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									                               SAM Learning Limited

                                  Job Description

Job Title:            Marketing Assistant

Reports to:           Marketing Executive

Line Management:      None

Purpose of Job:

To assist in delivering the programme of marketing activity; support the company
plan; and support the Marketing Executive in performing all the marketing, sales and
lead generation activities of the company.

        Main Responsibilities:

        Key Duties
    •   To assist in copy writing and proof reading for various communications,
        including promotional materials and website copy.
    •   Updating areas of the website using Wordpress.
        Sales Communication
    •   To be able to work with designers, print companies and mailing houses in
        creating and producing promotional materials for all services - SAM Learning
        Primary and SAM Learning GO!
    •   To create and manage mailing campaigns to support new sales and
        subscription renewals.
    •   To help organise exhibitions and events
        Customer Support Communication
    •   To help in producing support materials (stickers, posters, online help files,
        etc.) for subscribing schools.
    •   To help maintain and improve SAM Learning’s relationship with subscribing
        primary and secondary schools by generating new ideas for customer
        PR Activities
    •   To support work with the PR activities of the company, particularly with an
        emphasis on increasing leads and sales.
    •   To promote and increase brand awareness for SAM Learning Primary and
        SAM Learning GO!
        Internal Communications
    •   Support and implement effective internal communications creating a market-
        led environment throughout all the departments.
    •   To co-edit the SAM Learning Newsletter ‘SAM Chat’.
Person Specification

Competency               Evidence                                               E/D

Knowledge and skills     Graduate Calibre with 1+ year’s experience,            E
                         preferably in marketing within the education sector

Copywriting              Ability to produce original and interesting copy on    E
                         time and to brief

Planning and             Planning and organising own workload                   E

Liaison and networking   Ability to establish and maintain good relationships   E
                         with colleagues both internally and externally

Teamwork and             Ability to work both within a team and                 E
motivation               independently

Initiative and problem   Ability to resolve problems when an immediate          E
solving                  solution is not apparent

Service delivery         React appropriately to requests for information        D

Interest in Marketing    Enjoying marketing work                                D

E - Essential
D – Desirable

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