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					                               C.M. RUSSELL MUSEUM
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

TITLE:                Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
REPORTS TO:           Chief Museum Relations Officer
STATUS:               Full Time, Exempt
SUPERVISES:           None

Position Summary: The Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator works with the
Chief Museum Relations Officer to plan, implement, and coordinate an integrated
institutional program of advertising, marketing, and public relations that builds and
maintains a positive local, regional, and national image for the Museum. This image is
crucial for ongoing support of the Museum through paid visitors, educational programs,
memberships, and overall private support. The position serves as the Museum’s point of
contact for local and national media relationships and works with the Executive Director
and the Membership/Development area for audience and membership relations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

   1. Works with the Executive Director, the Chief Museum Relations Officer, and the
      Museum Store Manager to create and maintain short range (annual) and long
      range Museum public image and marketing campaigns. Reviews and analyzes
      state, local, and regional marketing studies as they apply to Museum audience
      development and incorporates that analysis into short range and long range
      Museum advertising and marketing plans to enhance attendance and community

   2. Develops an annual public relations and marketing plan for special exhibitions,
      special events, fund raising events and benefits, and ongoing and special Museum
      Store activities.

   3. Creates, designs, and produces advertisements, publications, and other materials
      using appropriate software.

   4. Works with the Museum Store Manager to coordinate Museum store advertising
      and marketing requirements within overall Museum advertising and marketing

   5. Works with all staff to ensure a consistent image for the Museum is presented in
      all printed material.

   6. Plans, writes, and edits Museum public relations and marketing materials,
      including press releases, flyers, brochures, articles and materials to be included in
      print and electronic media.

   7. Maintains Museum’s presence in social marketing arena, using such types as
      deemed appropriate by supervisor and Executive Director.
   8. Manages the “eblast” system using appropriate service/software.

   9. Works with local media representatives to create and schedule Museum marketing
      and public relations items such as outdoor advertising, radio and television, and
      press releases. Negotiates rates for public relations requirements with media

   10. Works with all administrative and program areas of the Museum to coordinate the
       development and design of the Museum Annual Report.

   11. Assists Museum education and membership/development staff with planning,
       advertising and implementation of special events.

   12. Responsible for updating and maintaining the Museum website(s). Works with
       web developers to keep the Museum’s internet presence fresh, interesting, and

   13. Responsible for photography at Museum events.

   14. Develops and coordinates the departmental budget for marketing and public
       relations activities.

   15. Represents the C.M. Russell Museum at programs and events related to local and
       regional tourism.

   16. Provides public relations support materials for the quarterly Museum publication
       and assists with solicitation of advertising for the publication.

   17. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

   1. Ability to proactively and clearly present the Museum’s message to the public and
      to targeted audiences through effective marketing and public relations principles.

   2. Exceptional communications skills and creativity.

   3. Exceptional writing and editing skills.

   4. Ability to work directly with electronic and print media resources to enhance the
      Museum’s image locally and nationally.

   5. A strong understanding of advertising pricing and rate structures, and ability to
      negotiate rates on behalf of the organization.

   6. Exceptional organizational skills and ability to prioritize and schedule work.
   7. Ability to relate personally to groups and individuals in both public and private
      organizations focusing on marketing, public relations, design, and media.

   8. Strong ability to perform and contribute as part of an effective team.

Educational and Experience Qualifications

Minimum of an Associate degree with emphasis in communications, marketing, public
relations, or English with 1-2 years experience. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Or, four
years experience in marketing, advertising, communications or public relations in a non
profit organization, or equivalent experience in private business.

Working Conditions

The position requires local in-city travel, and occasional travel to conferences and
programs within the state related to tourism, marketing and advertising. The marketing
and public relations coordinator will also be required to attend occasional Museum events
on evenings and weekends.

Updated: January 2010

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