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					                                        Job Description
Position:      Nursing Home Leader
Reports to:    Chaplain for Outreach
Revision date: 2010.05.18

         Be organized, responsible, and able to effectively communicate objectives to the volunteers
         Have a heart for service and the elderly

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The Nursing Home Leader will work with the Campus Ministries leadership team, the Orchard Grove
Nursing Home Activities Coordinator, and the Volunteer Team Leader. In addition, the Nursing Home
Leader will be responsible for the following:

1.   Work within the ministry budget to outline supplies needed throughout the year.

2. Maintain a current list of volunteers and contact information.

3. Record weekly attendance.

4. Organize Sabbath programs for the Orchard Grove Nursing Home. The programs often include song
   service, scripture reading, a story or short sermon, prayer, and visitations. Special projects (i.e.
   making Christmas cards, delivering flowers, etc.) may be done as well.

Time Commitment
1.   The Nursing Home Leader will attend the Campus Ministries Axis Leadership Retreat at the
     beginning of the year.

2. Attend weekly Outreach meetings (1 hour).

3. Meet with Chaplain for Outreach as requested.

4. Attend Leadership Training (1 per semester).

5.   Be available to meet with volunteers.

6. Attend Outreach Ministries, Saturdays from 2:45 – 6:00 pm, unless otherwise specified.

7.   Submit weekly report of volunteer attendance and people visited, including highs and lows of the day.
     To be submitted no later than Sunday at noon.

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