colleagues, contributing positively
                    and constructively to the achievement of team and organisational objectives

Police Operations   69 - Prepare for, and participate in, planned policing operations

                    Participate in police and agency-led operations, working within appropriate
                    authority limits and carrying out tasks necessary for the successful
                    implementation of the operation whilst managing risks to the operation and acting
                    in accordance with legislation and procedure

Other               Undertake such other activities as are appropriate to the profile and grade, as may
                    be required from time to time

Behaviour Area                                          Behaviour
Working with others   Respect for race and diversity – A

                      Considers and shows respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of
                      colleagues and members of the public, no matter what their race, religion,
                      position, background, circumstances, status or appearance.

                      Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and
                      diplomatic when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all
                      times. Understands and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences.

                      Teamworking - C

                      Develops strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve
                      common goals. Breaks down barriers between groups and involves others in
                      discussions and decisions.

                      C Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it.
                      Actively helps and supports others to achieve team goals.
                      Community and customer focus - C

                      Focuses on the customer and provides a high-quality service that is tailored to
                      meet their individual needs. Understands the communities that are served and
                      shows an active commitment to policing that reflects their needs and concerns.

                      C Provides a high level of service to customers. Maintains contact with
                      customers, works out what they need and responds to them

                      Effective communication - C

                      Communicates ideas and information effectively, both verbally and in writing.
                      Uses language and a style of communication that is appropriate to the situation
                      and people being addressed. Makes sure that others understand what is going on.

                      C Speaks clearly and concisely, and does not use jargon. Uses plain English and
                      correct grammar. Listens carefully to understand.

Achieving Results     Personal responsibility - B

                      Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results.
                      Displays motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Acts with
                      a high degree of integrity.

                      B Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or
                      problems that arise. Is focused on achieving results to required standards and
                      developing skills and knowledge.

                      Resilience - B
                      Shows resilience, even in difficult circumstances. Prepared to make difficult
                      decisions and has the confidence to see them through.

                      B Shows confidence to perform own role without unnecessary support in normal
                      circumstances. Acts in an appropriate way and controls emotions.

                                           Other Information

                               Police Community Support Officer

Wiltshire Constabulary provides a 24 hour 7 day a week service therefore applicants should be prepared to be
flexible in their approach to working hours.

There is no requirement for Community Support Officers to hold a current driving licence however
Postings to a rural station may not be possible as there will be a requirement to drive to more remote

The post holder will be expected to wear a uniform at all times when on duty.

You will be required to attend all necessary and relevant training courses in respect of your employment to
ensure compliance with the policies of the Constabulary.

There will be a requirement for a number of Community Support Officers, who demonstrate the necessary
skills, to undertake further training in order to tutor newly appointed Community Support Officers.

Police Community Support Officers are subject to the Wiltshire Constabulary Support Staff Dress Code and
will wear a uniform at all times when on duty consisting of the following:-

    •   Cap or bowler with a blue band. The badge will display the words ‘Wiltshire Constabulary’ and
        ‘Community Support Officer’
    •   White uniform shirt
    •   Mid blue tie
    •   Mid blue epaulettes marked with ‘Police Community Support Officer’
    •   Navy blue fleece/pullover
    •   Hi-visibility jacket with a panel on the back marked ‘Community Support Officer, Wiltshire
    •   Wiltshire Constabulary uniform trousers or skirt
    •   All outer uniform will carry a blue badge marked with the ‘Wiltshire Constabulary crest and the words
        ‘Community Support Officer’ and another badge carrying their identification number


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