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									                                       Job Description
Position:      Minister of Music
Reports to:    Chaplain for Inreach
Revision date: 2010.05.24

              Sophomore and above
              Music background: vocal, choral, instrumental
              A baptized Seventh-day Adventist
              Spiritually mature and balanced
              A person of honesty, integrity and confidentiality
              Able to coordinate and manage religious services and programs
              Sensitive to diverse forms of worship and music styles: hymns, anthems, contemporary
              Christian, gospel, and other genres
              Able to get along and work with musicians
              Able to build consensus and follow leadership
              A team player
              A good listener
              Able to follow counsel
              Respect, appreciate and be sensitive to diversity
              Good management and organizational skills
              Understands mentorship and delegation
              Self- motivated and can work efficiently without supervision

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1.   Serve as music coordinator for all Inreach worship programs. These include:

     a.   Weeks of Spiritual Emphasis
     b.   Power Pac Weekends
     c.   AUSA Chapel
     d.   Friday evening vespers and related programs
     e.   Special Events coordinated by Inreach

2. Maintain a strong personal walk with Jesus Christ.

3. Submit weekly and/or monthly progress reports.

4. Regularly evaluate the position.
5.   Serve as a member of the Inreach Worship Committee.

6. Serve as a member of the Inreach Leadership team.

7.   Attend all Inreach Leadership and Worship Committee meetings.

8. Collaborate with the AUSA Religious Vice President on music for AUSA worships and religious

9. Collaborate with the chaplain responsible for coordinating chapels.

Time Commitment
1.   Fall and spring semesters

2. Weekly expectation is 8-10 hours per week.

3. Weekend expectations (Friday evening and Sabbath) as needed by the Inreach program.

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