Statement of Intent to Dissolve Revocation of Intent to by uue15995


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                                                                                                       Statement of Intent to Dissolve
                                                                                                      Revocation of Intent to Dissolve
                                                                                                                                           Business Corporations Act
                                                                                                                                                             Section 212

  1. Name of Corporation                                                                                                  2. Corporate Access Number

  3. The Corporation: (check ( ) the appropriate box)

       (a)       Intends to liquidate and dissolve

       (b)       Revokes its intent to dissolve

                      Authorized Signature                               Name of Person Authorizing (please print)                                Date
               (applicable for societies only)

                                       Identification                                                         Title (please print)
                                (not applicable for societies)

                                    This information is being collected for the purposes of corporate registry records in accordance with the Business Corporations Act.
                                    Questions about the collection of this information can be directed to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator
                                    for the Alberta Government, Box 3140, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2G7, (780) 427-7013.

  REG3070 (2003/05)

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                                     Statement of Intent to Dissolve
                                     Revocation of Intent to Dissolve
                                              BUSINESS CORPORATIONS ACT


This information is submitted to your authorized service provider for filing with the Registrar pursuant to the Business
Corporations Act and must conform to Section 1 of the Regulations made under the Act.

Item 1. Enter the full legal name of the corporation.

Item 2. The corporate access number must be entered. It is printed on the top right hand corner of the:
             • Certificate of Incorporation
             • Certificate of Continuance
             • Certificate of Amalgamation.

Item 3. Check either (a) or (b) if the corporation:
            • intends to liquidate and dissolve under Section 212(3) of the Act.
            • intends to revoke, under Section 212(10) of the Act, a Certificate of Intent to Dissolve that was previously
                issued under Section 212(5) of the Act.

The following information must be included:
          • signature of person authorizing (applicable for societies only)
          • name of person authorizing
          • title
          • identification (not applicable for societies)
          • date
When the information is submitted to your service provider, identification of the authorized person/officer/director/declarant
will be required, except for societies.

 Complete this form and return both copies                   Walk-in Service                 For information call:
 (no fee required) to:                                       Corporate Registry              Edmonton: (780) 427-2311
         Service Alberta                                     John E. Brownlee Bldg.          Toll-free: 310-0000 and
         PO BOX 1007 STN MAIN                                10365 - 97 Street                          then dial 427-2311
         EDMONTON AB T5J 4W6                                 Edmonton, Alberta

REG3070 (2003/05)

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